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  1. hello my friends. last week the same thing happened to me in a gig and still hasn't booted up, no matter what i do, does anyone had any feedback on how to deal with this problem cause my unit is useless at this point and the infamous :-28 (in red) it's still on the upper left corner of the unit's screen, please help.
  2. thanks!, but how do i do that? submiting the ticket i mean, i can't even find on this page an email address to write them about this issue, that's why i turned to this forum for help.
  3. hello!, i hope some one here can help me,i'm a long time line 6 user and i have a problem: the L6 LINK port on my DT25 got smashed in (female) and i need to replace it, i live in the dominican republic and we have no authorized distribuitors here and nowhere i can call.i flew to NY 2 months ago and i tried to get it personally at GUITAR CENTER were i bought the amp and it was useless, they had to order the part and it would take longer than what i had to get it so a friend picked up the package few weeks after and send it here, just to realize it was the wrong connector, below is a description (image) of what i need and what i got instead, if it's not possible to get the "female port" of the L6 LINK, could i get the whole card were it's connected to???, please somebody help me, or at leas a phone number i can call, i'd appreciate it a great deal. peace tony almont.
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