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  1. Thanks to all replies. This has been very helpful and I'm kinda into it now.
  2. Hi everyone, I just got my helix (second hand, like new) Most of the time, no problems and I'm also very satisfied with my tone so far. But sometimes it just won't boot. The boot screen acts normal, with the moving spirals etc., but it doesn't disappear and the home screen doesn't come. Added to that, the top left of the display reads ":-28" in red characters. (See the Image attached) I believe I saw this happen with FW 2.10 which was loaded when I bought it. Now I'm on 2.12 and I still have it. Anyone else having this? I mean it's no big deal as it's not happening all the time, but if it's a sign of something important, I should solve this problem right? Thanks
  3. Hey all, I've had the HD500 since early 2013. Used it for all my live situations for 2 years, then I started to carry my rack which includes an Axe-Fx II XL. The Axe-Fx was intended for recording needs originally, but after I added a wireless system and an IEM to the rack, I felt it would be easier to go live with the rack. Of course, compared to the POD, it was way too heavy, but I was only playing 2-3 times a year with my metal band so it was no problem. Now, with a new project that I'm involved, and another on its way, I'm going to get into more live situations. So I turned back to the POD, upgraded the FW, made new presets that sound way better than the previous ones, and I really LIKE IT! Not only the sounds, I like the connectivity options too.. The Balanced XLR outs go to the FOH, 1/4" out to the IEM (to hear myself at least, if no out from the FOH is available). I'm happy to reconnect with my POD. Oh and at home, the best experience is when i connect it to an Atomic CLR. Yes, I wouldn't have had an Atomic if I hadn't had the Axe-Fx but I do, so I gave it a try and being known for its transparency, the CLR gives me the real intended sound of the POD and is a true reference for what I will get at a venue where I get direct out to FOH. PS. The only drawback with my POD is the Parametric Global EQ which is completely impossible to use. I have a thread about it here at the forum.
  4. The main reason I upgraded my PODHD500's firmware was because it has a global EQ feature. But after the upgrade, I discovered that it's a Parametric EQ. I had to find guides on how to use a Parametric EQ (P. EQ) and now what I understand is that P. EQ is mostly used for recording. It's an advanced form of frequency tweaking, with many parameters related to different frequency ranges. Inside a DAW, a typical P. EQ is in a window where you can see all the parameters at the same time and also a colourful graphical representation of what the consequences of your work will look like. I mean, a P. EQ is very comprehensive when you have a computer screen. But WHY THE HELL would someone place a P. EQ on a device like the PODHD500 when it only has a 2" lo-res B&W display? how can I even start to tweak it when I can only see one freq. range at a time and nothing about the 4 other ranges? Even if I did see them would those numbers immediately mean anything to me? No, because there's no graphical representation... So far, the only use of the P. EQ for me was, I accidentally turned a few knobs and was afraid I changed something critical, came to the forums, found the default settings for the EQ, set them back to default and tuned the EQ off.. pufff.. I guess most of us are not experienced sound guys and the POD is not suitable for a P. EQ. but I'm sure we all can use a Graphic EQ. At least we all know how to reset all the faders on a G. EQ back to zero in case something goes wrong. Maybe a P. EQ is much better in the hands of an experienced sound guy but I think it's no use as we can't really use it. So would Line6 consider changing it to a Graphic EQ?
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