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  1. Just for those whom seeking an answer on this topic, I went on with what data commando replied and it seems Helix Native runs fine at the moment. Checked several presets, and the sounds are different, so I assume it works. I cannot guarantee its compatibility, as Helix Native plug-in in the Logic is classified as "incompatible", but seems to do the job the same way it did in other intel based computers. For the moment, I will see that this is the solution. Thanks guys.
  2. There aren't many recently made threads on this issue, as my limited search only had shown someone talking about this back in April. So I had to assume someone may have found solution, or no one is having this issue. Well, given the fact that M1 Mac has only been around in the market less than a year, not many people seemed to use this machine with the Helix Native. Again, thank you for that link anyway. I will try though.
  3. Thank you an update. I really wanted to find out if I am the only one with this issue, as you had mentioned it, someone had find some sort of solution to this.
  4. I recently purchased a set of M1 iMac and had it Logic Pro X installed. This M1 iMac is Big Sur based computer, by the way. Along with also newly purchased Symphony Desktop from Apogee, I tried to use my Helix Native, version 3.1.1, which I had been using on my Intel Macbook Pro as well. Only problem is, while, plug-ins provided by Apogee for Symphony Desktop seems to work fine on my M1 iMac, I just cannot load the Helix Native 3.1.1 in Logic. So, I went back and forth, uninstalled the Helix Native plug-in from my M1 iMac, and reinstalled, but I got a message saying, it "couldn't be opened" in the plug-in manager. I just want to confirm, that I am not the only one with this issue. I mean, I just want to know if this is a on-going issue, i.e. Helix Native 3.1.1.'s compatibility issue on M1 Macs. If not, I would really appreciate a word of advice on this.
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