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Found 30 results

  1. jtsuth

    How to save presets??

    Dude this is getting ridiculous. How do I save newly created presets and changes?? I'm using Logic Pro X and I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong here. I create a preset or I make changes to a preset, I click the drop down at the top left of the Helix Native plug-in and click SAVE. It acts like it saves something. I double click to a different preset then back. Changes are GONE. WTF am I doing wrong? Please help me as I am at the end of my rope here. I wanted to create, not perform IT functions in order to be able to do so. Thank you to anyone that can help me out here.
  2. I'm using Helix Native through Presonus Studio One and Reaper and I'm wondering is there a way to key-bind snapshot changes to a keyboard so it's more convenient to use while playing live. I'm not interested in automation, etc, just simple click and change the snapshot functionality. I don't have any MIDI devices available except from virtual midi keyboard in Reaper or QWERTY keyboard plugin in Studio One. I'm a total newbie in a MIDI world, btw. Thanks
  3. Hello, I've bought an hx stomp pedal and i've discover at the same time Helix native which is very fun and cool ! There are some good prices for Helix native when you buy Helix pedalboard but when you buy an HX stomp pedal you have to pay full price which is very high ... Am i missing something ? BR, Laurent
  4. Hi I use Helix Native within Logic as it gives me the ability to just record the straight guitar signal & thus give me the ability to re-amp at a later stage etc.. I would like to know if it is possible to use my Helix Floor pedal to control patch changes, turn FX on & off & use Snapshots in real time. My Helix ~Floor is connected to my Mac via USB & I feel sure that I should be able to do this but I'm not exactly sure how I go about it? I am using Logic X as my DAW.I can see Helix listed in the Midi Environment (Clicks & Ports). Do I connect the Helix (within the midi environment) to the "Input Notes" or "Sequencer Input" and do I then have to do anything else? I obviously don't want the Helix Floor to effect any midi changes to anything other than Helix Native. Here's hoping someone can help me out.
  5. Update: The issue was resolved by opening up Native (with the error message) and then clicking on the gearbox in the lower left corner. I then de-authorized and re-authorized the laptop, and everything seems ok now. ========================================================= (Previously): I downloaded the 1.01 installer, and it installed fine on my desktop, but not on my laptop . Version 1.00 installed fine with no issue on my laptop. It seemed to install ok on my laptop (Device Dell7359 is computer name) (using ASIO4ALL), but when I try to bring it up, I get the message: "Failed to connect to DSP engine. (Device has not been initialized properly) " I tried my GT-001 with the same message. Otherwise, both drivers work fine; it is only with Line 6 plugins. version 1.00 worked fine..... When I tried to bring up Pod Farm 2, it said the computer was not authorized. I tried to do everything I could think of (including re-authorizing and rebooting), but to no avail. So I think something went haywire with the licensing...
  6. Apple's new OS Mojave 10.14, has implemented a new security feature that can block input signals if not allowed access. Once a user has launched a DAW or stand alone plugin for the first time after the Mojave update, they will prompted to "allow mic access." If mic access is denied, user will not be able to receive an input via the specified software. To manually approve your software navigate to: System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Microphone From this menu, user will be granted the ability to approve any software that was previously denied.
  7. Hi, i found a picture of Petruccis preset for axe-fx (see attached file). Now, i have the following questions: How to achieve a similar signal chain in Helix native? What effects does he use? What could be the settings? I hope someone could help me. Thank you and best regards, alemas
  8. Jagman13

    OH 412 FMAN 6 Pack IR's

    Cant recommend this pack of IR's enough! If a Friedman is your sound and thing, this pack takes it to another level. Worth every penny and makes the Placater in HXN sound as it should.. IMMENSE! First time buyer of Ownhammer IR's they are so easy to use, plug and play, and enhance the tone immediately and with a bit of tweaking to taste - killer tone in minutes! Tried other Freidman IR's and patches but they have not even came close to these. GuitarJohnSDS.. know you pop in here from time to time... brilliant work and thank you!
  9. skyfirez1

    Helix LT / Native cost sucks

    I have an LT why do I have to pay over 300 dollars for Native. Am I the only who's calling BS on this ? Hell I'd do 199 but 299 is stupid. Wtf
  10. MacShock

    Helix Native sounds fizzy

    Hi everybody, I have a Helix and since a couple of days also the Native version. But I can not get the sounds on Native that I get from the Floorversion. It sounds thin and fizzy, especially the distorted patches. Doesn't feel ok at all. I am certainly doing something wrong. I guess it has something to do with the input levels but I think I did everything right. I adjusted the audio interface to max but avoid clipping and the levels on Native are set to normal. On the Mac I can not change volume. It is disables because of the audio interface.Weird. Any idea? I can't believe that Native sounds so bad.
  11. khb3734

    Questions about helix native

    HI. I have a question about purchasing Helix native. I already have helix LT. But I am going to purchase Helix native using Helix LT's register. If I sell the helix LT later, can not I use Helix native?
  12. Anyone else have this issue. I paste / write my password, click sign in, and it automatically changes to something else??!?!?! Video of the issue - https://streamable.com/q0a10 Can't open a support ticket as there's no Helix Native option Pretty frustrating!! M.
  13. I have recently updated all my Reaper project to work with Helix Native. First of all, great software, hands down. Makes my life so much easier, being able to tweak the hell out of my mix in a non-destructive way. Made Helix the platform of my choice for live and studio. I found two issues related to clock synchronisation and I am wondering if anyone else experienced them: When opening existing project, the DAW tempo is ignored and instead, the per preset tempo value is used. A workaround is to manually reset the synchronisation, however doing so on 10+ instances every time I open a new project is a somewhat dreadful task. Screencast here. Tremolo is not synchronised across multiple instances. That makes it useless for dubbed tracks. I suspect this is related to the above, i.e. effects do not properly sync up to DAW upon a playback. Screencast here. I have not tried other DAWs, however given that no other plugin I use has synchronisation issues (including the Helix Rack itself I own), I suspect is a Native bug. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  14. OK I'm a little late in the gamne perhaps but as a newly downloaded, never opened Helix Native owner.. is there anything I should know or be aware of or what tips would you offer in advance? Thanks! ~jR
  15. Hey, Helixers (Helixites?)! Earlier today, I received an e-mail from Line 6 Promotions advertising "30% Off All Line 6 Software and Model Packs". I was happy to purchase Helix Native (for Helix owners) for $70 + tax. I definitely would have bought it eventually, but this discount sweetened the deal. :D You can access the Line 6 Software site at http://shop.line6.com/software. The code to use at checkout is "CYBER30". You can find the PDF ad here: http://line6.com/data/6/0a020a3ee2fd5a1347368d310/application/pdf As far as I know, this will work on the full Helix Native (for non-Helix owners and for Helix LT owners), as well. I hope this helps make your holidays sound even better!
  16. [i originally posted this in the Helix section of the forum, but I'm reposting it incase anyone is interested and hasn't seen it yet] http://line6.com/support/topic/30632-line-6-30-off-software-sale-helix-native-for-70-for-helix-owners-ends-dec-3rd-2017
  17. andre_guima

    Snapshots in Helix Native

    Hi there, Wondering if is possible to use snapshots feature we have in Helix patches (.hlx) with Native version. I have both versions (Helix floor and Native) but I couldn't find how to change snapshots when using Native version. I'm using Helix Native with Logic Pro X on Mac. Thanks a lot! Andre
  18. I think the topic says it all. If I purchase a used Helix can I still get the discounted Native price ($99.00)? thanks, -mark
  19. Hi I have recently downloaded Helix Native 1.01 to try out the trial version in Ableton The Ableton version I am using is 9.7.5 (64 Bit) After the plugin has been installed, I can see it in the Audio Units section in my plugins. However when I double click the Helix Native audio unit the plugin does not launch. I also tried dragging it into an audio track, same result. I have tried rescanning my plugins and restarting Ableton, same result. Any idea how I can resolve this? Also during the installation process the installer states that the plugin will be installed to varios locations below AU Plug-in: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Helix Native.component VST2 Plug-in: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/Line 6/Helix Native.vst VST3 Plug-in: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3/Line 6/Helix Native.vst3 AAX Plug-in: /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/Line 6/Helix Native.aaxplugin VST3,Audio Unit Component and AAX are all installed as expected but the VST is not. Is this simply an error in the documentation? As it does state elsewhere that on AU, VST3 and AAX is supported.
  20. Hi guys! I just uploaded this new video. It's a Helix Native demonstration in 9 different styles ranging from clean to 8-string metal. I used different amp models and OwnHammer IR's for each tone. Helix Native is such a wonderful tool and I've been a fan ever since it came out. Working wth this plugin is just so easy and I get great results every single time! If I get enough requests I could do a tutorial for all the tones. Please enjoy:
  21. Hi All, So I'm seriously considering a Helix Floor unit after long swearing off any and all Line 6 products as bedroom practice tools. It's pricey, and I feel I really need to run it through the motions if I'm to sell off some analog gear to pay for this. Everything I've seen and heard regarding the Helix is fantastic. Current situation - I really like my current amp tone - Orange TH30 and also have a Fender Deluxe Reverb and have some nice pedals. I play mostly heavier music, but also play rockabilly and use lots of vintage and clean tones. Sick of tap dancing, like the idea of using patches to toss lots of switches at once... plus new pedals are costly and I can't be buying pedals every month like I wish I could. I'm looking to the Helix for studio & practice play through monitors or headphones at home, as well as with the band through my Orange. (Mostly metal tunes along the lines of the stoner genre, High on Fire, Mastodon, Baroness). I'd like to use the 4 cable method so I can use Helix effects in front of the amp, then out of the loop and back in for post pre-amp effects as well possible bypassing the Orange pre-amp all together for some patches. Keeping my amps, will sell of some pedals if the floor unit convinces me. What I'm wondering - Can I use the Helix Native demo through an interface then into the front of the amp as a good test to wether or not I'm going to love the floor unit? I figure IF it's a mostly apples to apples to in terms of testing the frontend effects, it might help qualify my decision. Will this be a good test or a waste of time? I guess I could also test going from the interface straight into my Orange's effects return to test the amp sims. Any thoughts on doing this would be gladly appreciated!
  22. skyfirez1

    My top 5 fav Amp Models

    Gonna do a top 15 favorite Amp models, but today these are my top 5 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/R35FjTE2hQw"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  23. Hey everyone! I'm new to the Helix and its functionality, but was wondering if it's possible to just use Helix Native for live shows along with Logic Pro X + MIDI controls to change effects if you have enough computing power. I'm running a 2015 Macbook Pro 2.8 GHz Intel i7 with 16 GB ram. I have yet to purchase Helix, so I'm looking at just getting Native (and skip getting a Helix Rack) if it'll do everything I need. If I need the Helix Rack for sure for live shows, what makes it necessary? Thanks for your help! Jon VSCRL
  24. Helix Native requires an internet connection to initially authorize the license both for the demo and full versions. Once the license has been authorized, you no longer need an internet connection to use the software. But, because of how the authorization works, you do need an NIC (Network Interface Controller) enabled. Do not disable your network card (wireless or LAN) when running Helix Native. If you want run without an internet connection, just unplug your LAN cable or disconnect from your WiFi network.
  25. I apologize if this has already been answered elsewhere. I see that Helix hardware owners get a pretty substantial discount on Native. Will a similar discount be offered if you buy Native and then subsequently but a floor or rack unit? I've been considering buying Helix hardware, but thought I might start with Native.