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  1. Well I've got a licence now. I bought it from Line 6 for 99 dollars. They have finally accepted my proposal as a second hand Helix Floor owner. So thank you very much to Line 6. I now have a JTV 69', an Helix Floor and Helix Native ! Cool !
  2. When I will be able to understand what you wanna say to me, maybe I could answer something...
  3. In fact I would like to record a dry signal for exemple, then use an Helix Preset I made on Helix Native and tweak the tone to reach what I want to hear. I would like to be able to do that anywhere with just my laptop. (sorry for my english... french guy inside) My Helix Floor is a second hand and unfortunatly the serial number was already used.
  4. Ok I didn't see that. I have a second hand Helix Floor and the need to have the pedalboard connected every time I want to tweak tone is just ... But I understand thank you for this point.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm searching an Helix Native Licence. If someone have one, I'm interested. loret.nicolas@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to buy a licence for Helix Native because I bought an Helix pedalboard (second hand) but I can't register my stuff officialy. No more than 150 please. Thanks
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