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  1. The comparison can make sense between all the available hardware. There's no bad hardware to me, but more than the Helix unit when you choose a Line 6 Product you are able to "profit" of the entire Line 6 system. In my opinion it's one of the most complete. You can have a Variax with Helix, a Powercab and Helix Native if you want get all your patches on your DAW without the Helix . You can get the entire chain and everything is fully assignable by the Helix itself.
  2. Hi everyone. I have an Helix Floor and I use to connect my JTV69 on it directly by VDI and record on Logic Pro. sometimes I would like to record or play without my Helix Floor but just With Helix Native and my Variax. The question is : how to connect the Variax by VDI without the Helix Floor ? thank you.
  3. To answer me : https://www.vguitarforums.com/smf/index.php?board=138.0
  4. Thanks for your reply. I thought that emulated pickups wouldn't be very diiferent with another body. But the baritone vs normal may cause a difference surely. Interesting point of view ;) Thanks Do you know where we can download the shuriken tone ?
  5. Hi, I've got a JTV69 guitar and I'm very happy with because I love Telcaster / Stratocaster / Les Paul Tone, but I'd rather know if it's possible to upload some Shuriken tone in a JTV69 ? If yes, how can I do that ? Thanks a lot Bonjour, je suis l'heureux possesseur d'une Variax JTV 69, je suis très fan des Telecaster / Strat et Les Paul donc je suis dans mon jus mais parfois pour des morceaux spécifiques, j'aurais aimé tâter le terrain des guitares taillées pour le high gain. Chez Line6 il existe la Shuriken et je me demandais si on pouvait installer un modèle ou deux des émulations de la shuriken dans la JTV69. Bien entendu si la réponse est oui ma deuxième question est : comment ? Merci d'avance
  6. Well I've got a licence now. I bought it from Line 6 for 99 dollars. They have finally accepted my proposal as a second hand Helix Floor owner. So thank you very much to Line 6. I now have a JTV 69', an Helix Floor and Helix Native ! Cool !
  7. When I will be able to understand what you wanna say to me, maybe I could answer something...
  8. In fact I would like to record a dry signal for exemple, then use an Helix Preset I made on Helix Native and tweak the tone to reach what I want to hear. I would like to be able to do that anywhere with just my laptop. (sorry for my english... french guy inside) My Helix Floor is a second hand and unfortunatly the serial number was already used.
  9. Ok I didn't see that. I have a second hand Helix Floor and the need to have the pedalboard connected every time I want to tweak tone is just ... But I understand thank you for this point.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm searching an Helix Native Licence. If someone have one, I'm interested. loret.nicolas@gmail.com Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, I would like to buy a licence for Helix Native because I bought an Helix pedalboard (second hand) but I can't register my stuff officialy. No more than 150 please. Thanks
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