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  1. Hi guys, New to this forum. After quite a lot of time working with analog effect pedals, tube amps, etc', I've decided that it's time to move to an entirely digital, or at least mostly digital rig. I'm not new to editors, guitar VST plugins, IRs, etc' for home recordings, so I assume the learning curve won't be that much of a problem. I'm leaning between Helix, Axe FX3 (FM3) or Quad Cortex. I tend to favour the Line 6 or Fractal products since they have quite a good reputation in the hardware department and support. I loved the fact that the Helix ecosystem has the Helix Native which you get in a great discount when buying one of the Helix products. I think it's an amazing advantage over the other competitors since it's so valuable for recording and the much easier re-amping. That being said, mostly people I've asked say that the Axe is a superior unit to the Helix in terms of sounds, and "feels" more natural and like a real amp. I know that both Fractal and Line6 made some major upgrades to their units (Cygnus and 3.11 respectively). How are the two compared to each other after this update? Regarding which specific model to buy, I actually liked the "all in one" approach of the Helix Floor or LT, which even includes an expression pedal, but that's not a deal breaker for me (I actually loved the form factor of the HX Stomp and Quad Cortex the most). Thank you very much!!! Miki
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