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  1. milet22

    Ernie Ball

    I appreciated the suggestions and help. Unfortunately I could never get it work properly. I decided to sell my Ernie ball and get a Dunlop mini volume pedal. It’s great because it’s half the size and is designed to operate both volume pedal and an expression pedal.
  2. milet22

    Ernie Ball

    Did you ever fix this problem? I just go a HX stomp XL and am having the same problem with the 250k Ernie ball.
  3. Thanks that's helpful to know that is how the unit works.
  4. I’m not sure since I actually don’t have a stomp yet. I’m trying to evaluate if it will work for my use case
  5. Thanks everyone! I suspected it was that both were active at once. It seems like turning down the instrument volume is the easiest way to go on the fly, or I could configure input blocks (but I’m guessing that needs to be done ahead of time?). Last followup: I’m assuming that using L and R input, I would be able to combine both to a single mono (one amp) output, right?
  6. I’ve looked at the forum and seen people using the stomp as AB switch but I couldn’t my exact setup. It’s pretty simple actually. Can I use the Hx stomp to replace my AB switch? I have two guitars with an AB switch to my single effects unit. Only one guitar plays at a time. I would want to be able to plug guitar A in the left input of the stomp and guitar b into the right input. Like an AB switch, the non playing other guitar would be muted but then I could load a patch, switch guitars and so on. Is this fairly straightforward?
  7. Wow thank you everyone for your insights! It seems like the go and the stomp are a significant improvement over the XT. I have been reading about the stomp XL that was mentioned and that actually seems like something that would work. I like that it has the power of the stomp but the extra buttons which might make it easier for me to navigate without having to bend down.
  8. This probably seems like a ridiculous question, but I’m hoping for some feedback about upgrading. I’m a moderate casual guitarist (a little self recording, playing with friends) and I play indie rock and jazz styles (ie I might use delay, tremolo, sometimes light overdrive plus amp sim and reverb). I have had a original pod and then podXT for I’m guessing 15 years now (no other pedals except a VP). I have appreciated it because 1) it’s is compact and lightweight and 2) I can fiddle with settings without bending down. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten “mind blowing” sounds from podxt but considering #1 and #2 above, the sounds are decent. I have been looking at upgrading to something like the podgo or hx stomp. Here are my questions: 1) Would I notice a significant difference between the quality of tones between my Podxt and either hx stomp or podgo? I’ve looked at the specs and I understand they are much improved units. My question is more “is it appreciably noticeable?” This would really be the only really be the only reason I’d upgrade. 2) I’ve read about the stomp vs podgo and some of the difference in available blocks. My takeaway is that the go has the expression pedal and the stomp is better for use with external pedals—is that fair assessment? I try to keep my setup small so I like the smaller stomp and am not sure how much I would use the EP. 3) last one: how do you all configure your patches? Are you hunched over tweaks things on the floor unit? Like I mentioned, I have liked having the podxt on my amp because bending down is difficult for me so I’ve hesitant to upgrade. I really appreciate your help!
  9. Hi all, I run my electric guitar (passive pickups) into my PodXT, which is run directly into a combo amp. I'm looking to get a volume pedal, but I'm wondering if I can get a pedal for passive inputs / high-impedance (like the Dunlop DVP1) or if I need a pedal for active pickups / low-impedance (like Ernie Ball Jr 25k ) because the signal is coming out of the PodXT. I have been reading about impedance mismatch so I'm wondering if the PodXT output is high-impedance (like the original guitar signal) or low-impedance. Elec Gtr > PodXT > VP > Combo Amp Thanks!
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