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  1. klutzee

    Ernie Ball

    Yeah in the expression pedal jack preferably. So I understand that there is a difference when using it as an actual volume pedal with your signal going through it but is there a difference when using it as an expression pedal? Like right here in this thread there seems to be two people using it the same way but both using a different version. I guess either must there an advantage or disadvantage to either the 25k pot or the 250k pot when using it as an expression pedal to control volume parameters?? Thanks for all of your answers!!!
  2. klutzee

    Ernie Ball

    Hello all. I don't think I've ever posted here hey!!! I have a question about using an Ernie Ball volume padal. I have read two different opinions on this forum about using the 25k pot and the 250k pot. I don't know which one is best for my use. I want to use it mainly as a volume pedal. I think I'd rather use it to control a volume parameter as opposed to using it in a send/return. I would assume I would get some tone degradation this way. What pedal should I get...25 or 250 and why??? Thanks
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