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  1. I think you're going to have to call the support number and ask the L6 people. Like I did and posted above (Jan 25)
  2. I just had a support call w/ Line6 on this goofy -1116 error I'm getting. Interestingly when I jokingly brought up the Big Sur he did use the phrase "nearly impossible"...I didn't pry but that didn't sound promising...
  3. maybe they'll have it ready for Big Sur when the next OS comes out...
  4. So....4 months ago Line6 said to wait patiently for Big Sur compatibility. And the programmers knew it was coming so they would have had a head start. Any news/clue from anyone on the status of this? (unless I missed an email or can't read their website properly...which could be true!)
  5. It's not worth the trouble @ this point...they'll get it eventually. I do run Bootcamp for Steam / StarWars Squadrons....legit!
  6. Sorry...I did write "of all the software I use....". Completely aware that there are others but not in my direct MBP/macOS usage.
  7. Tks for the details - I'll clearly be waiting. It is somewhat annoying (say whatever you want about macOS upgrades) that of all the software I use for business (pro audio company) and personal (logic, mainstage) that Line6 is the ONLY company that isn't ready.
  8. Tks Sean - I DO use Helix Native in MainStage for playing live so I guess I'll hold off to be safe. Tks for the detailed answer - really appreciate it. I also have the 2019 16" MBP w/ SSD and a ton of RAM btw...great machine but I don't want to mess w/ another OS instance. It is my work computer and everything else I need is already Big Sur ok for work...but I'm not forced to so sitting still is fine for now. Tks, again
  9. but does anyone know about Helix Native? That's all I use (w/ Logic and MainStage)
  10. I use Helix Native w/ an Apogee GIO pedalboard and when I open Helix in the channel strip the Looper effect/feature is grayed out. Is there a way to access this feature in Helix Native? I have transport buttons on the pedalboard that would be perfect for assigning to loop controls. Tks/A
  11. I’m only using Helix Native...I did update to v3 on Catalina this week successfully. Just waiting for the ok on Big Sur. Sine it’s only a plug-in I was hoping it might be ok but would prefer Line6 make that statement officially
  12. I posted also (yesterday) wondering the same thing. Helix Native is fine in Catalina w/ MainStage and Logic but I don't want to break my system....
  13. ok/Tks. wasn't certain where to post. Based upon the Line6 warning email the other day I'm concerned about moving forward
  14. I have the email announcement for V3.0 for my Helix Native...but it doesn't mention Big Sur - is this the fix or do I still need to wait to upgrade the macOS? Tks/A
  15. true...i started w/ MS3 in February and it's been a chore to say the least...and i have a BS in computer science...programmer. And i own an AV company so use computers/software all the time....but if you step back and remember that it's non-intuitive, it seems you are able to find what you need in MS3. peace
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