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  1. Update. Since no comments here, I opened a L6 support ticket (via email) on Sunday evening. First reply 24 hours and after a couple back/forths, the tech agreed with my supposition that my saved song patches would be fine so this morning (thursday) I did an install of v3.6 and 'reset factory settings' which cleared all of the pick icons. My songs are good w/ my settings and I have all of the current/new presets available. tks/peace.
  2. Same problem for me. v3.5.1 which I got working (w/ help from @datacommando after temporarily having to use another MBP. I had the 'picks' right away but didn't realize it was a problem. Today trying to export bundle to go to 3.6 and I'm in the -1116 chorus.. Hardware/software: 2019 Intel MBP. Ventura 13.3.1 When I fussed w/ all of this a month or two ago I had all of my previous installs (vestigial records in my Line6 account of previous computers) deauthorized and only this one is marked. The name was lacking an apostrophe which I have locally (Andrew's....) so I changed my computer name locally per one of the earlier entries in this thread) to drop that but still didn't resolve. I use HXN w/ MainStage and Logic. For MS, I save each song preset out to disk then for each time I play I just load the ones that I need for that week SO that makes me think "my sounds" are safe and I can just punt this thing and do a new factory reset/install to get the new stuff then load my songs/presets as that correct? Tks folks/Peace
  3. WORKY once again! Tks much for the resources. I had to mix a couple of the things and do it about 3 times but back to normal. Completely agree about it being virtuous for Line6/Yamaha to sort out a process for this scenario with Migration Assistant.
  4. Needed to restore (laptop went to Apple) w/ Migration Assistant and Helix Native won't launch in Logic or MainStage. (screenshot attached) Two errors - popup window "failed to get favorite names. Service is not online [code -8207]" Behind that below the top bar is an orange banner "failed to connect to DSP engine (device has not been initialized properly [code -8201] I gave up trying to fix / restore and did a new install but still doesn't work (rebooted, installed again, rebooted...still no work) Tks/peace
  5. update...poking around this afternoon and made a discovery. I can make a secondary mapping to a screen control that goes to the pedalboard..... - add external midi instrument channel strip - assign MIDI output to my pedalboard (12 Step, port 1 in this case) - make secondary mapping to that instrument, 'midi controller', CC value of the LED - have to set off/on to 0 and 1 (not 127) and make it latching Only problem is it will not light the LED associated w/ the pedal I'm pressing BUT I can light an LED for a pedal I'm not touching. I've asked 12Step support but we'll see. My initial hope was to simply make a delay setting in the channel strip like you could on a digital console - not an FX delay plug-in but I couldn't make that work....yet. Does give hope in the event that I build my own or maybe try on of the others. Does not reveal a way I could send text to a scribble strip on something like the Nektar Pacer or the large display on the MC8
  6. I'd looked at the MC8 as a possible replacement but one of the things I'd like to do is replicate the way the colored LEDs on the GIO above each of the 5 stomp switches could be mirrored from MainStage (even if just turned on, color not a requirement but a wish). The 12Step has little LEDs by each switch but I cannot crack how to send messages out from MS (the 12Step manual has the CC#'s for this and they say it can be done). OR maybe in the MC8's display there would be a way for each label to change if that switch was pressed? The Nektar Pacer is interesting w/ the full scribble strips at each pedal but I'd have to resolve that as well from HXN or MS concert.
  7. I'm in a search for a new USB foot switch board for HXN with MainStage but am not quite finding the 'right' one. Had been using an Apogee GIO for years until it now doesn't work w/ Ventura. I set my concert up each time I play with a patch for each song then a few HXN mapped stomp boxes to enable whatever so I need next/prev patch buttons, tuner, tap tempo and 4-6 switches for pedal on/off. I'd like LEDs of some sort that I can turn ON from HXN/MS when that stomp is engaged (GIO concert used to do this). In a perfect world I'd have scribble strips for each stomp so I can see at my feet what the effect is instead of always having to look over to the laptop. The Hotone ones aren't quite big enough. The Nektar Pacer seems about perfect (although I prefer little round typical stomp buttons or something fancy like this JOGG has) but their reviews are not altogether encouraging. Additionally, even on the 12Step I bought last week I've yet to figure out how to light the LEDs (Manual says you can...I just can't resolve it in MS) let alone send text to a scribble strip from MS. Am considering even making one w/ a Teensy or Arduino...if I can't find the right solution. Ideas? tks/peace
  8. the GIO would still work (except the 5 lights by each foot switch) until Ventura. Bought a new Keith McMillen 12 Step yesterday and I at least have it working. still have to do the graphical part of the MS Concert so it looks right but does work peace
  9. that will be difficult over time...but a worthy strategy. My issue is I really like the GIO for how I'm using MS and nothing else is quite that.
  10. I'd missed that before the news here was what I was looking for. The unintended side effect of my MacOs upgrade now is that my Apogee GIO which has not had a driver update since Catalina (I think) now is no longer working. MainStage sees it and gets audio in from the guitar jack but doesn't recognize any button presses or CC for volume changes so I have to replace that pronto (and make a new Concert for whatever I get).
  11. Really? That's good news but I'm confused as to why no announcement from Line6...or anyone else saying it was working. I'm on Intel I9 MBP/Monterey and use HXNative for MainStage and Logic. It's the only reason I haven't upgraded to Ventura yet.
  12. L6 is always late, as are other 'music' software companies. Routinely annoying
  13. oh certainly....I waited a long time to move to Monterey and Line6 was the last publisher for me. I'm not in a hurry for Ventura (or any new OS) because I know they'll have plenty of early 1.x revisions as well. Figured I'd ask since my laptop asked me this morning if I wanted to upgrade (auto upgrades are turned OFF). Tks/Peace
  14. I'm fine on Monterey 12.6 but now trying to plan for Ventura upgrade eventually.
  15. ouch...congrats on the new MBP at least. It's still befuddling how seemingly 99% of software companies can roll w/ new OS but these music related ones are seemingly always lagging.
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