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  1. ThePup

    Helix hardware reliability

    My joystick had to be replaced after very light use in my home. It was under warranty; however, shipping was not cheap.
  2. ThePup

    Restore Global Settings in 2.81

    I went from 2.80 to 2.81 with a FS 7/8 Helix Floor reset and found my global settings were not changed. All I restored was my User presets.
  3. ThePup

    Jeezus H Christopher

    I look at updates with some degree of mixed feelings--although, I am always better for the effort. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the update process kludge; however, I have not incurred any issues to date following the instructions--once distilled/filtered for my Helix floor unit. In the end, I am very appreciative of the Line 6 team and their proven results.
  4. Updated with factory presets and user imports with no issues. Special thanks to Line 6 staff for the impressive effort. Well done.
  5. ThePup

    Joystick Failure Mode - Ideascale

    I only use the Helix as a "quiet time" headphone platform (perhaps twice a month average use). My joystick failed under such light duty; but, it was repaired quickly under warranty (assumed--as I was not charged). It cost me ~$100 to insure and fast ship it.
  6. ThePup

    Joystick not working (pushing or selecting)

    The joystick seems to be the reliability low point. I had to send mine in for replacement too.
  7. ThePup

    Helix through headphones sounds awful

    I use the HD-650 with no complaints.
  8. ThePup

    How durable is the Helix?

    Joystick rotary toggle was the weak link for me.
  9. ThePup

    Can't Scroll With Joystick After Update

    Got my Helix back from repair and all is well. I am not sure if the switch was replaced, wiring repaired or something else.
  10. ThePup

    Can't Scroll With Joystick After Update

    My joystick no longer is able to rotation-scroll. It happened right after ther 2.30 update. I belive this could be coincidental, because if i pull up on the shaft and rotate, it kind of works (that sounded rather naughty).
  11. ThePup

    The Mother of all Headphone Complaint Answers

    Senhiezer HD650 works for me.
  12. ThePup

    Helix Update 2.11 unit freezing up

    My Helix froze today. I had to recyle the power switch. I followed the instructions fully.
  13. ThePup

    Helix through headphones sounds awful

    I am using the global EQ to compensate for my intended headphones-centric use. Initialy I picked up a pair of Sennheiser HD 239 cans (with an extension cable); its "advanced Open-Aire acoustic system" design seemed to work quite well (and were very comfortable)--my old MDR-V6 worked well too, but required reducing the bandwidth to tame the woof. However, I noticed the Sennheiser HD 239 cans will clip with loud heavy bass content. I tried a pair of HD 650 and HD 700 cans and I liked the way the HD 650 cans were warm (attenuated high freqs). Although purely subjective, the HD 700 cans required lowering the high frequency cutoff and seemed too bright for this admittedly strange FRFR application--the HD 700 did not have quite as satisfying "bass thump" or palm muted "chug" response
  14. ThePup

    Show Us Your Helix Rig Setup

    I use the Helix predominantly for quiet time playing. The HD650 cans work well.