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  1. Yes, thanks for the tip. The "monster" reference was to infer that the slog was Helix centric.
  2. Version 2.82 to 2.90 to 2.91 with a reset (for factory presets), imports, global tweaks and two cautionary iterative backups: ~70 minutes (and I own a monster machine). The process is straightforward, but a kludge and a time suck (especially the startup preset rebuilding slog). However, I am appreciative of owning a product which continues to receive meaningful updates.
  3. My joystick had to be replaced after very light use in my home. It was under warranty; however, shipping was not cheap.
  4. I went from 2.80 to 2.81 with a FS 7/8 Helix Floor reset and found my global settings were not changed. All I restored was my User presets.
  5. I look at updates with some degree of mixed feelings--although, I am always better for the effort. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the update process kludge; however, I have not incurred any issues to date following the instructions--once distilled/filtered for my Helix floor unit. In the end, I am very appreciative of the Line 6 team and their proven results.
  6. Updated with factory presets and user imports with no issues. Special thanks to Line 6 staff for the impressive effort. Well done.
  7. I only use the Helix as a "quiet time" headphone platform (perhaps twice a month average use). My joystick failed under such light duty; but, it was repaired quickly under warranty (assumed--as I was not charged). It cost me ~$100 to insure and fast ship it.
  8. The joystick seems to be the reliability low point. I had to send mine in for replacement too.
  9. I use the HD-650 with no complaints.
  10. Joystick rotary toggle was the weak link for me.
  11. Got my Helix back from repair and all is well. I am not sure if the switch was replaced, wiring repaired or something else.
  12. My joystick no longer is able to rotation-scroll. It happened right after ther 2.30 update. I belive this could be coincidental, because if i pull up on the shaft and rotate, it kind of works (that sounded rather naughty).
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