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  1. That's.... Really annoying and depressing to be quite honest with you :( but if I have to do it that way I'll do it that way. I play a lot of SRV and Hendrix tribute shows so it's kind of on a *need* basis for me sadly.
  2. Just a thought. Im not at my helix at the moment, but in stomp mode, couldn't you map an impedance change to the fuzz switch as well? I've always used auto impedance. Do you have any recommendations for starting points on fuzz vs no fuzz impedance? I like the fuzz face.
  3. Bump. Has this been resolved in some way? Or a workaround maybe?
  4. It hasn't happened to me since. But I'd like to know this as well.
  5. Editing a patch the display went black. It was still "lit" but the display was empty and hence, black. A reboot seemed ok have fixed the issue. I did have the helix on for quite a long time. Maybe four or five hours. But it wasn't hot. Wasn't connected to the PC. And I'm on the latest firmware.
  6. After watching the video posted to the thread. I definitely believe you. What I said to someone else was that u got very paranoid because I was editing a patch I had downloaded and the screen went black. It was still "lit" but it had gone black with no display. I wish I would have left it for more than 5 seconds to figure out what exactly was going on. But I almost immediately turned it off after a few seconds. It was fine on reboot. But I really really didn't like that 😅
  7. Specifically for worrying about the helix though? Does Line 6 make them? 😉 I just got super paranoid because I was editing a patch and my screen just... Went black. Had sound and everything. But the screen went black. Reboot fixed it. But the paranoia is real.
  8. Wow that's pretty convincing haha
  9. Received my helix under a week ago. And I LOVE the sounds so far. Lots of patches made and downloaded. Really love the ones I got from Glenn Delaune. I find myself constantly worried I'm going to break it or wear out one of the inputs or something. I see the occasional thread on people who have joysticks or exp pedals that have broken. Is this really that common?? I guess what I'm asking is this--how durable have you found your Helix to be? Am I being silly with treating it like a baby bird? I bought a case for it from BOSS that's pretty good. If that means anything. Thanks everyone!
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