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  1. Well done L6 friends!! Thank you for keeping the Helix fresh. Rock on! Joe
  2. Yep. you nailed it. I have the Vintage Delay in the chain and I'm sure that's what's causing the issue. I'll have some time to verify tonight. Thanks for the input!
  3. Hi all. I'm working on some new tones and I'm getting some nasty digital crackle that seems to be coming from the Helix. The signal into my mixer is a good level and not overdriving that mixer input at all. Any suggestions on where to look for the offending pedal/volume setting? Thanks! Joe
  4. Hi all. I'm working on some new tones and I'm getting some nasty digital crackle that seems to be coming from the Helix. The signal into my mixer is a good level and not overdriving that mixer input at all. Any suggestions on where to look for the offending pedal/volume setting? Thanks! Joe
  5. The only time my Helix froze was when using the Variax and it froze frequently. Got rid of the Variax and haven't had a single issue since.
  6. FacemanJoe

    Glenn Delaune

    I've been using Glenn's patches since getting my Helix back in April 2016. All of his patches are good but some a simply GREAT. Check out the Victory 40 patch in his Clean Boutique amp package. It is 100% authentic in tone and feel. It also serves as a fantastic pedal platform. Another of my favorites is his Angus Young patch from his Custom Artists Vol. II. I swapped the amp type to a JTM45 and the results were astounding. His custom IRs really make a huge difference in tone and feel. I've never been happier with my tone and I was a self-professed "tube guy" who has owned just about every tube amp over the last 20 years AND swore that I'd never use a digital rig. Helix + Glenn + Me = a perfect match. Rock on.
  7. Marco's patches are really good. I use his "Marco Bluesy" patch as the base for my main tone. That patch uses an IR that he provides and it imparts a great tone.
  8. I run the sound for my band and I'm trying to get the 2nd guitarist to move to Helix. It's a killer tone machine and gig setup is a total breeze. That sound guy doesn't know what he's missing. Maybe he likes fighting mic bleed and dealing with loud amps onstage. Have a good gig
  9. I have anxiously awaited all of Glenn's patches since getting my Helix. He's a quality fellow who has shared much knowledge with me and it has really helped my learning curve. I felt compelled to comment as Glenn strikes me as a classy dude who won't get into an online debate with someone who clearly spent a fair amount of time crafting a message that does nothing but throw mud at a fellow guitarist/musician. Whatever Glenn does to create his patches works for me and I'll gladly pay the fair price that he charges for his patches. In addition to the great tones, the knowledge that I gain from seeing how he creates his patches and paths have been invaluable to me. Glenn is a godsend for players like me who don't have time or knowledge to create such realistic patches. I'll be first in line when his Boutique Amp series is released on 10/10. Not because of "marketing" or what Glenn says in his videos. I'll pay for the tone and I'm happy to do so. Rock on.
  10. Hi all. I've been fully immersed in Helix and now Variax for the last few months and besides the great tones I'm getting, I'm also very grateful to everyone who is so willing to share their knowledge with the Line 6 community. In no particular order, I'd like to that Jason at Line 6 service, Scott at the Helix Channel and Glenn DeLaune. These are all good dudes who are happy to help troubleshoot, find tones and just share the collective love of guitars and gear. It's the other great aspect of being a musician. Thanks also to those of you who have answered my questions on this forum. I pay it forward whenever I'm in a position to help a fellow tone chaser. Rock on all. Joe
  11. Thanks Miles. All good stuff there. The combo of the XPR and Helix really puts the XPR over the top and addresses some of the shortcomings that some felt the XPR had back in the day - mainly that it was limited in the effects areas. I've got the XPR in the Helix loop but I haven't found a way to use XPR without having a cab model in the signal chain. That's more of a curiosity though, as I'm getting an absolutely amazing tone. I put a para eq after the XPR and it really sounds great and highlights those mid frequencies. The funny part is that the para eq was from one of Helix Scott's patches and I dropped it into my Boston patch. Worked a charm. I added a studio preamp block in front of the XPR today but it didn't improve on the tone I'm getting so I'm going to leave it as is. I'm going to be jamming loads of Boston with a band soon so I'm glad that i got it all sorted. Thanks for the advice. Rock on!
  12. Thank you for the reply. It took about an hour but I was able to get the Helix to play nice with the XPR. Patch changes on the XPR via the Helix work perfectly. Glenn's stuff is great. Looking forward to his next Artist series. Joe
  13. Hi all. I've used analog gear for 30+ years and have never used midi before. Now that I'm firmly in the digital world, I could use a bit of help. I am patching a Rockman XPR rack unit into one of the Helix effects loops. Midi out from Helix is connected to midi in on the XPR. If only I knew what to do next! My goal is to change the presets on the XPR using the Helix. If I'm thinking right, I can only make one midi change on the XPR per Helix preset - right? Or can I use snapshots to make multiple XPR preset changes within a single Helix patch? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joe
  14. I've had the same issue. Revealed itself at a gig on Friday. Just spent a few minutes with Helix to verify some of what others have suggested. No issue when I turn off the wah before switching scenes. I spoke to Line 6 today and made them aware of the issue. Joe
  15. FacemanJoe

    Glenn Delaune

    That has been my experience as well. Super dude with great knowledge that he is willing to share. A friend to all Helix owners for sure.
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