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  1. The chorus may be putting the two amps out of phase.
  2. amsdenj

    best I.R'S

    Did you do the captures with open or closed back?
  3. The Powercab manual doesn't say what the input impedance is, but input 1 and 2 both have the ability to set the input level to line or instrument. Instrument settings are generally high impedance.
  4. Powercab 122+ and 212 both have two inputs. So you could run a small mixer or acoustic guitar pedal into input 2 and your HX Stomp into input 1 and it would work fine with either Powercab as long as you ran FRFR mode.
  5. In the home or living room I would use a good stereo system or studio monitors.
  6. My experience with PC212 and PC112+ is perhaps a little different. I had both for a couple of year now, and use one or the other depending on venue size and stage footprint restrictions. I have found PC212 to have excess low end when set on the floor compared to the PC112+, that's likely because there's must more bass coupling with the floor with 2x12 than 1x12. I've also struggled with stage volume with the PC212. It seem harder to find the sweet spot, its either missing in the mix or way too loud. I don't seem to have that issue with PC112+, probably because the PC212 might just be too big compared to the rest of the band. I use FRFR mode only, and use IRs in Helix or cab models in Quad Cortex. I found that comparing the PC112+ and PC212 with a real amp, with an IR in Quad Cortex that matches the G12-65s in the amp, the PC112+ sounded closer to the real thing than the PC212. The PC212 had a different midrange color that didn't match up as well to me. The PC112+ and PC212 do use different Eminence speakers, so that could account for the difference. Overall I think I prefer the PC112+: it's smaller, lighter, likely fits with the rest of the band better, doesn't over-extend the bass as much, and seems to have a slightly more pleasant overall tone to me. I do like the PC212 stereo, but as a practical matter, its lost in the mix. And I use IEMs anyway so I get the stereo in my ears anyway.
  7. I would recommend leaving it in the package at room temperature so that it warms up slowly. But out of the package is probably fine too.
  8. I have a Powercab 112+ and a 212. I use one or the other on every gig, whether I'm using Helix and/or Quad Cortex. I love the footprint, flexibility, ease of use, and broad capabilities as a FRFR or powered guitar cabinet. It's still a perfect solution for my needs. Catalyst seems like a reasonable HX update to the Spider line. That's fine and probably a good solution for a lot of people. Helix + Powercab is a much more capable solution, but it costs more too. It's nice to have options.
  9. When Helix controls Variax models, tone, volume, string volume, tunings, etc, it is making changes in the Variax itself, not in Helix. Helix is just storing the commands to send to Variax when the patch is selected. So if you had two inputs on two different paths that both use Variax, each of them will be sending commands to the same guitar, so the last one sent would win.
  10. On issue with modelers is how we learn to use them. It's often at low volumes with headphones or studio speakers, playing by ourselves. That has a tendency to encourage us to use too much gain/distortion, too many effects all run too wet - because it sounds so good and so controllable by itself. And we can do it while the kids are asleep. However, when we get into a mix or live setup, all that distortion and wet effects turns into mush that nobody can hear against a real amp, bass and drums. I think we'll have better luck experimenting with modelers in the context of songs and rehearsal performances where we play in the context of the song, in a mix with others at gig volume. Modelers can do that, but usually don't if you set them up in your living room by yourself. Regarding playing over gear, I think whatever floats you boat is fine and there's no need to put any value judgment on one over the other.
  11. Sound like you may be using too much gain, especially for Dhyana Drive. Voice controls the mid boost frequency - higher levels are going to provide more gain and harsher midrange. Try turning both Gain and Voice down. A good practice is to use the minimum drive/gain for the song. You can approach that from either low gain or high gain to and turn up or down to figure out what's needed.
  12. Did you get a picture of the back of the speaker?
  13. Yes, I forgot about Stereo Width: 0% collapses left and right to mono, 100% is normal stereo, and 200% is extra wide, probably accomplished by some slight delay between left and right, but the manual doesn't say. Thanks for the reminder. I tried this when I first got the 212, but didn't care that much for what it did to the overall sound.
  14. I had a Variax Standard and JTV-69S. I thought the Standard magnetic pickups sounded better. I ended up selling the Standard and replacing the pickups on on the JTV-69S with SVL Daytona pickups - amalfitanopickups@verizon.net. I also replaced the neck. The only issue I have with that JTV-69S is that its sustain is a little shorter/weaker than my Strat.
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