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  1. I've found this button on the Helix that might help
  2. Hi Nitrous I made the switch a couple of months ago from HD500X to Helix and I used to do the same trick with 4CM previously as you do. The Helix offers you many more ways to do this. There's a good video here that explains 5 different ways to add a volume boost. The first few would also affect the tone. I have his number 5 suggestion (about 6:30 on the video) set up in every preset. This is really easy to do. You just set it up in an empty preset and then copy this preset to all others in a setlist. This is like setting it up as a master template so whatever else you put in the preset you will always have a clean boost assigned in the same place. The great thing is that it doesn't take up an effect block, just a footswitch.
  3. Thanks Brue. I set it running to update from 2.81 to 2.82 (my Helix Edit is 2.82) about four hours ago and it's still saying 'don't unplug or disconnect' but showing no signs of actually updating anything. Is this normal? Any L6 people able to offer me any suggestions? I'm going to need to switch it off or unplug eventually - which is the least harmful thing to do?
  4. So, no responses from the Helix give mind? At the moment I'm looking at a '5&12' reset and start again from scratch unless there are any other options out there?
  5. Hello my helical friends. I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I have. I've been running LT firmware 2.8.1 for quite a while thinking I'll backup to 2.9 when it comes out. I was trying to find a preset that I wrote a few months ago but my band hasn't played in a while. Looking though my setlist I can't find it so I guess I removed it for something else. I thought the best way to get it back would be to connect to Hx edit and backup my entire Helix and then backup from an older backup from a few months ago, find the preset, export it, backup to today's backup and then install the individual preset to my setlist. So that's what I did. All went well until I re-installed today's backup. All today's preset names are there in the right order but all the settings and stomps have changed in each preset and the presets themselves are not what I programmed. It's like it's pulled factory built presets in and labelled them as my presets. Should I try a complete reset and then try putting today's backup in? Any other thoughts? Thanks
  6. Hi Ledvedder There are many here with much more experience than me at all of this, but here are my thoughts. I come from various cheap multi FX units into a 1X12 DSL40, trading it in for a Mesa Nomad 1X12, then going for a POD HD500X into the Mesa. Then swapping the Mesa for a Line 6 DT25 with the POD HD500X. A couple of months ago I swapped the POD for a Helix LT. The reason I'm giving you this history is this; At every stage I got more flexibility. For me I've never needed 'one good tone'. I've always needed about eight. To me the Helix with the DT amp and a Variax feels like I basically own a guitar shop. The positive is I can try everything in the shop. The negative is options paralysis - how on earth do I find the one great sound I want? As I need lots of sounds I'm still really enjoying the experiment of trying to find them. I would encourage you to tweak and tweak and tweak to find new things, but if you have done all you can do and are still not there then it could be that the Helix you have never quite gets close enough to the rig you hear in your head. If there is just one sound you are trying to nail you may never get there with Helix. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Jep. You have a similar set up as me. Try setting an amp in Helix as 'pre-amp' rather than 'amp' or 'amp+cab'. Then set your output in Helix to 'digital' or 'multi'. If you scroll through the output settings by hitting the 'page' button on Helix you will get to DT25/DT50 settings. Here you can set the power amp in the DT25 to work however you want it to. This gives you lots of flexibility. You can have a Mesa Treadplate pre with a class A Triode power section if you want. To me this gives much more flexibility than just going into a fixed power amp setting on the DT25. Hope this helps
  8. Fenderflame28

    Looper UNDO

    Trying to get my head around the one button looper. I press it once, it records. Press it again and it plays back. Double tap and it stops. Press and hold and it deletes the loop. But here's the thing, when I press and hold it plays about a second of the loop before it clears. It's this a bug? Ideally I want to stop the loop and then clear it (silently) without all the tap dancing that the six button looper entails.
  9. Hi @rd2rk I appreciate your help on this, but watch the video at the top of the post - at 6:20 he is playing his preset 04A with a looper. He stops the looper, loads preset 4B. Plays in 4B for a few seconds then moves back to 4A at around 7:00, turns on the looper and his loop is still there (where he says 'well waddya know'). How does he do this?
  10. OK. Thanks for your help guys but it still doesn't work. @rd2rk - what do you mean by the looper being 'active' Im on Helix 2.81.0. Preset 1 has a stereo looper, so does preset 2, both as the last block in the same path. I put a phrase into the looper on preset one and then hit 'stop' on the 6 button looper and then exit the looper. Go to preset 2, play something. Come back to preset 1 and hit looper. When I hit play there is nothing there. If I let my loop play on in preset 1, I can select preset 2 and it's still playing. It's only when I stop it on preset 1 and change to preset 2 that I loose it. When this works for you guys as above are you on a Helix floor on LT? I'm wondering if this is something that the full Helix can do but maybe the LT can't. What I'm after is to 'record' my loop during soundcheck so I don't have to play it in front of an audience and mess it up 'live'. I'm using it for the intro of the Bryan Adams song 'Run 2 you'. Once the loop is running with the clean arpeggio I can then add the solo fill just before the singing hits. I then use the looper again in the solo to play the harmonised arpeggios before the final chorus. If I could set up the intro arpeggio before the gig but then play the first ten songs in lots of other presets, come back to my Run 2 you preset and the arpeggio would be in the looper waiting, that would be ideal. Any other thoughts? Thanks
  11. Ooh, that's interesting. I'll set one up to try. Thanks for your help.
  12. No. I only have one preset that I use with a looper in it.
  13. Hi all I'm faitly new to Helix and I'm trying to sort out something with my LT and the looper. In this video - just after 6:30 he shows that you can put a phrase in the looper, change preset, come back to the original preset and the phrase is still saved in the looper: He says that the only time you lose the phrase is when you power the unit down. When I try this I lose the phrase as soon as I change preset. When I go back to my looper preset there is nothing stored and my phrase has gone. Is this a limitation in the LT or does 2.8 firmware not allow this, and his earlier firmware from 2016 did? Or is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks
  14. Thanks for your thoughts Matt. I already use Left out for acoustic to PA (Variax).
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