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  1. And I did my factory reset too... The offset patches start in Factory 2 list after Rhythm Sandman 08D (seems like Metallica's black album sound... or it tries to do its best, so it's ok) then09A glengarry lead ( i don't know how it should sound), then 09B parallel space (delay and reverbs... probably it's ok) BUT 09C 'Merican nights STARTS sounding as 09D 4D Love of Steve should. In my humble opinion, this issue couldn't depend from software... maybe there is an error in the factory list itself after 3.01 upgrade
  2. Well, allmost all patches from factory 1 list seem to me ok (many are named according to the amp they sample... I checked and they're ok). But in factory 2 list, things, at some point, became confused. And it becames clear to me from the above mentioned Vai preset (it doesn't sound at all like for the love of God, but patch after does). Then, patches names are enigmatic, we know... So i can't be more accurate. Another rockabilly patch (Stray cats or grease cats) shows the same problem. I don't think all parthes are offset, but they're probably offset from one starting into factory 2 list. I don't use factory preset, but i recently noticed this issue, although I didn't wrote about it. I was only trying to give one hand to vanderbilly. Vanderbilly said above he did several times a factory reset. So, if this issue can't be fixed with a factory reset, why do you start giving me this suggestion?
  3. It seems to me not all factory patches... certainly from factory 2 For the love of steve
  4. Ok,I found it reading the post titled 'Best IRs'. I'll try now to attach the file ('joostalnico' made by jazzinc and suggested by amsdenj) https://line6.com/support/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3515
  5. The title says it all... in an old post, thanks to amsdenj, i found a very good I.R. for Fender Deluxe... so I would like to find an useful I.R. witch could give body to my thin and flat Fender Twin sound Thank you
  6. Thank you so much for your suggestions, I promise you I will practice on it! Any ideas on engaging various parameters on poly sustain (interval, mod freq, mod depth) to mod on the fly the sustaining note?
  7. Hi folks, I'm very curious about creative use of new poly sustain. It's very dsp hungry, as we know, so I can't figure how really I could manage it. For example, I would like to set a clean sound as pedal and sustain it, and then soloing over it with a distorted tone, without altering the pedal sound. I appreciated the CraigGT patch uploaded in topic above... but I expect your tips and suggestions Poly Sustain Momentary press to catch sample
  8. Yesssss! Thanks coda! Now they are able to speak toghether... but, as you said, with up and down I change it all! So, I'm ready to learn how can I change lexicon and helix presets separately! any tips?
  9. The title say it all... I only understood that I must connect a Lexicon mpxg2 to helix LT by a 5pin midi cable but: which port shoud I connect? I apologise, that's my first, and probably the last, midi connection! and how I can control lexicon by helix? I'd like simply to change its programs using 2 Helix footswithes (up and down), the same way we can change helix' patches. I think it should be simple, but not for me! Thank you in advance! Pierpaolo
  10. Thank you all for your support.
  11. Hello everybody, i'd like to start using native for home recordings so i've just bought a focusrite solo 2nd gen. I connect properly the audio interface, open cubase LE and insert native helix plugin to a new track but from the headphone out I can hear only the dry sound of my guitar, without any modification in real time by Helix. I'm sure it's easy, but i'm the last arrived, so please help me!
  12. pierpatrip


    Hello, could anybody suggest me how to obtain an instant feedbacker effect? I play a couple of strats (a single coils one and a superstrat with 2 humbuckers) and I rather prefer not to use high gain amp blocks. What eq, comp, distortion block and what settings in your experience can I add to a fender/vox/marshall/matchless/mesa/orange amp to achieve my goal? Thank you!
  13. Ok, thank you for answering to my Ghost topic (i've tried to pose the same question but, I don't know why, my two attemps failed). So, we have to change the setting of the time knob to let the pedal switch work. Another question: is it possible to set the delay time as a defaut in the right position, so tap tempo could work in every preset without modifing it preset by preset?
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