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  1. Maybe sarchasm is such a strong temptation here, too hard to hold off it! Thanks to datacommando, who shared with the community an interesting delay trick I asked for in an old, misunderstood or not enough clear post. Seriously, if expert users are bored with common people interested, for a little piece of their leisure time, in playing with an electronic toy (as helix for someone may be), please be patient. It will be appreciated.
  2. Hi, does anyone here use Helix in conjunction with gr55? I'd like to receive suggestions about the most practical and functional ways to connect each other, how can I do the correct and logical routings. I'll be grateful to everybody who could give me suggestions or maybe even templates in order to organize patches: I'd like to connect my guitar to helix and gr55 and have the opportunity to go through helix to speakers, being able to insert or bypass gr55 (it's possible simply activating a send return block? Where in the chain block? It's the only way or there are other interesting ways... I imagine so). Please be generous and kind. I apologise because of my bad english.
  3. I'll check 'em out. And thanks for the suggestion in the notes... I'm curious about Bill Nelson...
  4. Eheh... That's the reason why I asked for shoegaze tricks :). I used delays in Jazz ambient patch... but it's just what I can create with my actual and poor skills.
  5. Thank you Datacommando. I'll try some patches out there, although my intention was learning new (for me and other conventional players like me) tricks on delays, assigning various parameters to switches or pedals for being able to modify on the fly. Maybe someone will share some tips.
  6. You're right... I slow down and start gazing :)
  7. No hopes here... but thanks all Gurus for their kind support. I'll spend my days anxiously checking this topic. Excuse me for wasting your precious time.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoegaze Thank you all uber gurus sent us by God on green earth and everyone who enjoys kidding humble users. And, obviously, only uber gurus have sense of humor and know when they can show it to humble users (who obviously ignore it). Feel free, of course, going on off topic. Or close this silly topic.
  9. Hi everbody, I wish I could gather here any suggestion on how to use various delay models (each one with it's own special features) assigning parameters (time, feedback, mix, headroom and many others) to switches (latching or momentary) or EXP pedals in order to create shoegaze madness textures, special effects or inspiring tricks. I'm sure many of you can effortlessly give precious tips and suggestions, sharing new toys here in delay playground.
  10. And I did my factory reset too... The offset patches start in Factory 2 list after Rhythm Sandman 08D (seems like Metallica's black album sound... or it tries to do its best, so it's ok) then09A glengarry lead ( i don't know how it should sound), then 09B parallel space (delay and reverbs... probably it's ok) BUT 09C 'Merican nights STARTS sounding as 09D 4D Love of Steve should. In my humble opinion, this issue couldn't depend from software... maybe there is an error in the factory list itself after 3.01 upgrade
  11. Well, allmost all patches from factory 1 list seem to me ok (many are named according to the amp they sample... I checked and they're ok). But in factory 2 list, things, at some point, became confused. And it becames clear to me from the above mentioned Vai preset (it doesn't sound at all like for the love of God, but patch after does). Then, patches names are enigmatic, we know... So i can't be more accurate. Another rockabilly patch (Stray cats or grease cats) shows the same problem. I don't think all parthes are offset, but they're probably offset from one starting into factory 2 list. I don't use factory preset, but i recently noticed this issue, although I didn't wrote about it. I was only trying to give one hand to vanderbilly. Vanderbilly said above he did several times a factory reset. So, if this issue can't be fixed with a factory reset, why do you start giving me this suggestion?
  12. It seems to me not all factory patches... certainly from factory 2 For the love of steve
  13. Ok,I found it reading the post titled 'Best IRs'. I'll try now to attach the file ('joostalnico' made by jazzinc and suggested by amsdenj) https://line6.com/support/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3515
  14. The title says it all... in an old post, thanks to amsdenj, i found a very good I.R. for Fender Deluxe... so I would like to find an useful I.R. witch could give body to my thin and flat Fender Twin sound Thank you
  15. Thank you so much for your suggestions, I promise you I will practice on it! Any ideas on engaging various parameters on poly sustain (interval, mod freq, mod depth) to mod on the fly the sustaining note?
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