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  1. Just another 'vote' for THANK YOU for posting this!
  2. OK, I finally know what caused this. We all know that when you hit the toe switch, the onboard expression pedal changes from "EXP1" to "EXP2" and vice versa - unless you are using a separate expression pedal plugged into the EXP2 jack. Let's assume that I am using two volume blocks on every patch - one, assigned to EXP1, and the other assigned to EXP2, so that I have volume pedal control regardless of which patch I am on, and regardless of the toe switch setting. We all also know that you should set the pedal to be global if you want to retain the setting associated with the pedal position across various patches. Now, if I was using a patch where I switched from EXP2 to EXP1, and faded the volume to zero, and THEN switched to a patch where EXP2 was the default assignment to the expression pedal, all is well. HOWEVER, if I use the toe switch NOW to toggle to EXP1 (which you may recall, I had just faded to zero volume with EXP1), well, guess what? Since it's set to Global, it is still set to zero. So, since there's no menu setting to say "Stay on EXP2 (or EXP1) regardless of the toe switch toggle state, I created a shorted plug to plug into the EXP2 jack. Now, the toe switch doesn't change - it stays on EXP1, and I now only need one volume block per patch, and it can now be ALWAYS set to EXP1. I came to that solution by a lot of trial and error, and with more than a little help from other posters in this forum - so, thanks for the help, gang. :)
  3. @pierpatrip I had a Roland GR-55 a few years ago, and got rid of it because of this inability of the GR-55 to receive certain commands.
  4. I am not using snapshots - just one per preset currently, so this wouldn't be likely to be the problem. But thank you for the idea, all are appreciated!
  5. @datacommando, Did you notice that nobody had answered? My answer might help someone. Sure, he figured it out, but that doesn't really help anyone that searches the forum with a similar issue. It cost me nothing but two minutes of typing to answer him. Didn't hurt a soul for me to post an answer. The more content these types of fora have, the more searchable data, which MIGHT translate into a solved problem for SOMEONE. Hope this helps/makes sense.
  6. I have some effect blocks set up so that they are toggled by the toe switch of the expression pedal. The problem is that SOMETIMES (not always) when I engage the effects blocks using the toe switch, *SURPRISE!* the volume cuts to ZERO. Please note that this is an intermittent problem that happens about 10% of the time - if it happened every time, I'd know that the error is in the way I have something set. However, since it does not happen every time, I am wondering if it's a glitch that there's a workaround for, or if my Helix is defective. It was happening with version 3.11 firmware, and it's still happening with version 3.15 firmware. Any advice is appreciated - thank you in advance!
  7. Hi Jared, Check this: Click the MENU button (Three horizontal lines on the upper left corner, just above the PRESET knob. Highlight the affected effect block (one at a time) - in your case, the amp block. Under the big window that shows your effects chain, click down on the first small knob. (It should be showing "BYPASS ASSIGN." Now, make sure it's set to 'NONE." (It is probably showing "TOE SWITCH") Save your patch. That should take care of the amp disappearing problem. As for the volume pedal, when you toggle the toe switch, now the onboard expression pedal is EXP 1. So, you will have to add another volume pedal in your effects chain - make sure it's the highlighted effect block - and again, click the MENU button. Now, click down on the second small knob - you will see it's labeled "CONTROLLER ASSIGN" - and set it to EXP 1 by rotating it to the right just one notch. Save your patch again. Now, if your new volume control you just added is near the original one that is controlled by EXP 2, it should act in an identical fashion. *TIP: It's most musically useful to set the CURVE parameter of the volume pedal from LINEAR to LOGARITHMIC. Let us know how you fare.
  8. I had something kind of scary happen this past Friday. I downloaded the Helix version 3.15 software, and ran it. It stopped (froze up) after a few seconds of running. I did notice that it was deleting older version files, which at first, did not alarm me. However, after it failed to continue, I had to close my computer and reboot. Then, when I started Helix Edit, it opened, but was completely blank - no software patches, or setlists, or ANYTHING showed up. (See screen capture, below) I had already backed up all my patches, so I wasn't too worried about that. So, if experience trouble with the update, you can do the following, and you should be fine. 1 - Download the 3.15 update. 2 - UNinstall ALL the Helix Edit software from your computer ( no need to uninstall Monkey, or Variax Workbench) 3 - install fresh, using the Helix 3.15 update software you downloaded in step 1 4 - install the 3.15 firmware from the Line6 website 5 - perform a system reset (Recommended by Line6) 5 - restore all patches using the saved backup SO - PLEASE make sure you create a backup before you try to update to 3.15. Also, make sure you do as instructed by Line6, and install the 3.15 firmware after the software update, AND perform a factory reset (on Helix, this is done by holding down buttons 9 and 10 while powering up.) After all that is complete, you can restore your backup. By the way, your back up will preserve any MIDI mappings you've made (I was grateful for that!) including CC's, PC's, as well as input and output settings, IR's, global settings, and any settings such as custom tunings, guitar models, etc.
  9. @Vulture1 If I am understanding you correctly, you want to be able to turn the sequencer of the SY300 on and off from the Helix via MIDI. It SOUNDS simple, but I may be mistaken. Please know that I don't have an SY300, so I will be speaking in general term, and I might make an incorrect assumption. Please forgive me for that, if that's the case. :) It seems as though you will have to do the following: 1 - assign a MIDI CC number to OSC1 SEQ ON/OFF in your SY300. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE LATEST UPDATE TO V. 3.15 USES CC#'S 77 THROUGH 81, SO DON'T USE THOSE NUMBERS. Here is a quote from their update documentation: "Any parameters you've assigned to CC77-CC81 will have to be remapped") 2 - In the Helix Command Center, set that same CC number to the controller (switch or pedal) you want to use to make this switch. so, CC#83 in your SY300 = CC#83 assigned to whichever control you want to use. 3 - save your patch. 4 - you MIGHT have to step on the "MODE" switch to be able to access any of the footswitches as individual controls. I use the ToeSwitch for most things of this nature. Hope this helps - please let us know, so we can all learn from your experience. :)
  10. @JuRo1971 Is your CC IN set to "ON" in the Boss SY-200? (under MENU > MIDI) If you do, maybe try changing the switch type (in the SY-200) from toggle to momentary... It's probably parameter 3 or 4, so you may have to scroll down to see it. Mine works perfectly using the EXP pedal.
  11. I will bet it'll work. I got one at a music store in Fort Wayne, Indiana by searching their sweet website for MIDI A DIN to 3.5mm TRS.
  12. Hey JuRo1971 - I was able to get this to work- check to see if (in the SY-200) CC IN is set to "ON" - it's under MENU > MIDI. Then, in the Helix, under MENU > Command Center, set the appropriate pedal (EXP 1 or EXP 2, or both) to CC# 80, MIN VALUE = 0, MAX VALUE =127 (or anywhere above 64). (I think the only piece you're missing is setting CC IN to "ON.") I was able to get mine to work perfectly doing this. BTW, thanks, I learned how to do something new by trying this. Let us know how it worked out for you. :)
  13. @Klaim - I totally agree. I never even knew there was MIDI 'A' and MIDI 'B' and I have been doing MIDI stuff since 1994. I guess there's always something new. :)
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