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  1. Mini Amp Gizmo + MB Mk V worked perfecly for me. As a side note sold MkV got an JVM410H then sold it. Total OCD.
  2. I use a gain block. I realize that if i use the looper then you need to have the output block levels all the same if you want to change preset and keep your loop at the same level.
  3. Well! jdomine! It's exactly that! You nailed it! The looper did indeed break all my presets. The good news is I never use it live but only to goof around at home. So goodbye loopers for now. From the little that I tried again, if the looper is on the 2B path (where I suppose it's fairly often) the whole of 2B path is broken. Thanks so much for taking the time trying the preset. At least I can now live with 2.8 and enjoy the novelties. I have a ticket opened with line 6 I'll make sure they know about this issue. Yes!! yes!! yes!!!
  4. Ha! Don't take it wrong but I'm delighted you have this issue. Looks strangely related to my problem 2B path disappearing and might prove I'm not crazy. I'have had issues with upgrading to 2.8, USB, driver and such. Stories with PC. That's now a fact of life. I suceeded in the and and I've noticed all my presets were not behaving properly. Went back to 2.71 in an instant. But then I did not take time to investigated AND KOT, and those new apms did sound interesting. Wiped out everything before the 2e upgrade to 2.8. Blank slate. I built this preset (FRESH 2.8.hlx) from scratch to reproduce quickly my presets I used with 2.71 and there it is again. No 2B path.! Can't blame a corrupt preset, backup or whatever. Since all my song based presets are from the same template, all my presets would have to be rebuilt. That why I'm still on 2.71. I will trying again when I get my HELIX from the shop for a faulty joystick.
  5. So it might be a problem with the Y splits after all. I wish this is solve because, at the moment, 2.8 is unusable for me.
  6. I probably shouldn't have gone there. I was merely trying to describe a way to observe to problem in a reproductible way. In a nutshel 2B stop working. The way I use 2B is always with a Y A/B at 100 % at the end of 2A. Haven't check othet way to feed 2B. It'a may be realted more on the Y A/B defect. Just try the patch and settle the issue I'b be grateful. Only need to save it during while using it. To induced the problem. I think.
  7. Ideascale ismore like a popularity contest. It does not address properly little functional genius idea or irritating glitch. No rant just an observation of 3.5 year, IMHO.
  8. I did! First post up FRESH 2.8 Cab.hlx It's a similar preset that use a Cab and expression pedal 1 only. Here it is again. Copy the preset, for example to 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D for example. After copying 4D, the 4A, 4B and 4C will be silent forever. To get 4D to work again you need to select a blank New preset in 5A and then back to 4D. Thanks for looking into it. Much appreciated. FRESH 2.8 Cab.hlx
  9. Sorry we're labeling things differently. It was my understanding that from the top down Guitar in -> 1A 1B 2A 2B => XLR The dynamic bloc before the delay is a noise gate that works alright on 2A. I can't easily do more test since I went back to 2.71 Amazon will ship a new USB cable tomorow! (Ya I had problem with that too...8-| )
  10. That noise gate is on 2A not 2B has Verb, EQ, Volumes, Looper and out to XLR . No problem with 2A except for the Y A/B split
  11. Phil! You guessed wrong but its not forbidden. Last one is expression, one is volume boost assigne to a footswitch and thirs is another gain to balanced things up because I was probably lazy in this case. The minute Ii loose the 2B path my patch turn silent because I've set the output of 2A to -120 dB to make it obvius. Then I check Y A/B and it still indicate B 100%, it is activated, such nothing I can do to bring it back to life. And! It's reproductible. Copy a similar preset to 4A, 4B, 4C and 4D for exemple. After copying 4D, the 4A, 4B and 4C will be silent forever. To get 4D to work again you need to select a blank New preset in 5A and then back to 4D. No quite what you want for a gig.
  12. I opened a ticket with Line 6 I'll keep you posted.
  13. Bump! Really? Anybody's using 2B? Just to tell you the extent of my experimenting. - I wiped out all with a reset 5+12 - Reinstalled 2.8 upgrade with no issue in 15 minutes. - loaded preset FRESH 2.8 Cab.hlx from above. - Copy it a few time and you'll see 2B path stop working - I restored my backup from 2.71 -> All my presets have that behavior. - Went back to 2.71 and restored all my presets and all is working like it's supposed to. My conclusion is the hardware is probably OK. I'll get to test that when I get my Helix back since it's in the shop to replace the joystick.
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