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  1. Just installed the update, the new cabs are a game changer. I can't explain how much better these sound than the old system, for a long time I've only used my own IR's but these cabs sound good enough to use. Not tried anything other than the cabs yet, but this is pretty exciting.
  2. I've never had trouble with it in the past so it just didn't cross my mind, every other update has been great. The install process was even more risky, I set it to update as I jumped in the shower about 2 hours before the van was due to show up for a weekend out, when the install process messed up and then the computer wouldn't recognise the Helix, ended up only leaving 10 mins late but that was stressful, then the first issue happened that night while playing a wah solo and noticing my wah wasn't working. Yesterday I discovered my dual path patches weren't working so I made this post, thankfully none of them are crucial for live. Last nights show was fine with no issues, fingers crossed I should be fine until monday and then I will revert back until Line 6 get this sorted.
  3. The 2.8 update is a bit of a lollipop-show, if you're making a living out of music then the bugs of this update could really screw you up. In the past I had no issues with updates so I felt safe going to 2.8, but I had a lot of trouble just getting it installed properly with all the issues regularly discussed, and then when it is installed I have a few annoying issues but also completely broken patches that no longer work. My faith in Line 6 is still strong, the Helix is an amazing product but they gotta sort out this lollipop. I'm out on the road all weekend, I won't be able to revert back to 2.71 until monday. I only wish I had read the forums before updating, I just didn't see the need since it was always great in the past.
  4. I've got similar issues with my patches breaking when I run 2 paths on one DSP. I posted my own thread but this is one of my patches and this is the signal path I get, the crossed out blocks no longer do anything despite being active. I don't have time to go back to 2.71 at the moment, I might have to after the weekend if this isn't fixed before next week though.
  5. So I've installed 2.8 after a lot of hassle last week and I've now played a couple of gigs with it and came across a bunch of issues. 1. It reprogrammed one of my patches during a gig and the Wah wouldn't work, I have the expression pedal switch set to activate the Wah (EXP1) and EXP1 is set to control the Wah but it changed to the opposite, causing the Wah expression to be controlled by EXP2 and the Wah still switching on with EXP1. I tried numerous times during the gig to re-select the patch to fix the problem and it remained that way until I turned off the unit and turned it back on, when it magically works properly again. 2. Some of my patches no longer work, I had a Twin Harmony stereo separated patch. Since 2.8 the Twin Harmony (shown as Pitch) no longer functions at all with this setup, I have to remove the bottom path chain in order for it to do anything, moving the Pitch shifter into the bottom path also works (but that changes the sound). Infact on further inspection the top chain now ends at the amp, I just get the amp without the cab/pitch/delay/eq. As can be seen here. I'm pretty disappointed so far, it's nice to have a few new toys to play with but I wish I had stuck with 2.7 because it was actually working reliably, I haven't seen what other patches may have broken or changed yet. This is the signal path I actually get with this patch now.
  6. It could use a good gated reverb, many reverb pedals have a gated setting, but not on the Helix. The "Twin Harmony" model is meant to be the Eventide H3000, but sure it could be improved/expanded on.
  7. I've got this same issue with the unit. If I want to use it for the compressor/OD pedals into the front of an amp it adds a decent bit of background noise that I can't get rid of. And this is just by default of plugging into the unit, without any effects on. This is not an issue with my traditional pedalboard of stompboxes, no noise is added from them but the Helix gives some headaches. Send outs - If I use this instead of the main out to the input of my amp (set at instrument level) we get a considerable amount of noise even with an empty preset and the out set to the 1/4 (so send isn't even outputing) it's making noise, it's unusable for this purpose. This is annoying because the send is putting out the right level without me having to mess with the volume knob on the unit, but it's unusable due to the added noise. 1/4 main out - If I use this at instrument level I get a lot less noise than the Send (even at line level this is less noise than send) but still considerably more noise than just plugging into the amp, noise that my normal pedalboard does not add. What's worse is that this output is connected to the volume knob, which means I'm now playing guessing games as to where to set it, it never sounds the same as just plugging into the amp.. Again not a problem with normal pedalboard, and if there is a solution to that particular issue I haven't found it. Until now I've only been using the unit for modelling, straight through to a PA system and it has been fine. This is the first time I've used the unit into an overdriven amp with the intention of using it for boost. Edit : To add more detail : Amp was a Cornford Hellcat (35w 4x EL84, 2x12). Helix connected to PC via USB at the same time. Guitar > Helix > Helix 1/4 out > Amp input = Lots of noise, more noise than when not connected to USB. Guitar > Helix > Helix 1/4 out > Amp return = No added noise, or insignificant enough to not matter. Guitar > Helix > Helix Send > Amp return = More noise than 1/4 out, additional low frequency hum, disappears when USB is disconnected and is then equal to the 1/4. Edit 2 : Helix was not plugged into USB for these tests - Added a 2nd amp = Peavey 5150 into a Marshall 4x12. Amp 2 : (5150) - Guitar > Helix > 1/4 out > Amp return = Very audible thick low level hum. Seems more to do with the amps FX loop itself, so I will give the Helix a pass on this. Amp 2 : (5150) - Guitar > Helix > 1/4 out > Amp input = Same issues as amp 1 but worse, noisy. Edit : Added a 3rd amp, Marshall AVT150 (1x12 hybrid combo, solid state power amp) Amp 3 : Helix 1/4 out into Return = Same as Hellcat, no or insignificant noise added. Amp 3 : Helix 1/4 out into amp input = Some noise added, marginally less than the Hellcat but a clear to hear hiss.
  8. I have to be honest I thought the Helix was the 2nd worst sounding here behind Pod Farm, with the best showings coming from Guitar Rig 5, Peavey Revalver and that 8505 one I've not heard of before, though to be honest all of the non Line 6 ones were close enough that it didn't matter. I have a Peavey 5150 sitting right behind me, have recorded it lots of times and I still don't think the modelling is there on any of them, well it simply isn't 100% yet. I love the Helix but the 5150 is not an amp it does well, and it is not in my opinion an amp that any modeller does well enough that it can replace the real thing on record if you're putting attention to detail into every element.
  9. I think the quality in the modelling varies from an amp to amp basis across the board. Two amps that come to mind for me are first the Plexi models, they sound amazing to me and I've been really able to craft some amazing tones with them with that signature Plexi sound and feel really shining through, but then on the other end of the scale there is the 5150 (Panama) which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of the thickness and warmth of the midrange and the crispness of the top end, it sounds more like your typical generica "high gain modelling" sound from the old days of amp modelling. The cab modelling is decent and usable but it doesn't compare to pre-recorded sound impulses, and I think what Bias 2 has done partnering with Celestion and integrating the impulses with their mic choice/position graphical interface is the best of both worlds. All of my live patches I'm using since I bought the Helix are the Matchstick Ch.1 and Plexi Jump models into imported impulses (ownhammer and the free allure pack). While I'm here, you considered modelling a Cornford amp? A MK50 or Hellcat model would be a dream come true.
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