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  1. Hello, without going into too much detail (you can do your own research), but just to point you the right way, the problem is that midi carries no audio information. Midi is data, i.e. pitches, durations, velocities, controllers on/off, etc. used to command / control equipment. What your keyboard is sending to the helix via midi is not the sound. it's the info on which keys you are pressing. You can control your helix with the midi coming from your keyboard (turning effects on/off, changing patches, parameters, etc.) but there is no audio there to be processed that's why midi can't be an input to be processed by the helix. If you want the audio coming from you keyboard to be processed by the Helix you will indeed need to go the analog wiring route. The most appropriate input on your helix would be the aux in and not guitar in. Hope this broad explanation helps. J
  2. Interesting takes. Thanks ! This may well be a very subjective and collectively biased appreciation of the newer models in comparison to the older ones. As for the "what difference does it make" point. I think you are right. My questions were out of curiosity and what a new process may mean for the future. In my mind I was thinking about new Line 6 products (let's face it, a next-generation Helix is bound to happen sooner or later - let's hope later) or licencing models for software updates.. J
  3. Hello all, Just to spark some discussion (in the best possible sense of the word), hoping that this topic hasn't been discussed before and overlooked by me. It seems unanimous that the latest models captured by Line 6 in the Helix line have "something extra" that makes them stand out (the litigator, the trainwreck, the cartographer, now the BE and the lonestar). The question that comes to mind is: Did the model creation process change since the initial HELIX firmware ? And if so will Line 6 re-visit older models under this new profiling paradigm that is producing such fine amp models ? Will we see older profiles become legacy amp models in the future ? cheers J
  4. Thanks ! I'll backup my setlists and then perform a factory reset cheers
  5. And when I restored I lost the new presets, templates, etc. Am I missing out on something ? Are the factory setlists available somewhere ? Thanks J
  6. Hello, If you use IRs, most likely it's because they got wiped and you need to load them again onto the Helix in the correct position they were in. The Helix may simply be missing that. Cheers
  7. The limitation of IRs is that (by definition) they can only model linear and time invariant systems. So forget about using IRs to model non-linear effects like distortions for example. J
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