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  1. Do you use the expression pedal on the reverb and delay at the same time?
  2. What are your favorite effects on the Helix when running no amp or speaker sim? Just running into an external amp. Looking to see how everyone is doing that.
  3. marikian


    How do you set this up into the Helix? It looks fantastic.
  4. What is your favorite delay and settings for some sweet slap back? thanks
  5. still no blocks on the presets that I downloaded. I have downloaded both.
  6. i put this on the helix but the presets are blank. the names show up but no blocks. help please
  7. i have tried everything listed above and still this horrible buzz. When i turn on the input gate it is quiet but that has never been the case.
  8. That helped a little but still heavy buzzing
  9. try a snare drum stand the helix fits perfectly in it
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