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  1. Okay, I may be "stupider" than I thought, but after reading through the manual, the forums, the KB articles, and even the advanced manual for the M13 (which, in fairness, actually may have the answer I'm looking for but was too far over my head for me to figure out), and monkeying around with a long game of "Cable Jockey" I still can't figure out how to integrate my Alesis SR18 drum machine into the system without it also getting "wet" with effects. I'd like to somehow add it to the "four cable method" that I have set up with my amp so that as I change FX, the drum machine stays unfiltered. I'm thinking the only option at this time is to simply plug the drum machine into a separate amp, but I was hoping to not have to carry two amps around when going to some jam session. I have given it an honest try, I really have, but now I'm at my wits end and I'm looking for help. I'm not sure if I need to modify the "four cable method" or where I need to position the drum machine - I'm stuck. Any help (written at a fifth grade level - evidently that's what I seem to need) would be useful. The amp is a simple Nace Pro-18, nothing fancy, it's got the FX return and send for the four-cable method, it also sports ports for record, reverb and boost.
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