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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys. Not tryna rehash the same old debates, this is a simple question. Anyone in here has owned or owns an Axe Fx 3? In terms of sound, we all know we can create fantastic tones with most modern flagship modelers. The real question here is about the responsiveness of the Fractal stuff. Ive been a helix owner for a while already, and I love all the tones i can get from my rack. Regardless, I went back to buying an amp and pedals because the helix hasn't ever felt like playing thru an amp. It really is a different story. And i don't mean the sounds, i can make my Helix just as fantastic as my Marshall, but, to me, at the moment of playing, no digital modeler has ever felt as nicely responsive, full, and saturated as an amp. Is what many say true? That the Axe Fx provides that 'organic' feel when you play via it?
  2. Hey guys, With all the 'vs' and modeler battle demos going on I thought it would be cool to do a few SDS style. We're comparing 8 different amp modelers in a full band context, just as you would use/hear them in real life. All of the amp modelers are running through the exact same OwnHammer 4x12 EVH IR. All of the plugins without IR loaders go through NadIR (with the internal cabs disabled). The modelers in this video include: Fractal Audio Axe FX Overloud TH3 Peavey Revalver 4 IK Multimedia Amplitube 4 Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Line 6 Pod Farm 2 Nick Crow 8505 Line 6 Helix Floor This episode focuses on the legendary Peavey 5150 amp. I'd love to hear your thoughts guys! How well does the Helix stack up to the rest?
  3. Hello All Sorry to bring this up if its already been discussed in detail. Helix, AXE FX II, do you hear a big difference? The reason i ask this recently I was playing listening to Helix while another person was playing AXE FX II and while both sound great, the AXE FX II seemed to have a sonic quality that I was not hearing in Helix. I thought well maybe its the pre amps I am using (focusrite and prosonos) but still its really on the high end and depth the AXE FX seems to be far more clear over the helix which seemed far more harsh, No I am not using global eq although I tried that too. Helix at its base patches seems thinner...custom patches Helix on its own sounds great until AXE FX playing in the same mix. Dunno, I might be crazy would be interested in your thoughts. NOTE This is not to bash Helix or Line 6, I have been Line 6 customer for many many years
  4. Hi, I try to recreate the Holdsworth 8 delay thing and some other fx. But I can't imagine whether or how it is done with helix. In a video by the awesome Darryl Gabel he walks through creating his holdsworth like sound but with an axe fx ultra. For instance: Is ist possible to Detune the signal -3 cents left and +3 cents right and mix it in? The Axe FX has a 4-Chorus Block wherein you can delay each stereo chorus and pan it. Holdsworth did something like this in the UD Stomp and Magicstomp. The settings are: First 4 Chorus block: 1: 15ms delay, pan 50L (hard left) 2: 20ms delay, pan 40L 3: 25ms delay, pan 30L 4: 30ms delay, pan 20L 5: 35ms delay, pan 20R 6: 40ms delay, pan 30R 7: 45ms delay, pan 40R 8: 50ms delay, pan 50R (hard right) This creates a very thick chorus without the warble. I found no chorus so versatile in the Helix... Any ideas except buying an AXE FX ;) ???
  5. I have been trying so hard to get closer to Mark Holcomb's tone from Periphery but it's so difficult since there are drums, bass and vocals on the same track (Pale Aura) That's why I need someone to record a mono track of 5-6 seconds with a certain preset that I will give him, so I can listen closely to only the guitar and try to dial in the tone in my Pod HD. I can trade with anyone willing to help me some Axe FX's presets I bought (3 tone packs). Thanks in advance!
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