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  1. Oh no, i get you. Should have mentioned im also playing my marshall thru the same monitors as the helix. Pedals and marshall to a torpedo load box with impulse response (same as used on helix). I know all that coloring and dynamics fron the amp have much to do with the whole circuit and pre and power amp tubes. So i guess my question is the axe fx closer to imitating that? I actually owned the boss gt1000 as well, and that ARID system they claim imitates that tube feel actually feels better than helix, but i chose to stick with helix because in a mix it just always outshined the boss in terms of tones and also the interface is a nightmare to work around of.
  2. Hey guys. Not tryna rehash the same old debates, this is a simple question. Anyone in here has owned or owns an Axe Fx 3? In terms of sound, we all know we can create fantastic tones with most modern flagship modelers. The real question here is about the responsiveness of the Fractal stuff. Ive been a helix owner for a while already, and I love all the tones i can get from my rack. Regardless, I went back to buying an amp and pedals because the helix hasn't ever felt like playing thru an amp. It really is a different story. And i don't mean the sounds, i can make my Helix just as fantastic as my Marshall, but, to me, at the moment of playing, no digital modeler has ever felt as nicely responsive, full, and saturated as an amp. Is what many say true? That the Axe Fx provides that 'organic' feel when you play via it?
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