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  1. From what I can tell this is a design flaw. Line 6 mapped the tone control to model changes and when you set the model to a snap shot then change the tone the model changes and whats worse is the snap shot now uses the new model and not the saved one REALLY SUX
  2. Yeah I guess....
  3. Why do IR's 'feel' different, less responsive than the built in cabs? So in attempt to get better tones i started down the path of IR's trying ones from the sigma, OwnHammer and others. ~While they 'can' sound great and more of an end production sound, they do not 'feel as responsive as the built in cabs (comapring examples would be Cali v30 or the Vintage 25 to a similar IR;. I like the way they sound but the 'feel' is rough ie not fluid like the built in cabs.. Do you have the same opinion ? I know i could be trippin but every time i swap back to built in cabs it feels way better (not sound better) and that in turn makes me play better. Are there any better IR solutions that do feel better? More dynamic?
  4. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Its not sooo serious..and in fact its a what ever kind of deal...just thought it was an odd move
  5. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Its legit..it just doesn't fall into the typical reports..
  6. From what I can tell, the Guitar input is affected by the setting input impedance but the VDI I dont hear anything change...in fact i dont think its supposed to
  7. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Yeah i agree, but as its been pointed out the icon button isn't exactly obvious and also its been a SAVE dialog forever and now oh we need to remove that 'save text'for something less obvious...how about a dimm box with no dialog? great idea But sure, eventually even dummies like me figure out thats the 'new and improved' save option. I just thought maybe its some hidden preference...and yeah I miss the 'save' dialog..as it was obvious a change was made..now its not so obvious..
  8. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    what ever...just trying to figure out of the SAVE wording is missed by anyone else @rs2rk exactly
  9. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    For an Uber Guru Phil not exactly impressed
  10. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Hi Phil I know that (duh) but it used to save 'save' now it doesnt and thats kinda annoying Maybe you like it better?
  11. MarkJarvis

    Does anyone else miss the 'save' button?

    Now that the 'save' has been replaced by a weird little box (greys/highlightswhen save option) I wonder if I missed the memo on why this was changed or if its some preference somewhere?
  12. MarkJarvis

    Will we see a new firmware with any major update?

    Cool 2.60!
  13. 'But a more significant effect is the high frequency rolloff that results from high-impedance guitar pickups and the 1/4" cable capacitance' Yeah that about sums its...response is different as well but the high roll back is appreciated in the 1/4 connection
  14. MarkJarvis

    Will we see a new firmware with any major update?

    nope, totally normal..
  15. Why does the vdi cable sound different, meaning worse and a bit less responsive than a 1/4 cable? Have you noticed that? I was using the VDI for along time and finally after frustration with harsh almost dry feel tried the 1/4 and it was much smoother! I tried other Ethernet cables sounds the same as the vdi cable...the 1/4 inch guitar jack sounds well more like a guitar