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  1. Couple quick questions. I’m an avid Hx Stomp user and love it but I found a killer deal on a DT25 and HD400. My question is can I pretty much set everything up using the HDEdit software if I’m using L6 link? I assume the HD takes over the preamp duties and overrides the preamps in the DT? Should I upgrade to FW2.0 on the DT? Do I need any special cables to update? Any other little nuggets of info I should have before buying it? Thanks!!
  2. OK, thanks. That's what I wanted to know. I might be able to make that work. Is there any plans that you know of the implement a wider midi platform? Maybe assignable PC numbers?
  3. I'm midi impaired, somewhat. Does anyone know if I can control my GM Deluxe 40 with the Stomp? Say, making 3 snapshots to control three channels of the amp? Any walkthrough, if possible, would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. That worked! Thanks for the help.
  5. I didn't do a backup, I didn't have any new presets that I made so I didn't think I needed to. I assumed that doing a backup was to save all the customization a person did. My bad!! I'll try what datacommando suggested.
  6. I updated HX Stomp and lost all the preset names. Tried the update again but still no names on any stock presets. All slots just say "New Preset". All the blocks are loaded, just missing the names.
  7. I'm struggling with Native in Reaper, pops, cracks, quick drop outs. Truth be told, I'm not good with setting up a laptop and recording. I was hoping to find an easy, no fuss method for using Native and recording a few tracks. Would Pod Farm be the ticket or am I just looking for something that doesn't exist?
  8. I think the biggest difference between the Fractal and the Helix is the on board cabs. Some like the stock Helix cabs, I think they are OK but when I load my favorite IR's, it's night and day. Keep in mind, the Axe cabs are all third party IR's, so if you prefer IR's to the Helix cabs, you're starting behind the 8 ball right off the bat. I load the BE into the Helix with an OH Marshall Basketweave G12M20 speaker, gain = 7.5, bass = 8.5, mid = 6, treble = 5.5, presence = 4.5, master = 3, and I'm done. It is virtually indistinguishable from a real mic'd BE. Can't get any easier than that.
  9. I think there's a ton left to do within the Helix platform, they just finished Helix Core. If I had to guess, I'd say 4-5 years minimum but I'm nobody.
  10. I think in order to know if the gain structure sounds authentic in the Kemper, go ask the thousands of pro and session players that use it!
  11. I'd say you're better off comparing the models in the Helix to an actual similar mic'd amp, not the Axe. There are winners and losers in every platform. For instance, I love Fractals Plexi's and JCM800's, hate their SLO and BE100. Love Helix's Friedman and SLO, not so much the Plexi's. Turns out those two models, along with a generic Fender clean get's me where I need to be. I'll never use a crunchy Fender, AC anything, DC anything, so that eliminates at least 50% of both modellers amps. Do I care, no, I'd delete them if I could!
  12. Guitar updated and is 100%. It was either interface or cable. Go figure. Thanks L6!!
  13. So I just tried connecting to workbench. The variax connects for a second or two when I power it up and then loses connection. Makes me think there may be something wrong with the guitar or the path from guitar to computer. What should happen when I plug a 1/4” into the input? Should the modelling knob light up? It doesn’t.
  14. OK. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything but maybe I missed something. I have an acer core i3 running windows 7. Clear colour interface, hooked everything up, installed battery and inserted 1/4”, open monkey, all drivers and USB are up to date, 2.23 shows up as an update so I select, about 20% through update it freezes and I get the dreaded 8000900c code. I’ve tried 3 different usb cables, 3 different Ethernet cables, all 3 ports on my laptop, I deleted norton, battery fully charged, and even tried different laptop, nada! My guitar is on Fw 1.71. Just for kicks I tried to roll back to 1.70 but the same thing happened. I logged a ticket today but they say could be three days to get a reply. I’m inpatient and hoping someone else has figured this out. Thanks.
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