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  1. I try to! Mostly a metal head, So I don’t play like a normal worship guitarist. I don’t noodle near as much, I try to keep the music sounding full but give it room to breathe when it needs to.
  2. Their presets have been invaluable for playing with the worship team at church. I tweak them, but they save me so much time. I could just load them in and go on a Sunday morning with no tweaks if I wanted. A lot of worships guys have been going through this boutique snob thing for a while but, I’ve been seeing more and more looking into or going with platforms like the Helix and for good reason. I can carry my LT in a bag On my back, guitar in hand, in ears in my pocket... done!
  3. Thank you for the reply. I think I agree wholeheartedly with you. I’ve purchased a couple of individual presets from Worship Tutorials but mostly for the fx and they were only like 2.99 a piece. Ive had my Helix for a couple of years now and I still struggle with it, for me it’s not the tone as much as the distortion and feel. My Axe FX feels like you’re playing the real thing and the way the amp breaks up and the overall distortion/gain structure is like the real amp, I feel that is missing in the Helix, along with realistic sustain, and clarity and note separation (same thing I know) of the real amps. If there was an update that addressed that and improved it I’d be Helix all the way!
  4. So I was looking through some Helix related stuff, til now I’ve not considered Helix a viable option for quality recording, but lately I’ve been pondering selling my Axe FX and going the vst route. I’ve had Helix + Native for a couple of years now, and keep seeing people that are selling “Helix Preset Packs” for example the ML Plexi pack. Other than the IR, what can they really offer that makes the price worth it? With the Axe FX is can get it because Tone Matching and advanced parameters but the Helix has neither.
  5. shawnt113

    IR’s for Bass

    Redwirez were the first guitar IR’s I ever used so I may check them out.
  6. shawnt113

    IR’s for Bass

    I’ve been searching and come across some free IR’s I am going to try. Have you checked out the Torpedo Wall of sound? It seems to have some cool features like poweramp and room simulation and to get the license you just gotta buy 1 IR which I think is around $8us.
  7. shawnt113

    IR’s for Bass

    Hey all, what are you guys using as Impulse Responses for Bass? I have Redwirez, Ownhammer and more for guitar, I’m thinking that ML is going to be my go to for guitars moving forward, the quality of Mikko (the plug in and the guy) just can’t be beat, I wish he made a bass IR or 2.
  8. @datacommando I finally got the chance to mess with this preset yesterday. I know it’s been a while. So here’s what I got to say: 1- Thank you for taking the time to put it together, that was super awesome of you. 2-YOU ARE THE MAN! It’s doing just what I want it to do for bass. I threw it on a bounce of the bass, added a stereo widener then bounced it to its own track. Then blended it with the Un-effected track. BAM!!! 3- Did I mention YOU'RE THE MAN!?!? Thank you very much!
  9. I want to be able to go up also because most of my guitars are tuned 1/2 and 1 whole step down. The only time I play standard is in church or the random jams with people in standard.
  10. Hey all... I am looking into getting a pedal to simulate retuning of a guitar. I could only see me doing 1/2 step up or down maybe 1 whole step at most. I have a patch on my Helix that does this, but it's a little glitchy so I want something to be more stable. I've read on several of them, I thought I was going to go for the Digitech Ricochet but it will not do 1/2, its 2nd is a major second (whole step). Has anyone used a pedal to do this? If so what has been your experience?
  11. Thank you, I’m gonna check it out. I only recently became aware that I’m even interested after watching a video with Rick Beato where he was discussing using that preset gently on the distorted bass track to give it a little character and movement. Since I've also heard it’s great on backing vocals.
  12. Anyone here have experience with the Symphonic preset from the Yamaha SPX90? If so, any way to replicate that in Helix native? thanks guys!
  13. Check out this Rig Rundown, at 17:22 Jake E Lee kicks in an effect with a killer swell that gives that reverse vibe. I don’t care for the Octave or the Fuzz, just want that swell effect. Anyone been able to do something like this?
  14. Over half of the IR’s in the Axe (II) are FAS made cabs, though there are quite a few 3rd party ones. That being said, I really only use 3rd party IR’s with either my Helix LT, Native or Axe FX. You are certainly right that they make a night and day difference. Also, I want to add that FAS just released(as in last night) a Beta fw to get the II’s amp modeling as close as possible to the III’s. I didn’t get much time with it, but I can say for sure the Mesa MKII C+ sounds quite a bit more alive now. I still think I need to dive into The Helix more to see if I am just approaching it wrong.
  15. I get what you’re saying, I guess one of the reasons I compare to my Axe Fx is because all that I have been able to compare my AF2 in real life (with the exception of a couple one being the Bogner Shiva) are pretty darn impressively close, so it seems like a good point of reference. I can get good tones out of the Helix, but it does take a lot more work that with the Axe, especially when I am using Helix Native, part of I think could be how I am running my guitar into my Scarlet 18i8, right now I am in the preproduction phase of recording an album and about to start really digging in to how I am going to track guitars, maybe I will have some break through in this process. My current plan is to record DI tracks and reamp through my Axe FX though it’s not as convenient by a long shot. I very well may end up using Native for effects, especially since I can automate.
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