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  1. I am not sure if this is the beat place but my wish is for a stand alone pitch pedal from Line 6. I find between my Drop pedal, Pitchfork, Helix Pedals the Helix sounds best. I would love to have a stand alone option. To save CPU on my a helix or fm9
  2. I am too lazy to watch the whole thing, what time in the video does it happen?
  3. Is it possible to purchase a new transmitter for my Relay G50 unit to the newer designs of transmitter that uses the 1/4” jack as opposed to the TA4F connection? I keep breaking those connections or cables.
  4. Hi all, here is something I am trying to accomplish with my Helix LT but I am not sure if it can be done. Some really cool peeps have tried to help me on the FB group to no avail. I currently have my Helix set up to where I can Select a preset, hit the mode button and the preset opens up to where I can use both snapshots and stomps on FS2-5 & FS 8-11. What I would like to be able to do is set it up to when in Normal Mode I can use FS 1 & 7 to scroll banks up and down as I can now, but when in a preset and selecting the mode to open it up I would like to be able to use FS1 & 7(up/down) to select stomps and/or scenes. This would help tremendously and almost give me all of the flexibility I really need.
  5. I never said the Helix sucks. I said, truthfully so, that the amp distortion modeling needs improvement. I also never said it sounds “THAT” bad, I did however say that the amp distortion modeling is not in the same league as the Axe FX, also saying that I notice it most when I go back to the Axe FX from the Helix. If I never had an Axe Fx then maybe I wouldn’t k is better but I do and I do.
  6. I am running 3.0 When I say dark I should have clarified, its not the overall tone of the Helix but its the tone and behavior of the Drive/Break up or virtual input, like the input is too dark or something, its almost like the same effect when you take a Mesa Mark series and turn up the bass knob. . Its hard to explain really, it got a little better once I messed with the impendence settings but only a little better. As for real world amps I have reference to from in person quality experience: 5150, JCM 800, Diezel VH4, Uberschall, Shiva (which no one has gotten that one right), Dual Rec, Soldano (though limited and a while since). These are the ones that from experience I feel need attention in the way the amps distort. I get what you are saying and you are right that our opinions are subjective but there is still something about the way Helix does amp distortion and Fractal does that aren't in the same league. Its just not close, I notice it most when I go back to the Axe fx from playing the Helix, and when it comes to Native, forget about it.The Line 6 Helix algorithms for amp distortion both pre and power just aren't as realistic as Fractal Audio. I also get what its like to have a vested interest in wanting your gear to stand up, I would LOVE the Helix to be good enough for me to sell my Axe Fx II while I still could get some money out of it, while its sufficient for live use, especially given the floor units convenience when it comes to recording, its just not. I know more than a fair share of Youtubers who highlight both units that privately admit that the while the Helix is great kit, its not on the same level as the Axe Fx. I am pretty sure by how you worded your original reply you are going to come out swinging but I am not looking a fight, I am just being honest, so anything I am saying that is contrary is with respect. I can speak on this matter as I have the first hand experience with both, and if anything, my bias leans towards the Helix because I WANT it to replace the Axe Fx, and I have owned and still do many L6 pieces of gear since 2001 and on so L6 has a special place in my heart. The last thing I would say about your take on subjective, math, DSP etc is that by your rationale A.I. music mastering should be as good as if not better than tracks mastered my mastering engineers with training, experience and the right room. I think we can all agree that is not the case.
  7. What I would love to see in the Helix is improvement to the amp modeling. I feel the amps are a little dark but aside from that the overall “tone” tones are close (enough), but where they really could use some attention is the characteristics of how the amp breaks up. I know I’ll take some heat for this but the amp breakup isn’t there, it’s not the same as the real world amps I’ve had experience with and it doesn’t compete with my Axe Fx II which is now a legacy product. I really think this is something that keeps the Helix from being in then next tier of modeling units.
  8. Well that IS the name of the game there right? :) But seriously DSP is exactly why I am looking for an external solution.
  9. You’re right. It’s the inability to go up that also turned me off. The Ricochet is the pedal that won’t do 1/2 steps but will go up or down (polyphonically ai believe). The Whammy DT will do both but damn it’s pricey (if you don’t need the whammy) and the worse part it’s big . I wish it was in the standard Whammy footprint.
  10. The name on it doesn’t matter. I had said further up that the reason I didn’t go with the Drop is because I need to be able to go up as well as down, and to my knowledge you cannot do 1/2 steps with the Drop. While the full step would also come in handy I think the inability to do 1/2 steps is the deal breaker.
  11. DSP hogging is the reason I’d like a stand-alone pedal. But I am excited about the prospect. I wouldn’t even worry about it if Digitech made a pedal that could go up or down 1/2 and whole steps. The Pitchfork does it but like I had said it ads this weird “thing” to the tone, almost like a metallic 10ms reverb, but kinda akin to the old Variax Resonator or Banjo sounds. It’s hard to explain.
  12. I also posted this in the stomp section but thought I would post here also. I think it would be awesome for L6 to make a pedal to rival the EHX Pitchfork, Digitech drop etc... I already use the pitch shifter in the Helix LT to detune my guitar up or down 1/2 step. Its not perfect, it can be a bit artifacty but its not horrible, and gets me through in a pinch. I hear the digitech drop is about the best for this but I need to ne able to go up or down by 1/2 step increments so I tried the EHX Pitchfork. Its ok but adds a weird resonance to the tone like the resonator on my old variax 300. As well as the Helix does I'd think a dedicated pedal could probably nail it.
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