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  1. Nope. Ok, I won't suggest it.... I'll just flat- out say it: 1) This has nothing to do with gear, no matter how expensive, and 2) You have no choice in the matter... volume affects tone, and you must dial in your tones at the volume at which you intend to use them, or chaos will ensure every time you turn up or down significantly. Period. The perceived loudness of different frequency ranges varies tremendously with volume. Google "Fletcher-Munson curve" if you really want to drown yourself in the nitty gritty. It's just how our brains work, so unless you can rewire your head to deal differently with sound, there's nothing to be done. There is no device, algorithm, or protocol that can undo the biology. It's not about anything that the amp or modeler is or isn't doing... it's about how you qualitatively perceive the end result. The problem is... quite literally... all in your head. It's the same for all of us.
  2. We've had it for months now. See above. Check for updates once in a while. Especially pre-rant. Righteous indignation is a stinky cologne when you're abysmally uniformed and have no idea what's going on. Well "tacky"or not, it was the only viable option until recently. Life's rough... No, it's not ignorant...nor is it a waste of time to suggest viable solutions to a problem. What's ignorant is refusing to acknowledge the limitations of a device simply because you've decided that it should be something other than what it is (or in this case, was), based merely on the price tag. No one box can do everything under the sun equally well... life just isn't that neat and tidy. And like it or not, no matter how emotionally or financially upsetting you find it to be, sometimes the answer is "you have to buy something else". Pretending otherwise accomplishes nothing but forcing you to tread water with the same problem... which by the way, tends to be rather difficult with a giant chip on your shoulder. But it's a moot point now anyway. Update to 3.1 and you can polytune to your heart's content. And if you can manage to allow your 5 year snit to come to an end, perhaps you'll start to feel like you've finally gotten your money's worth. Bon voyáge!
  3. This is just my two cents, and perhaps I'm a bit cynical...but I don't care what they told him, or if they provided a written attestation, complete with the official wax seal of the High Exalted Mystic Cyclops of Wireless Repair...No business on earth is gonna pay somebody to sit in a chair and noodle for 12 hours to see how long it takes a battery to die. Say that out loud and try not to laugh, lol... I'm having trouble typing through the tears...obviously there's no way to confirm or deny it, but if there were I'd be comfortable betting every cent I have that it did not happen, lol.
  4. I'm not saying you don't have a legitimate gripe... but you know as well as I do that posting about it in here isn't gonna rattle anybody's cage, because they're never gonna see it. Open a new ticket every day until somebody responds to you... eventually that will get noticed, and sooner or later you'll get a response, if for no other reason than wanting to get rid of you. Squeaky wheel gets the grease...
  5. I've seen countless things complained about around here over the years... Why didn't the update have this?!?!?!?! Why didn't it they fix that?!?!?!?! How come nobody at Line 6 cares about my personal wish list?!?!?!?! But I honestly never thought I'd see the day when whining about the updates' numerical designations would become a thing... who cares if they call the next one the "Fred" update? With such "critical" things rattling around in your head, how do you find time to play? ;)
  6. Any volunteers to create a demo of crackling, dusty vinyl? ;)
  7. Agreed. Even if there is, I'm not sure I'd pull the trigger again unless there's really a quantum leap with the tech.
  8. 1) Ideascale is where feature requests need to go...it'll never get seen in here. 2) Don't hold your breath... it's a decade- old product line that hasn't seen an update in years. Development clearly ceased some time ago...
  9. Here's the Variax bottom line everybody... you either get a good one that's relatively problem free (aside from inherent modeling limitations that they all share), or you get a "clang-er". And like it or not, part of it is user-dependent... tone, technique, etc etc. They're simply not for everybody. If we're all super lucky, future iterations/algorithms might solve some of these problems... till then, as impressive as they are, there are issues that will make them largely unusable for certain players. 10+ years in, that much is obvious. Is what it is...
  10. The odds are basically zero that any patch created by somebody else will just happen to have the same output level as a factory preset, or ones you've dialed in yourself. Hell, you could build two patches of your own, one right after the other, tweaking until they're both "just right", and it's a virtual certainty that one will be louder than the other when you're done...
  11. This has been talked and experimented to death for the last decade. Having followed these conversations for some time, here are the "Cliff Notes" (now I'm showing my age, lol): 1) Some guitars do it and some don't... don't ask me why. Either nobody knows, or those who do ain't talkin'. 2)What you play and how you play it often factor heavily in whether or not you'll notice a problem, and to what degree. 3) For those instruments that do have symptoms, there's little to nothing that can been done about it. You will find lots of homespun "cures" posted, alleging that it has solved or at least mitigated the problem, but none have proven to be universally effective. 4) 99.97% of the time, high gain tones make it worse... and since you bought the shred-mobile version, I'm guessing this will give you extra grief. 5) You can't EQ it away... at least not entirely, without compromising your overall sound to some extent. You might get a slight improvement with a really narrow Q at the right frequency, but it won't be a cure-all, particularly if the symptoms are as noticable as you've described. and most importantly... 6) If a universal fix were possible, we'd have had it years ago... even Line 6 gave up on it at some point, publicly announcing on this forum that they would not be devoting any more resources to the issue. If you're noticing it with the slightest touch of a pick, then the odds of seeing any substantial improvement aren't terribly good. Send it back before you get stuck with it... unless of course you're in love with the mag pickups and how she plays. I have the 69, and despite the modeling's shortcomings, I quite like the neck single coil, and the bridge humbucker is more than adequate for most crunch duties.
  12. Yeah... this has nothing to do with Helix, or impedance settings. He's already ruled it out with another instrument that is working properly. If there's absolutely no discernable difference switching between pickups, then there ain't no switching happening, lol
  13. Well that rules out the Helix as the cause then...the selector switch on that guitar is not functioning properly. It ain't switching anything...
  14. Whether you accept it or not, the simple fact is that there's nothing to "fix". It's quieter than other patches because it is fundamentally different...there is no amp model boosting the output. So if you want this patch to have the same output as the others you'll have to boost it somewhere, whether you want to or not. Different blocks do varous things to the signal along the way. The inevitable result is a bunch of patches that are not balanced by default... it's unavoidable. That's why the ability to boost (or cut) at the output block (or just about anywhere else along the way, for that matter) exists in the first place. There's nothing "wrong"with the patch... it's just different from the others, and is behaving accordingly. It's the exact same problem that you'd have when creating patches using two very different amp models... some are just inherently louder than others, even if you set the "channel volume" parameters to the same value. The solution? Use the output block to level everything out.... that's not "papering over the cracks".... it's using a tool to accomplish a task precisely as it was meant to. Likewise, there's nothing to avoid in the future, because you've made no "mistakes", and the device is not malfunctioning. Practically every block gives you the ability to boost or cut the output level... so boost it wherever it makes you happy if you really don't want to touch the output block. But in the end, if you want a usable patch, you don't have much choice.
  15. Best topic-drift thread ever! lmao..
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