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  1. I know you don't want to, but if you're switching to a different patch anyway, the path of least resistance is to just use the input block to switch to the mags. I find that the Variax, strange animal that it is, really requires it's own bank of patches anyway....I've never had much luck using a patch dialed in with the JTV with any other guitars. Plus, there's so much storage space in Helix, keeping a handful of patches specifically for use with the Variax isn't really a big deal. What you can also do, instead of switching to a separate patch, is run 2 separate paths, one with the input set to "multi", and the other to "Variax mags"... then use snapshots, or the expression pedal to toggle between them. I have several set up this way, with one path for the acoustic models, and the other for the mags... but you could also have two identical paths, except for the input block. Leave one on "multi", and the other on "Variax mags", and you should be able to use that patch with any guitar you want.
  2. Can't get tone dialed in. HELP!

    Don't want to rain on your parade, but 3 days of working with the POD is just barely scratching the surface. Most of us spent weeks, if not a couple of months at the beginning, experimenting with amp/cab/ mic combinations until we hit on what works for us.... it really isn't a "plug and play" device. And if you do nothing else, ditch Customtone and anybody who wants you to pay for their patches.... it never works. With no idea what other components were in the rig of whomever created a given patch, the guitar, the monitoring method used, etc etc... it's virtually impossible to take anybody else's patch and have it be useful without extensive tweaking. As for tips... if you know what kind of gear the artists you mention use, you can start with the same, or similar models in the POD. The rest is listening and turning knobs until you hear the sound you've got in your head. Shortcuts don't really exist, and the experimental phase is unavoidable....but 3 days is a drop in the bucket. It takes time.
  3. Nothing "has" to be forthcoming. The fact that some consider the default behavior suboptimal, doesn't mean that L6 regards it as a defect or a bug... if they change it, they'd just be trading one group of pi$$ed users for another, who currently like the fuzzes the way they are.
  4. Only 128 Impulse Response Presets?

    So NOT the point...lol You mentioned this guy's tendency to comment on things like the amperage of an LED on the front panel, and it's effect on an amp's tone, which is a dubious assertion at best... My battery rant was just an example of a similar kind of claim, often made by these "golden eared" types, who think that they can tell what a mouse had for lunch by listening to it fart.

    Well that's quite the opening salvo... Are you serious? "Any rig", "anything but the best"? Pray tell...what exactly does "best" mean? And who's needs, wants, and desires shall be the template for such "optimization"? You? Chet Atkins? Slash? The guy next door who listens to nothing but Slayer? What's "optimal" for me, probably won't be for you, which is precisely why no such mystical tome has been published, and isn't likely forthcoming. If you want something other than vague answers, you'll have to provide some sort of clue as to what you're trying to achieve, rather than just complaining that you can't manage to match the tone in some YouTube video... And by the way, you've already seen the "proof" that the sounds are achievable. It's right there in the videos that you're trying to mimic.
  6. what are you using the pre blocks for?

    Like everything else discussed around here, this is all subjective, and I have no interest in getting into a debate over the Gospel According To Joe Famous, and the legendary genesis of his "unique tone". I'm sure lots of weird things have been done in pursuit of sonic "magic" over the years...I recall an apocryphal story about EVH wiring some amp to a dimmer switch in his kitchen, don't ask me why. I like his "brown sound" as much as the next guy, but I'm not going down that road either. And perhaps everybody but me has done it, but I've never actually seen anybody dump a Marshall into a Fender, or vice versa. I've seen plenty of guys use a dual mono box to feed the same signal to two amps at the same time and run them in stereo... but a daisy chain? Never seen it done, and I can practically hear the noise and hiss from here. If it's old news to everybody but me, so be it...I have no monopoly on wisdom. However, it just seems like a whole lot more trouble than it's worth. Do what you like, though...I was merely stating an opinion.
  7. podhd500 with fender blues junior amp

    2+ years later? Nahhhhhhhh...;)
  8. Only 128 Impulse Response Presets?

    "And I can get the last olive out of a jar with one finger, and leave the pimento behind" - Hawkeye Pierce ...;) For all I know he's the nicest guy in the world, but I have trouble with the "I can tell if there's an Energizer or Duracell 9V in my Tube Screamer, even with 9 other FX pedals running" proclamations. Just doesn't pass the sniff test, imho. Maybe it's me... lol
  9. what are you using the pre blocks for?

    Stuffing a Corvette engine into a Ford Festiva doesn't make it a sports car...;) Yes, in the modeling world, we can theoretically do just about anything....and if that works for you, then have at it. But if I want a Fender Twin sound, then I want a Fender Twin sound....don't see much point in front-loading it with a Marshall.
  10. Variax Standard Charger LED Decoder

    No...won't matter one way or the other. Though you should probably charge it periodically, otherwise it'll eventually just be a paperweight. Can't help you with the charger question. I loathe relying on batteries for anything, and never really used it. Frankly, at this point I don't even know where the damn thing is... and wherever it currently resides, it's probably stone-dead, lol. Always powered my JTV with the POD, and now Helix.
  11. what are you using the pre blocks for?

    Never mind...I thought you were referring to using, for example, one of the Marshall preamp-only models in front of another full-amp model....that's gonna get ugly. The studio preamps are another story. But honestly, I've never found the need to use those with other amp models.... with Variax acoustic models, where I have no other amp model in the chain, yes. But that's all I've ever used them for.
  12. Powercab IRs

    You can if the IR is in the Helix patch (or some other modeler) , with the Powercab in flat mode, also with an IR loaded. You probably wouldn't want to, as daisy chaining 2 IR's together is redundant, and would likely sound like boiled a$$... but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't possible to set things up that way. It's just ill-advised...
  13. what are you using the pre blocks for?

    If you're using a power amp and cabinet, or slaving a head for power, there's no technical "need" to use an amp model that incorporates a modeled power section, as you've got a real one... though you certainly can if you choose. Whether or not you prefer the full amp vs. pre-amp only models, is just a matter of personal preference. As for daisy chaining 2 amp models together, whether they're pre-amp or full amp models... that's never gonna work.
  14. Acoustic models work just fine for me on my 69... try it out first. Only one way to tell.