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  1. cruisinon2

    Helix 2.9

    Well you know what they say... wish in one hand and $hit in the other, see which one fills up first...;)
  2. Well the jury is still out on my replacement unit... haven't fully tested total battery life yet... but I have a suspicion that this is what it's gonna gonna come down to.
  3. This is a given. Lawyers demanded a "fix" before some genius burned his house down plugging his transmitter in to charge and then leaving town for a week. The old firmware ain't coming back. I could be wrong (actually, I hope I'm wrong) but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.
  4. cruisinon2

    Helix 2.9

    Since we're all wearing gloves, I think L6 should donate a free JTV to the first guy who volunteers to hold the rope. A little positive PR for the Relay G10S firmware mess...;)
  5. Good luck finding the old firmware... but should you accomplish the impossible, I'll take a copy. This "fix"is... well let's just call it "underwhelming".
  6. Ok, I'll start with the good... Line 6 customer service continues to be excellent. After opening a ticket for the sudden extremely diminished battery life following the firmware update, they replaced my entire unit with absolutely no fuss, and it was shipped pretty quickly, especially given that the world is currently upside down. I was only expecting a new transmitter, but they replaced the whole thing, base unit and all. The handful of times I've had to deal with warranty issues over the years, L6 has always done the right thing and taken care of my concerns, and this time was no exception. Job well done. Now for the not so good... after charging the new transmitter fully, I played for about 75 or 80 minutes, at which point only 1 green bar remained on the display. This is slightly longer than the old transmitter, but still nothing close to the performance I used to get with the old one before the firmware update, when all three battery lights would remain lit for 2+ hours on a full charge, and total playing time was 6 to 6.5 hours. I'll continue to experiment with it over the next couple of days and see what kind of total playing time I get, but based on the indicated rate of discharge, I will be amazed if I get the 6+ hours I've been accustomed to, and certainly not anywhere near the 8 hours advertised. No idea why, but the new firmware has torpedoed how this unit functions, as neither unit behaves as my original one did for more than a year. I hate batteries...
  7. For me the reduction in battery life was immediate and dramatic... and my transmitter was fully charged immediately prior to doing the update, so any changes the firmware made to charging capacity should not have been a factor, yet the battery life was significantly reduced anyway, and with subsequent recharging and use, it's only gotten worse... down to 1 green bar in less than an hour of playing. It used to take more than two hours for the first bar to disappear. The unit is just barely a year old, and there's no way that I'm anywhere near the battery's advertised number of charging cycles. Something in that firmware screwed the pooch... what I have no idea. My replacement is due to arrive today, so I'll see if there's any significant improvement... if not, then I'll be looking at some other system. Which would be a shame because I like the form factor, and it works great, no dropouts or interference problems... but from 6+ hrs of battery life down to 2-2.5 hrs, literally overnight, makes it pretty much useless. I've never seen any other device with a rechargeable battery display that degree of decreased capacity/performance from one day to the next... it just doesn't happen. It's incremental and gradual over extended periods of time.
  8. There are a thousand ways to avoid this problem without waiting for L6 to hand you a "Pay attention a$$hole!" feature...;) Just set a timer on your phone for whatever interval you see fit... when it rings, save the patch and reset the timer...lather, rinse, repeat. A 3 second interruption, tops.
  9. No, you cannot buy the main board separately, from L6 or anybody else... and even if you could, you'd probably end up spending more money one piece at a time than just buying the damn guitar. Besides, these guitars get goofy easily...you're not likely to have much luck trying to cobble together your own version from individually acquired parts, and actually have the finished product work properly. Hell, the factory ones can have weird issues out of the box, and/or develop them along the way. Not to mention the fact that whatever guitar body you intend to stuff everything in, will require major surgery. You'll have to rout out an additional cavity to house the additional electronics... the main board isn't small and the 69 and 89 have an additional board mounted to the sustain block under the bridge. This is where leads from the piezo pickups connect. Used ones aren't hard to find... they're all over Ebay, and you'll save yourself a ton of grief.
  10. That's the one thing I'm certain they won't do... the lawyers will never allow it. Nevermind that the number of overheated batteries represented some infinitesimally small percentage of the total units in the wild...they'll never risk the liability.
  11. A bigger problem will be keeping his guitar in tune and feeling his fingers after the first 15 minutes...outdoor gigs suck in the cold. 3 C° might not be terribly frigid for wandering around with your hands in your pockets, but for gigging it blows. Been there, done that...no more for me, lol
  12. Well I have no way of knowing it this is the case or not, but I really hope it's something else... an "oops" that nobody thought of... because if all they did was limit the charging capacity, then it's the most pathetic "fix" to a problem in all of recorded history.
  13. I'm in the same boat... but with the world coming apart at the seams, and a music gear manufacturer hardly considered an "essential service", my guess is there's a skeleton crew at the L6 mothership, if there's anyone there at all. I'm not expecting an answer anytime soon. Then again, with all the bars, restaurants, and catering joints closed until God knows when, it hardly matters... I have no idea when my next gig will be.
  14. You don't mention an OS, but if you're a Mac guy you should already have GarageBand, which is a very capable DAW. It has plenty of baked in effects and EQ options, has worked with every plug-in I've tried to use with it, and is stupid easy to navigate (which is definitely not the case for some others I've seen), which for a novice is not a bad thing. ProTools it ain't, but for getting your feet wet it's more than sufficient.
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