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  1. Load in a bunch and audition them one by one. Eventually you'll figure out what mic and position combinations you tend to gravitate towards, but until then there's nothing to do but go down the list one at a time. Yes, it's tedious and time consuming initially. Once you get familiar with a few that you like, you'll be able to weed out much of what's supplied in the typical IR package without having to try them all. Yes...you're limited to 128 slots. So if you intend to try out more than that, obviously they can't all be loaded at once. While I'm sure there is somebody out there who's pi$$ed because 128 IR slots just isn't enough, realistically you will end up with only a handful that you like and use regularly. Put them in whatever slots you see fit, rename them if you want as the file names they come with are often obtuse and difficult to decipher until you get used to it. But whether or not the remaining slots are filled with ones you'll never use, is really neither here nor there. There are a dozens of factory presets in at least two set lists that I never use, or even look at for that matter... but there they sit. Who cares? Use what you use, organize it in whatever way makes sense to you, and ignore the rest.
  2. cruisinon2

    Helix 2.9

    This is cool...I can see it being useful for short fills for which you'd otherwise be switching to your lead snapshot for a couple of bars, then back again. One press instead of two... cuts the tap dancing in half.
  3. Nobody knows. There have been multiple "Where are they?!?!" threads over the last several months from all over, including customers trying to buy from retailers here in the US. Explanations are likewise all over the map... everything from "shipping bottlenecks" (a tidy, official sounding explanation, but with no real definition thus it can't be argued), to tariffs, customs delays, sun spot activity, and the shrinking polar ice caps. The bull$hit will vary depending on whom you ask. Whatever you do, don't believe what your retailer is telling you... they haven't the faintest idea. Plus, they already have your money, so they don't care. They will feed you anything that sounds plausible so you'll get off the phone and out of their hair.
  4. cruisinon2

    Helix 2.9

    It should... but I'll bet you twenty bucks that it won't. Instead, prepare for gripping about how the new meters are the wrong color, in the wrong place, not big enough and you can't see them if you're standing up and looking down at the unit, or they don't spit out the same number as some outboard meter and therefore aren't "accurate". It won't end here... it never does. Whining is eternal, lol.
  5. cruisinon2

    Helix 2.9

    Lol... Instead we'll be subjected to endless philosophical debates regarding what "soon" means, and whether or not "soon" has in fact already come and gone... can't wait! ;)
  6. cruisinon2

    Volume Knob

    Well when it happens with the volume knob on a guitar it's because the hot and ground wires on the pot are backwards... I'm gonna assume it's a similar problem.
  7. Everything in business is calculated. There's always a plan, and it's all about numbers and a demographic target...they will sell far more of these boxes to players who either don't have, or have never even heard of a Variax, than those who do. They wanted back into the sub-$500 price point, and every extra piece of hardware you stick in there drives up the cost. They're clearly betting that many (if not most) Variax owners also own something from the Helix family already, and wouldn't be looking at this thing in the first place. And for the most part, I bet they're right.
  8. If "The Final Countdown"- style bombastic arena-rock were still a thing, "Cortex Thunder" would be a great band name...;)
  9. Airbag? Custom orthotics? Deed to a sod farm? I love NAMM week, lol
  10. That'll be the day, lol...;)
  11. I get that people like having options to choose from, but how many times can you keep stuffing the same sounds into a different box? Aesthetics aside, there doesn't seem to be anything new here.
  12. A conundrum for anyone in a TFN tribute band, then... but the rest of the guitar playing world will remain relatively unscathed, I should think...;)
  13. This. You can have up to 8 snapshots per patch...I don't think the song has been written that would require more than 8 distinct tone/FX combinations.
  14. First of all, I was just goofing around, hence the smiley face. Second, unless he actually returns to the thread to clarify, we'll never know... but that's hardly a justification for leaping to the conclusion that what he really wants is for the "delete" function to create a singularity and swallow the entire planet. If I'm wrong, so be it... but I'm pretty sure he just wants an empty slot without having to delete each individual block. Perhaps he doesn't realize he can clear all the blocks away at once.... who knows. Either way, it's a bit of a stretch to assume from his one sentence request that he wants input and output blocks to vanish as well, or that he'd like the next patch to magically take the place of the deleted one. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear hoof beats, I think "horse"... not "zebra". Regardless, twenty bucks says it's a moot point anyway, and the OP doesn't come back to address it either way.
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