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  1. cruisinon2

    Latest Firmware Sticky

    It got stuck...;)
  2. cruisinon2

    HELP! Accidentally imported a patch over my main one!

    This is what backups are for...
  3. cruisinon2

    Is variax dead?

    Unfortunately, that's as close to the truth as you're ever going to get. In retail environments, everything is "unknown"...
  4. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording

    How are you monitoring what you're recording? A patch that you've tweaked for use through as guitar amp will likely need considerable re-working if you want to listen with headphones or studio monitors. Also, if you have direct monitoring turned on in the DAW, then you'll be hearing the direct guitar signal from Helix along with the channel output from Garage Band piggybacked on top... the result is a distant/mushy, almost chorus-ed effect.
  5. cruisinon2

    Restoring Original Helix HX Factory Presets

    That's all there is, there ain't no more. The rest are user set lists. Fill em up...
  6. cruisinon2

    OSX Catalina and HX Stomp

    Amen to that... Early adopter = guinea pig. Life has enough headaches as it is. No need to punch yourself in the nuts....;)
  7. cruisinon2

    Variax Guitars are no longer available in Germany

    Unfortunately, trying to get anything that even vaguely resembles correct info from a retailer is utterly futile. Half the time they can't even tell what is or isn't already in the building, never mind when "item X" might theoretically show up. The drone that you get on the other end of the phone is just parroting what some inventory control program spits out. Treating that as actionable information is as useless as asking for a weather forecast for a year from next Tuesday. "It'll get there when it gets there" is the the only truth you're gonna find.
  8. cruisinon2

    Digital distortion

    Theoretically, you could be clipping at any point in the signal chain. Without knowing what else is in your rig, what you're monitoring with, and what individual blocks you have in the patch, it's gonna be difficult for anyone to help you. Without more info, the best anyone can suggest is turning off blocks one at a time to see if the symptom goes away... might help to narrow down where it's coming from. Once you find the culprit (if there is one), most, if not all FX blocks will have an adjustable output parameter.
  9. cruisinon2

    Helix LT- is exp. pedal still an issue?

    And even if the above weren't true, you can never tell how long a unit has sat in a retailer's inventory before it makes it's way to your living room. The truth is a handful of those the defective units might still be getting sold 3 years from now... that's why they've extended the warranty on this particular issue forever. Regardless, if you want one, buy one... if you let the possibility of getting a bum unit affect your decision, you'll never buy anything. Every product on earth has it's batch of lemons.
  10. cruisinon2

    Possible to Change Block from Mono to Stereo and Keep Parameters?

    Nope. When you call up a different block, it'll always reset to whatever the default setting are. Is what it is...
  11. cruisinon2

    Best single all-purpose amp model?

    Why is the rum gone?!?
  12. cruisinon2

    Helix strobe tuner accuracy in cents

    Indeed, lol...Obsessing over tuner specs is a waste of time, as they're little more than advertising fodder. Anyone claiming to be able to hear the difference between a few tenths, or hundredths of a cent (which is even more ridiculous) is one of two things: 1) A terminator sent to destroy us all. 2) Delusional.
  13. cruisinon2

    Preset's name dont stay

    Is this happening to just one patch, saved in one particular slot? Can you rename and save other patches successfully in other locations? If so, then I suspect it's just a corrupt patch. It happens... computers do weird $hit. If it occurs with multiple patches saved in multiple locations, then there's something else going on. In that case you could try reloading the firmware. If that doesn't help, then it's service ticket time.
  14. cruisinon2

    HX Effects

    You need to post this in the Helix forum... nobody will see it in here.
  15. cruisinon2

    input level calibration?

    No, but for the life of me I don't know why you'd want that anyway. There are hot pickups, low output pickups, and everything in between... and that's part of what distinguishes one axe from another. If you eliminate that from the equation, and every guitar you pick up hits the amp exactly the same way, it sterilizes things.