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  1. Let me save you the suspense... it's a virtual certainty that there will never be one box from any manufacturer, that perfectly emulates everything under the sun, yielding 132% satisfaction for every guitarist on earth. So stop waiting for it, 'cause it ain't coming. If there's something that you need/ want that isn't already in there... wait for it... GO BUY IT. You'll never get everything from one source... life simply isn't that neat and tidy. Or keep waiting and crossing your fingers. Trouble is, that often ends in disappointment...
  2. cruisinon2


    I just love passive- aggressiveness... the OP drops by to vomit uninformed vitriol, whining about the lack of a feature that's been acknowledged to be in the pipeline for some time. And after being so informed, he vanishes like a fart in the wind. Never gets old...;)
  3. This is it, folks... practically every block has a level control, and whether you choose to boost by 3 dB in the IR block, or output block, EQ block, etc etc, makes no difference. 3 dB is 3 dB no matter where it's coming from, and any perceived tonal change is simply due to the fact that you've made yourself louder.
  4. "Coming soon" is the closest thing to an ETA that you'll ever get from L6... that's just how they roll. Feel free to use any interpretation of "soon" that you like, but what it really means is "coming eventually"... ;)
  5. If it makes you feel any better, I spent $1500 on Helix floor... at today's exchange rate that's almost 3 "bombs", and my IR's weren't free either. Welcome to life.... Or just use the stock cabs in the Stomp, and it won't cost you anything extra. They're perfectly usable.
  6. To use a traditional guitar cabinet, get rid of your cab or IR blocks and use preamp only amp models. But honestly, if you've gotten to this point, then you've already left most new users in the dust. Do yourself a favor and invest in a FRFR speaker of some sort if you want something for stage volume/personal monitoring.... because no matter what you do, a real guitar cabinet is not going to sound like what you've already dialed in through an FRFR output. You've created tones with models of mic-ed cabinets... and now you're removing the mic from the equation. It can't be stated enough just how huge a variable the mic is. If you're trying to get the same sound out of a real cabinet as your direct to FOH tone, it's gonna be an enormous chore involving a significant amount of EQ manipulation and complete reworking of your patches. They're two different worlds.
  7. This is a lot like asking "what's the best shoe size for my feet?". The answer is "the one that fits". Nike's size 10 might be an Adidas 9.5. All you can do is try them on... and don't buy the ones that cut off the circulation to your toes, no matter how stylish they are. ;) If you try 100 IR's, and find yourself gravitating back to the same 2 or 3, then those are the "best" ones for you, and nobody can tell you otherwise... there's no objective truth to be found here. End of story.
  8. Yup... that's the problem. Re-purposing tech for activities other than those for which they were designed often fails miserably, lol. All of these solutions are fine for passive music listening, movie watching, and phone calls... for these applications a 40ms delay is of no consequence. But for real-time monitoring of a musical instrument that same 40ms (if you're lucky) is an eternity.
  9. Bluetooth was never intended for real-time monitoring of musical instruments... it was designed for phone calls and passive listening. My advice is just live with wired headphones... it's really not that difficult to do, and it's far less of headache than trying to jury-rig Bluetooth device(s) into a setup something that might yield barely acceptable latency, if you're lucky.
  10. Global EQ is a scalpel not a broadsword. It's for minor adjustments in different acoustic environments for what are otherwise well designed patches... but if you prefer to use it to undo damage inflicted by an ill-suited output device, far be it from me to disagree.
  11. You bought a top-shelf modeler. Do yourself a favor and get a decent set of flat response, studio quality headphones...what you have is deliberately designed to provide an appalling overabundance of bass, so that they appeal to teenagers listening to whatever currently passes for "music". Even if you get them to work with an adapter, you're gonna spend all your waking hours trying to get rid of low end mud.
  12. https://www.tremol-no.com/ It won't be a floating bridge anymore, but it'll solve your problem.
  13. This is one of those questions that doesn't have a real answer... it's all subjective. If you have a dirt box that you've loved for the last 20 years that you can't envision living without, or you're just a connoisseur of different distortion pedals, then the answer will be 'yes'. If you're a guy like me who used preamp/poweramp/ multi-fx rack gear, without the aid of a single stomp box, for more than two decades before going the modeling route, then you probably couldn't care less about adding extra outboard gear. There is no right answer. Try it out, and let your ears tell you what's what.
  14. Whatever makes it easier for you to sleep at night.. but fwiw, in 30 years of guitar playing and countless pieces of gear, I'm still waiting for my first failed power switch.
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