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  1. Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella...
  2. Line 6 doesn't do "timelines" for anything... could be anywhere from 5 minutes to never. If I were you, I'd try the work-around suggested above... otherwise it could be a loooooong wait for a train that ain't coming.
  3. Type the name changes in HX Edit instead of doing it on the unit itself one letter at a time... you could rename multiple snapshots in less time than it took you to type that post.
  4. Gap-less switching is gap-less switching, and you'll get that either way. There are only two real considerations, imho: 1) How busy your patches end up being, and whether or not you genuinely need that second path, and 2) If you need/want a unique patch for every song, or if you're content with just a handful of core tones. For the latter, snapshots should provide more than enough versatility for whatever mid-song changes you'll need to make. In other words, whatever twirls your beanie...
  5. I'm sure it was... but so what? That doesn't change anything. Either way, nobody faulted you for anything with regard to the instrument's prior repair history... so repeatedly pointing out that the very same nut was "A-OK" at some previous point in time, is meaningless. If my tire is flat today, the fact that it was sitting pretty at 32 psi last week, last month, or last year won't change the fact that now there's a hole in it somewhere, and it needs a plug. Loose nut = glue. The end. You can't turn this tale into a Viking Saga no matter what you do... it simply isn't that interesting.
  6. Pardon me... since we're apparently going to be pathologically literal today, just for giggles, I'll take another whack at it... though I suspect you already know precisely what I meant. It's a simple problem with exactly one solution. But here goes nothing anyway: "Gluing the nut back in was all that would have been done to address that one specific problem.... because that's all there is to do. A nut is either solidly glued in, or it isn't. There may or may not have been 10 other things done to the instrument that have nothing whatsoever to do with the nut, since it was already there anyway." Is that better?
  7. Official proclamations notwithstanding, the overwhelming majority of typical guitar repair issues on a Variax do not require a trip to an "authorized service center". In this case, ten seconds and a few drops of wood glue would have saved you the time and freight charges of shipping the guitar back and forth....I guarantee that's all they did to it when it got there anyway.
  8. Auto updates are a guaranteed $hit-show... turn them off. Otherwise you can look forward to a lifetime of irritation, and up-ending your work flow whenever Apple decides it's time to render all 3rd party software (and any associated hardware) useless. I don't even know what OS I'm on anymore, but it ain't Big Sur... and I've been blissfully free of compatibility issues for years.
  9. Unless you're the 800lb gorilla in the room, I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Besides, worrying/wondering about it won't make it any less likely to break... just crank it and play. If it fails, only then would there be a problem... till then, rock on.
  10. cruisinon2

    Preset Balancing

    Again, measured amplitude and perceived loudness are not the same thing, and the latter changes drastically with different frequency ranges at any given volume... it's just how our brains interpret sound. A crystal clean tone @ 85 dB will always be dwarfed by the saturated lead tone @ 85 dB... so having some meter tell me that they're both the same volume does me no good if the perception is that one is 10x louder than the other. And since I'm ultimately gonna have to judge by what I actually hear in the room anyway, why bother with the middle man? Just my 2 cents...
  11. cruisinon2

    Preset Balancing

    This is all that ever needs to be said on this topic... no matter how many times it repeats itself. The "quick fix" for leveling patches that we'd all love to have ain't coming. Period. And above is the reason why. Particularly when it comes to clean vs. dirty patches, matching the final outputs to some arbitrary dB level is an exercise in utter futility. The crunchy tone will always seem louder than the clean at any given measured volume. The perception is all that matters in the end... and perception is anything but universal. No algorithm is ever going to be able to account for that fact. Individual adjustments will always be necessary. This "problem" will never be solved with anything but one's ears and the save button.
  12. I'm struggling to understand what the problem is... how can you tell if a given effect is switched off? If you can't hear it, then it's off... And as far a snapshots are concerned, when any given one is selected, the rest are disabled... effectively "off", if you prefer that terminology. Doesn't matter how many there are, off is off... so I'm not sure what you think is being "wasted". The whole point of snapshots is to simultaneously toggle the on/off state of various blocks, as well as allowing for the adjusting of multiple individual effects parameters, all with one click of a footswitch. They can simultaneously accomplish just about any combination of changes that your head can conjure up. Imho, you're over-thinking things, and looking for a problem that doesn't really exist.
  13. Well it's nice that it seems to work better than the old version... at least sometimes. But honestly, this degree of inconsistency puzzles me. Our lives are essentially ruled by rechargeable devices at this point, and I've never had anythihg else exhibit such inconsistent and unpredictable battery life... even phones, tablets, and laptops, which will suck up power at varying rates depending on how they're being used, are more predictable than this wireless unit is... and this thing only has ONE function, ffs. Seems very odd...
  14. 1) Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what this guy's final product sounds like. Simply mirroring whatever settings he used doesn't guarantee that you'll hear the same result on your end... in fact, it's a virtual certainty that you won't. There are numerous other variables that affect what you will hear with your rig, guitars, monitors, headphones, etc etc etc... the list goes on. 2) If you are unfamiliar with EQ and the terminology surrounding it's use, I suggest checking out Jason Sadites' YouTube channel... he has numerous Helix- specific tutorials, in which he explains the how's and why's of creating certain tones. Being able to effectively use modelers requires that you think like a recording engineer and have a basic understanding of the tools they use to achieve a given result... thinking like a guitar player plugging into an amp won't get you very far. It's a learning curve.
  15. Fear not... nothing will leak out.
  16. Why this quote is being attributed to me, I have no idea...I never said that.
  17. Heat is what ultimately wrecks electronics, and I recall some early complaints about the Stomp getting rather warm to the touch after being on for a while... don't know if that's still a thing or not. But even if it never bursts into flames taking your house with it, I don't see the point of leaving stuff turned on for hours on end when it's not in use. At best you're pi$$ing away perfectly good electricity, and at worst you're accelerating the inevitable demise of the unit for no other reason than you don't feel like flicking a couple of switches to turn stuff on when the mood strikes. Just my 2 cents...
  18. I'll be giving it a while longer... I'm still rather hesitant to throw good money after bad.
  19. Honestly, you really don't need an amp model at all, no matter what it is... the tube mic pre-amp model works quite well.
  20. God help me, I love these discussions that go nowhere and solve nothing....;) Like rack units? Get one. Like floor units? Get one. Perfectly happy with a crappy old Pignose and a pawn shop Tele? Awesome. In the end, anybody's personal preference for one over the other(s) isn't worth two wet farts. We now return you to your regularly scheduled "tastes great/less filling" debate.
  21. Lol...and you're basing that conclusion on what exactly, the fact that you aren't able to get a decent sound? Through FRFR speakers, with the appropriate use of EQ and a little compression, they are quite convincing. However, if you're playing through a traditional guitar amp, then they will forever sound like $hit no matter what you do... wouldn't matter if L6 updated them once a day for then next hundred years. The speakers in guitar cabs and combos have far too narrow a frequency response to reproduce acoustic tones accurately. You need the right tool for the job. Last update of any significance was 6 to 7 years ago... so I'm gonna go ahead and guess "no". See above... don't hold your breath.
  22. Don't cherry pick partial comments and try and spin it into something that nobody actually said. Of course pros use wireless units... but not so much those that are integrated into other devices as a "Look what else it has!" selling point. They tend to use stand-alone units that can be added to any rig in the universe.
  23. Everything is always worth more when you part it out... only difference is it's harder to hide a chop-shop for kidneys than exotic cars... the cars don't scream as much. ;)
  24. This is what gets everybody in trouble when they first ditch their tube amps. No modeler...and I do mean NO modeler... it's ever gonna "feel" like a tube amp. The "amp in the room" tone you're used to is not to be had...because they're not tube amps. End of story. Don't care who's product we're talking about. So if that's gonna be your yardstick, it's very likely that you'll be disappointed no matter what you buy. But, once you make peace with that fact, then you're decision boils down to the form factor, the UI, and how much money you want to spend (cough... $$FRACTAL$$... cough, cough) . Because the truth is, if you know what your doing you can make any of those units sound good.
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