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    You have to try this

    Interesting...I fiddled with the demo version for a bit, and I have to admit that quickly creating my own custom IR's does have a certain appeal. And while it's not outrageously priced, I'd be paying ~$110 for the privilege of sitting for hours, endlessly fiddling with a brand new collection of adjustable parameters, wondering just how much "better" I could make it sound if I obsess over mic placement/combinations for just 5 more minutes...lol. I'm gonna have to pass for now...I'd never claw my way out of the rabbit hole. Cool toy though...
  2. cruisinon2

    I thought I knew gear......

    I'd like this statement to be required reading for everybody who comes in here whining that Helix (or modeling in general) sucks. All in favor?
  3. cruisinon2

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    Wasn't that Ephraim Cochran? ;)
  4. cruisinon2

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    You know what would really suck? A bug that opens a wormhole which keeps dumping you back 8 months into the middle of downtown Cleveland...
  5. cruisinon2

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    Here's the thing though...3.0 can't be that far off. Just for the sake of argument, let's say it's a year out from now. What's the point of traveling back such a short period of time? I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not exactly salivating at the chance to relive last summer. I might go check out the Battle of Waterloo, or watch the aliens build the pyramids... hell, if you're gonna time travel, may as well go see something worth looking at. ;)
  6. cruisinon2

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    This'll be good.... Maybe he's in the wrong forum...what's the over/under on the OP having purchased a Whirlpool dishwasher that just happens to be called the "Helix LT 3.0"? Either that, or Dr Bob is from the future...in which case, I'd like to ask for some stock tips. ;)
  7. cruisinon2

    2.81 update done - now my Helix LT is PISSED!!

    Because they contain bug fixes. If none of the known issues have affected you however, then don't bother. Your choice... I've been waiting on something...hell, anything...to turn out perfect for 47 years, now. Let's all meet back here at half-past impossible, and see if it's happened yet. ;)
  8. cruisinon2

    2.81 update done - now my Helix LT is PISSED!!

    Because they contain bug fixes. If none of the known issues have affected you however, then don't bother. Your choice...
  9. cruisinon2

    2.81 update done - now my Helix LT is PISSED!!

    Rolling back is no different than doing an update. Just select the firmware version you want from the list in L6 Updater, and install it... they're all there.
  10. cruisinon2

    Hx Edit on Android?

    They can barely walk the masses through a firmware update on the two platforms that the whole planet uses (yes, I'm ignoring Linux ;) ), so I wouldn't hold my breath for mobile app connectivity anytime soon... too many different devices running too many OS versions. Customer service would spend every waking hour fielding "HX Edit app sucks! It doesn't work on the ancient phone I've been carrying around for 11 years!" complaints.
  11. cruisinon2

    Save Function Via HX edit "misbehaving"

    That's just how they work... in any new patch, when you set up your first snapshot, the remaining 7 snapshots will be identical by default, until you go into each one individually and make one or more changes. "If you select a snapshot that hasn’t yet been altered, it appears the same as the snapshot you came from. As soon as you alter a new snapshot (say, by enabling or bypassing an amp or effect block), the snapshot becomes "active" and remembers any changes." https://helixhelp.com/manuals/helix/snapshots.html#snapshots-block-bypass
  12. cruisinon2

    Dimash Kudaibergen

    I admit I only watched a couple of minutes of those videos, so perhaps I missed the groundbreaking part...but all I see is a pop star in an arena with some slick production, backup dancers, and an expensive light show. If he was blonde and disgusting, he'd be Madonna...;)
  13. cruisinon2

    Considering a Helix+Powercab

    Hard truth time... most, if not all those who attempt a switch to modeling, but go into it half- heartedly, needing to be convinced that the technology is worthy, end up unhappy and going back to their amps. Why? Because they had already made up their minds before they whipped out the credit card, and all they were really interested in was validating preconceived notions. If you don't want to like something, you won't. Period. It's human nature... fight it if ya like, but it's a waste of time. Most of the questions you've asked are entirely subjective, and therefore essentially unanswerable. Getting any two guitar players to agree on what "good tone" means is nearly impossible. Nobody can tell you if the proposed assortment of gear will sound good to you when paired with Helix, because your definition of "good" is exactly that... yours. Maybe you'll like it, and maybe you won't. Buying and trying is the only way to find out. What I can tell you with 100% certainty is this: If you're expecting plug and play, instant gratification...Stop. Do not pass "Go". Do not collect $200. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time experimenting, and figuring out what works for you. But it absolutely will not happen just by turning the thing on. As for the aesthetics of the Powercab... if you're more concerned with what stuff looks like than what it sounds like, I don't know what to tell you. I haven't had a cabinet of any kind on stage for years at this point... but if I did decide to go that route again, I wouldn't care if the only cabs left in existence were hot pink with green polka dots... if it gives me the sound I want, then the job is done.
  14. cruisinon2

    What's the proper use of Helix LT for bass with real amp

    It's no different than using a guitar amp model into the FX return of a guitar amp... whether or not you'll like it is another question entirely, but that's what rehearsals are for. Try it out. Either way, the Helix neither knows nor cares what you're monitoring through. It'll either sound good or it won't. If not, turn knobs until it does, or try another configuration until you find something that works for you.
  15. cruisinon2

    Moving the Variax system to a new body

    Most of the stuff out there isn't gonna interest you if your looking for an ultra-modern body style. Almost everything I've seen are retrofitted Strat, Tele, or LP knock-offs, etc.
  16. cruisinon2

    Best method of setting patches levels to the same volume??

    So in other words, when all is said and done, regardless of what some meter has told you (ahead of time and out of context), the final arbiter is your ears... ain't that something? ;)
  17. cruisinon2

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Well there's little point in having a semantic argument about it, but you are changing things back and forth repeatedly... that's manipulation, any way you slice it. The underlying assumption is that the problem is related to a handful of corrupt patches that currently exist only on YOUR hardware. If that's the case, then unfortunately there's nothing for anyone else in the universe to address except you. You're asking people with no issues to voluntarily introduce a problem and screw up their units. Nobody sane is going to do that. I appreciate that you're having problems, and you have my sympathy... but you're spinning your wheels here. You could spend the rest of your life poking the bear and testing assumptions, and still never figure it out. Open a sport ticket and see if the tech guys can help you... that's what they're there for. L6 might want your corrupt patches to experiment with... but I seriously doubt your gonna find any other takers.
  18. cruisinon2

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    I applaud your tenacity, but I'm not sure what you think you're going to accomplish by repeatedly manipulating the firmware. The more you screw around with everything, the greater the likelihood that you'll introduce some other problem... sometimes patches get corrupted, it happens. If you've managed to figure out which ones, just get rid of them and let it go. Either way, I don't think you're gonna get any volunteers to load up the same patches that you've decided are torpedoing your hardware...
  19. cruisinon2

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Interesting analysis... but whatever it is, I don't think it's either the old factory presets or templates themselves that are causing the problem. I don't even remember what firmware version I had when I first got my Helix, but I've still got whatever presets and templates came with it. Never touched any of them, and never bothered to load the new ones, with any of the updates I've done...so the ones I've got are well over 2 years old. I have had the occasional corrupted patch that just stopped working properly, for whatever reason... I'm guessing that's what happened in your case. You probably just had a handful that went on tilt. But in my case neither 2.8 nor 2.81 had any problem rebuilding factory patches that are older than dirt.
  20. cruisinon2


    Go into your account profile and change the password...
  21. cruisinon2

    My Helix and Powercab Tone Suddenly Sucks

    If it sounded fine one day, and became boiled crap the next, you probably just have one or more settings out of whack somewhere. If if happened immediately following the update, then it's likely the result of all the global settings being reset to their defaults. Did you backup everything before the update? If you did, I'd start by restoring the backup and see if that helps. If you don't have a backup then you'll have to try and remember how you had everything set when it was sounding good.
  22. cruisinon2

    Review of the Kemper Stage

    Yeah, I don't get it. Everything about the hardware screams "old". I can't actually make out "NCC-1701" anywhere, but it would have fit right in on the bridge of the original Enterprise...;) Come to think of it... Shatner is a hilarious pitchman. The folks at Kemper should look into that, lol... it would be the best music gear ad campaign, ever. ;)
  23. cruisinon2

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    "What are you doing to my firmware, Dave?" ;)
  24. cruisinon2

    Should us "hobbyists" be doing so many updates?

    A room temperature IQ...;)