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  1. Almost everyone goes through these kind of growing pains with modeling... instant gratification is essentially nonexistent. You can't approach setting up your tones the way you would with an amp. It requires thinking more like a recording engineer than a guitar player. Most of the time it's just a question of spending enough time with it to find out what amp/cab/mic combinations will work for best for you. There's also likely to be more EQing necessary than you're used to. I seriously doubt there's anything "wrong" with any of your gear. You just don't know what you're doing yet... and I don't mean that to sound disparaging. We all went through it, and the process isn't necessarily obvious or intuitive, particularly if you've been used to a different approach for years on end. It's also possible that modeling just isn't for you... and that's OK too. It happens.
  2. cruisinon2

    Is variax dead?

    That is most likely macassar ebony. It has streaks of brown in it, and at a glance the grain is similar to rosewood. The jet-black, really tight grain ebony...whatever the species is...is becoming increasingly rare and harder to get. https://www.wood-database.com/macassar-ebony/
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    Helix floor vs rack

  4. cruisinon2

    Is variax dead?

    The JTV product line is approaching 10 years old... at this point, it is what it is. Waiting around for new features will be a long wait for a train that ain't coming. The only reason the fretboards were changed to ebony is because of recent restrictions on the international trade of various kinds of rosewood.
  5. Not quite... the "vintage modern" necks all have truss rod access at the headstock, and nowhere else. I have 4 of them, the youngest of which is less than a year old. It's the "modern" necks that have the primary adjustment screw at the heel for making bigger adjustments, along with the "fine tune" side screw that you can access without removing the neck. Never had one of these, so I can't comment on how robust the side-adjust mechanism is. But I loathe having to remove the neck to make adjustments, and that design just seemed like asking for trouble. Can't say enough good things about the "vintage modern" necks, though. I have 3 Strat and one Tele... never had any trouble with any of them. And if you haven't already, consider going with stainless frets. Bending is effortless, and you'll wear out before they do. As for the mounting screws, 3 will line up just fine if you're buying an "in stock" neck that has already been drilled for a Strat. The remaining hole is only slightly offset...too close to drill a new one. So it will require doweling of the existing hole first, and then drilling a new one. If they're building your neck from scratch, just tell them not to drill any mounting holes, and take it to someone who knows what they're doing.
  6. cruisinon2

    Future devices

    Pigs will fly before there's a Helix with a built-in wireless... and you don't want it anyway. It's just something else to fail. And when it does, you lose the brains of your rig along with it while the wireless part is off being serviced. Everything in one box looks nice on paper... not practical in the wild, though.
  7. cruisinon2

    Is variax dead?

    Any competent tech can address those set-up issues for you if you're not comfortable doing it yourself. In that respect, there's nothing particularly magical about a Variax. Fancy electronics aside, a guitar is a guitar, and they all require the same basic adjustments periodically. As for the nut, it's either properly cut or it isn't...all too often not right out of the box, even on guitars a lot more expensive that than these. Most other set-up parameters (action, relief, etc) are largely personal preference. Don't obsess over factory specs. L6 won't give them to you anyway... if you don't set it up the way you like it, all the technical wizardry inside won't matter one bit. If it isn't comfy to play, you're not gonna like it.
  8. This is a deal-breaker for some, but there's really nothing you can do about it. It doesn't "feel" like a guitar amp because it isn't, and it never will be. Some guys never warm up to an FRFR rig... it happens. The Powercab will give you more of the amp feel that you're looking for, but if you intend to pump other instruments through it in addition to the guitar, I honestly have no idea what that would sound like... but I suspect it wouldn't be all that wonderful, as that's not really what it's designed for. Only one way to know for sure.
  9. If you've ruled out everything else under the sun, then all you're left with is the Helix itself. Lemons happen. Open a ticket.
  10. cruisinon2

    Guns n Roses AFD patch give away

    Generally speaking, rich folks can afford whatever that want... in triplicate, lol. ;)
  11. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    Fighting over footswitches on the same device with another overly picky, tone obsessed guitar player? I'll pass... let the other guy buy his own gear.
  12. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    And the rumor mill grinds into action once again... let the blind guessing and wishful thinking commence! ;)
  13. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    Fair enough... and that would certainly be a compelling reason. However there's one absolute certainty that would go along with that: legions of royally pissed Helix owners who'd have to either pony up for a new unit, or forego polyphonic pitch shifting. It would be a PR nightmare... so I'm gonna vote "no" on that too.
  14. That is exceedingly weird. You would have had to turn the individual string volumes for those two models down to zero, and then saved them to the guitar.... it's obviously having a brain fart somewhere. If it were a piezo problem you wouldn't have sound on those strings on any of the models. Try re-flashing the firmware... that's really the only thing you can try. If that doesn't fix it, then it's service ticket time.
  15. cruisinon2

    Helix II

    The DSP bit wasn't L6's idea, as I recall... the old chip that ran the 500's was no longer available, so they were forced into an "upgrade". Why they chose to replace the footswitches is anybody's guess. Regardless, I wouldn't expect any changes to the Helix hardware anytime soon unless their hand is forced again. Once production is tooled-up, changing the recipe costs money. Without a compelling reason to do so, it really isn't in their be$t intere$t... and I seriously doubt that an incrementally "better" chip that wouldn't make a noticeable difference for the vast majority of users would qualify as a good enough reason. If the current "brain" becomes unavailable again, OK... otherwise, it's a waste.
  16. cruisinon2

    No Mod Locking Tuners for Vax Standard

    There are several things to consider: 1) The diameter of the hole that the tuner sits in. 2) The position of the mounting screw on the back of the headstock. 3) Some tuners have a small post that protrudes from underneath which serves as an anchor, in lieu of a mounting screw...some older Sperzel tuners had these. This would require drilling a small hole to accommodate the post. This is less likely to be the case though, as the ones you picked clearly have a mounting screw. #2 is often a problem. Even if they otherwise fit, the position of the mounting screws is not universal... they can be anywhere. You'd have to see if the ones you want have that mounting screw in the same position as the stock ones...if the stock ones have them at all. If not, you'll be drilling and/or filling holes.
  17. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording - Resolved!

    I'd say most do have studio monitors, yes... but they're not a magic bullet either. Like your stereo speakers, any pair of near- field studio monitors you pick will also have a wildly different frequency response compared to your guitar amp... you'll end up with the same mud coming out of shiny new speakers. No matter what you do, you're gonna have to EQ your way out of this problem. There's no way around that.
  18. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording - Resolved!

    I wasn't talking about subtle nuances coloring the sound... this is about frequency response and fundamental design differences. There is a dramatic difference in frequency response between a guitar amp and a set of stereo speakers, with the former being MUCH narrower. A patch that you've dialed in to sound glorious through a traditional guitar speaker will sound like boiled crap through anything that even approaches FRFR. The muffled sound you describe suggests too much low end, which is exactly what I'd expect trying to use a patch that's tweaked for use with a guitar amp that is then pumped through a pair of stereo speakers instead. Guitar speakers are naturally mid-focused...low and high cuts happen by default. If you then take that tone and run it through speakers that will put out more low end by design, the result is usually a flubby mess. I suspect that most of your problem can be solved with EQ. It's unlikely that there's anything wrong with your hardware.
  19. cruisinon2

    Latest Firmware Sticky

    It got stuck...;)
  20. cruisinon2

    HELP! Accidentally imported a patch over my main one!

    This is what backups are for...
  21. cruisinon2

    Is variax dead?

    Unfortunately, that's as close to the truth as you're ever going to get. In retail environments, everything is "unknown"...
  22. cruisinon2

    LT Sounds Muffled When Recording - Resolved!

    How are you monitoring what you're recording? A patch that you've tweaked for use through as guitar amp will likely need considerable re-working if you want to listen with headphones or studio monitors. Also, if you have direct monitoring turned on in the DAW, then you'll be hearing the direct guitar signal from Helix along with the channel output from Garage Band piggybacked on top... the result is a distant/mushy, almost chorus-ed effect.
  23. cruisinon2

    Restoring Original Helix HX Factory Presets

    That's all there is, there ain't no more. The rest are user set lists. Fill em up...
  24. cruisinon2

    OSX Catalina and HX Stomp

    Amen to that... Early adopter = guinea pig. Life has enough headaches as it is. No need to punch yourself in the nuts....;)
  25. cruisinon2

    Variax Guitars are no longer available in Germany

    Unfortunately, trying to get anything that even vaguely resembles correct info from a retailer is utterly futile. Half the time they can't even tell what is or isn't already in the building, never mind when "item X" might theoretically show up. The drone that you get on the other end of the phone is just parroting what some inventory control program spits out. Treating that as actionable information is as useless as asking for a weather forecast for a year from next Tuesday. "It'll get there when it gets there" is the the only truth you're gonna find.