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  1. I have a Toneport KB 37 and a Zoom R37 and virtual DJ to perform live music on a podcast stream. My plan is to run VLC media player on another computer and KB 37 to add an electric guitar with some sort of tone on the main computer. Both this should be input channels to Zoom R24 and than have the R24 as main input to Virtual DJ. I notice though that the zoom doesn get into the windows sound system in control panel. Is this because i had the toneport first? Is there a workaround? I like to add guitar and song to someone else playing bass on a stream. Sincerely Strixnebulosa
  2. i also got SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED(L6TportK64.SYS on a windows 8 computer HP beatsaudio I also have a problem that the soundcard falls out from time to time. Sometimes often sometimes seldom
  3. In my case it does even disable all the sound from my computer. After reinstalling my computr is completely quiet both in on board card and on KB37. Unpluging KB37 doesnt start onboard sound. Windows say sound has been disabled, When i check in control panel it says both onboard card and KB37 are set to "standard" even it both ar disabled. This is catch 22. And I have a soundtrack to make to a video......
  4. That solution does not work for me as my computer does not accept "localgroup"
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