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  1. That actually makes sense. Explains a lot. Thanks!
  2. I have run the Line out from my Katana Head into the PC+ to see how it sounds before, and it's actually pretty nice.
  3. I just got the PC+ myself, and when I started loading IRs into it, I noticed that it didn't want to load a lot of them. Apparently it is much more picky about what IRs work than the Helix. See Omni's post above
  4. I'd suggest checking out the Line6 Powercabs. They are great for the Helix!
  5. So, I just found a black Variax Standard on sale for $450 b/c it has "scratches." From the pictures, the scratches are nothing different from what I'd end up doing myself anyway, so I had to pull the trigger on it. :) Now we await the shipping!
  6. how much will you use it? Don't know. But, the fact is that there are people who were desperately needing it. I won't use it much myself, but I'm happy to have the option there if I need it. There is so much in this update, that I think there is something there for everyone. That's just one guys opinion though I guess. :)
  7. you can use pretty much any of the "preamp" models as an "amp in the box" pedal.
  8. its under the delays. lol
  9. My guess is you are hearing the notes from the guitar "acoustically" and that is what is making it sound bad to your ears.
  10. caledoneus

    Auto Spillover?

    Apparently there is a shortcut to enable/disable the spillover as well if you hold action and hit the home button (at least I think that is it).
  11. caledoneus

    Performer tones

    If you are talking about the Artist Presets in the factory presets, they are pretty good honestly.
  12. Line 6 could always take a cue from the Headrush guys (even though it is usually the opposite way around) and look into releasing a Helix "looperboard" that would just be a dedicated looper that could be designed to easily integrate with the Helix platform... ;)
  13. I haven't tried them yet, but from what I gather, it allows you to assign a preset (different from the one you are in) or a snapshot (from the preset that you are in) as one of your stomps in stomp mode. You can do the same thing now with the different looper buttons in the 6 switch looper. Could honestly be pretty handy I would think....
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