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  1. I would say that the PC+ is definitely worth it. I picked one up a few months ago, and it is amazing. The Flat mode works great for an FRFR solution, and the Speaker Emulations are awesome too. The ability to load IRs into the PC+ is awesome as well.
  2. I turn mine off/ on with a power strip. It turns on my Monitors, Powercab, and all the other connected items as well.
  3. small mixer or interface, run mic into one input and guitar into another. Pan them hard left and right, then run the left and right outputs into the helix as need. I do that to use a mic with my LT (since it doesn't have a built in mic pre)
  4. worship tutorials has a bunch of great sounding presets as well. They do cater to the worship guitar player crowd (in case the name didn't give that away), but their presets are affordable and pretty well put together, and most of them include IRs as well.
  5. I honestly have a hard time picking on amp, b/c there are so many good ones and I use a lot of them. If I had to pick a current go to though, it's probably the Revv Red
  6. Well, if you use the Helix as your interface, it is STUPIDLY easy to do what you want, as the #7 output is always a DI track (dry signal), so you don't have to do any sort of signal chain gobbeldy lollipop, and can then use the Helix to reamp that dry signal as much as you want. However, since you want to make it more difficult, you'll have to set up two separate signal paths (one with amps/ effects, one totally dry) and then send them to the separate outputs. Means you can't do stereo effects (or if you do, they'll not be stereo)
  7. agreed. I had the HX Effects first as well so can speak to how scribble scripts work... performance view on LT is better IMO as well.
  8. I've got the LT, and have no problem with it. I don't care about the scribble scripts, honestly, I kind of like the virtual "scribble scripts" on the LT better than the ones on the full Floor.
  9. Glen Deluanne has some great ones. The Fremen pack(s) are pretty good as well. The Mbritt pack is great too, and it's pretty affordable.
  10. That actually makes sense. Explains a lot. Thanks!
  11. I have run the Line out from my Katana Head into the PC+ to see how it sounds before, and it's actually pretty nice.
  12. I just got the PC+ myself, and when I started loading IRs into it, I noticed that it didn't want to load a lot of them. Apparently it is much more picky about what IRs work than the Helix. See Omni's post above
  13. I'd suggest checking out the Line6 Powercabs. They are great for the Helix!
  14. So, I just found a black Variax Standard on sale for $450 b/c it has "scratches." From the pictures, the scratches are nothing different from what I'd end up doing myself anyway, so I had to pull the trigger on it. :) Now we await the shipping!
  15. how much will you use it? Don't know. But, the fact is that there are people who were desperately needing it. I won't use it much myself, but I'm happy to have the option there if I need it. There is so much in this update, that I think there is something there for everyone. That's just one guys opinion though I guess. :)
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