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  1. I realize I'm 8 months late to this thread...but I've learned more from this thread than any other, and especially this quote from #DundinDragon. I have a few more questions - hopefully you guys can assist. First, let me say that I am definitely not an audio expert. I'm a basic, plug my guitar into a good amp, maybe with a few pedals, guy. Modeling appeals to me for many reasons, but I've never been able to get my modeler to sound consistently good. I actually sold the Helix, and I'm now considering repurchasing as I'd really like to make it work for me. I play in a classic rock band - and also a jump blues band. In the rock band I play a mix of lead and rhythm. I play a lot more rhythm in the blues band as I'm a guest. The lead guitarist is a lifelong friend - it's his trio - and he likes to add me to their last set and we do some things that sound better with two guitars. I had been amplifying my Helix, and before that an HD500, through a Carvin PM12a. No matter what parameters I changed, probably not fully understanding the impact of every change, I always felt the sound was harsh on the high end. When I bought the Carvin, probably 10 years ago, it sounded pretty good at the Carvin store, was reasonably priced, so I gave it a shot. It still sounds fine to amplify music. I had an opportunity to try a Helix into two QSCs (10/12) and two DXRs (10/12) - at a shop in the area. Just the standard presets sounded very good through these speakers. They are significantly more expensive than the Carvin was - and I'm guessing it's for good reason. This comment: "In the powered speaker market you pretty much get what you pay for, and the Headrush is more or less the lower end of the market." - I think, describes the Carvin as well. I'm sure it's the totality of the engineered components in the QSC or Yamaha speakers that makes the difference...what about DSP? Is DSP a key component here...seems like the lower end speakers don't use DSP, or at least their specs don't mention it. Also, I'm likely to use my setup 80% of the time at home. We only gig occasionally, so I want something that sounds good in the house so I can dial in my presets, and just turn them up when we play. Would I be better off with a 12" if I go with one of the higher end speakers, or the 10" ? I honestly preferred the 10" when I tried them in the shop, but I didn't turn them up to band levels... What about the Bose L1? I've seen some very good reviews from modeler users - will it be loud enough with the full rock band (6 Piece )? It appeals to me because I think it would work great for the smaller venues I play with the Blues trio.
  2. Would love to know what you think of them. Mine is working OK with the Helix for some models. Has a fizzy top end tho', and the bass has to be dialed down some.
  3. This has been my experience as well. Almost I am very impressed with Helix - just for a test, I set up the deluxe reverb and tried to replicate my Allen Accomplice for tone. It took some tweaking. Honestly, I could use either the Helix or my Accomplice and you'd be hard pressed to tell which is which. I need a better way to amplify the Helix - likely going down the DXR10 or 12 path. I also agree with one of the previous posts on the OD's. With my valve amp, I use a Fulltone Fulldrive, Timmy, and MXR Carbon Copy - the FX in the Helix sound pretty much the same as my pedals. I never could get the tones and responsiveness with the HD, or XT, or my old Bean POD - not even close. Helix is miles ahead.
  4. I looked at the Spider V lineup, doesn't appear to have an FX send/receive - Is there some way to shut off modeling and FX and just use the power amp?
  5. I had the same experience with the POD. I've been able to make the PM12a work with the Helix - maybe it's me, but the Helix seems much easier to adjust to dial out the harshness.
  6. The EHX looks like an interesting idea. I hadn't really considered it before. What speakers do you use in the cabs with the EHX? Anything in particular? The DXR10 was at the top of my list. I tried the QSC's as well. Both were good. I just thought using an amp like the Katana or Mustang would give me additional options. I guess I'm going to have to just try it...One question, is the DXR10 loud enough with the band. I wouldn't be mic'ing anything, It'd be Helix to DXR and that's it...
  7. I don't love the sound of my Carvin PM12A to amplify my Helix. It's ok, but has some fizziness I can't dial out sometimes. I've been considering a Yamaha DXR10 as a replacement - but...last week I tested out a Boss Katana. The Katana sounds pretty good - I'd just want it for Jams and a small venue gig we do...but I started wondering about using it to amplify the Helix. I can go right out of the Helix into the Katana power amp. Is anyone using a Katana or other similar amp with their Helix this way, if so, does it sound good - better/worse than a powered monitor like the Yammie?
  8. Is there any hope for fixing this problem? I can't use the editor effectively on my Surface Pro 4. The text is tiny and the app doesn't give you any options to resize the text. It's actually really bad.
  9. I got a pretty good Shakedown preset using the Deluxe but I will switch it up as you suggest. Funny you mention. JJ Cale, was listening to him yesterday on my commute home and thinking we need to add After Midnight to our list for an upcoming gig.
  10. So, last night I was able to try out the many suggestions here - I have been using just my headphones and was able to finally start getting some good tones and saved a few presets. I turned on my Carvin and honestly, they didn't sound too bad. I was very surprised. I did a ton of tweaking to get good sound through the headphones and I'm not sure I've settled in on anything just yet, but it's starting to feel like I'll be able to really get some good use out of the Helix. The real key has been experimenting with and using high/low cuts and EQ's. I don't have it right quite yet, but I cranked one of my presets pretty loud and I could definitely use it live. I'm staying pretty basic right now...Deluxe Reverb (Normal), Tube Screamer, LA Comp, and delay. Working the EQ in the chain in different places. Ran out of time again so still more to do. I managed to get a usable "Shakedown Street" tone with the Envelope Filter - tho' it seemed tinny and harsh sounding at first until I made some adjustments. I need a killer smokey sort of blues tone - that's my next objective. Feeling better about it all now - also switched to my Tele with a ballsy set of Kleins (Broadcaster bridge, Nocaster neck) - I found the putting the guitar input in PAD mode helped a lot with that Broadcaster. So far I don't love the delays or the Timmy, and some of the fuzz are a bit buzzy for my tastes. Gettin' there
  11. I was able to get a decent sounding preset last night, through headphones only - I wasn't able to turn the Carvin on as it was too late when I got to it. Tonight I'll turn it on and see how it sounds. The biggest change came from the high/low cut and EQ. It seems I need to adjust everything in the signal chain to some degree. That said, I am sticking with OD, Delay, Amp, Cab until I get that simple chain sounding right when amplified through the Carvin or at least my Rockit 5's. It may be that the Carvin won't get me where I want to be and I need something a bit better - Once I get a few presets that I like through headphones and my Rockits, I'm going to take the helix to a local shop and plug it into QSC and Yamaha's...just to see how it sounds. Then I'll decide. The post cab processing piece is definitely an enlightenment for me.
  12. Yeah, I've tried everything. The only thing that helped was adjusting the resolution down a bit, but I'd rather not leave it that way.
  13. Hey, thanks for the detailed response. You would think, after playing guitar for a long time, I'd know more about this stuff, but I've always been a guitar into amp guy, with an occasional pedal for OD or delay...that's much of this is new to me. One question, should the Helix outputs be set to line or mic? I assumed line, but am I wrong about that? thx...!
  14. I'm really wondering if it's just a configuration issue and I can maybe get it sounding right with the Carvin. It even sounds a bit harsh with the headphones.
  15. Are you saying it's me, the Carvin, or something else...? I tried a QSC in the store, but honestly, until I get it home and really try it out I'm not sure how good it is. So, all the wise guy replies aside...what do you guys recommend to amplify Helix for use in a band situation?
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