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  1. Hi everyone I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who responded its certainly given me the much needed confidence that switching to a full FRFR setup is going to be a viable option. The knowledge you guys have is just great and super helpful. I have some follow up questions if I may...I apologise if these change the topic slightly or sound stupid but you have all been so helpful I am gonna grab you guys while I can. I also think its worth noting that my band aren't all that fussed about the sound as I am so some things to note about them are They don't like drastic changes on set it throws them off their game They don't really care about the overall tone but they do care about the volume The Drummer is the only one who really needs to hear me (i know, my band are weird) I like the idea of having 2 FRFR's and running them in stereo and having some blended amp tones, these speakers will be pretty much next to one another on stage the reason being we play some pretty cramped venues on occasion and the crowds can get a little bit rowdy so we tend to become more compact on stage. Will I lose a lot if I have them next to each other but running in stereo? Will I need the distance to get that nice blended tone? Is it even worth getting 2 to have them in stereo if this happens say 50% of the time? Vocals - our singer has a vocal effects pedal and I only sing backing vocals with a couple of lead moments in songs. Our PA does not have any vocal effects so i always end up sounding dry. One of the benefits that sold me on the helix was the ability to process the vocals with reverb, delay etc. Do any of you guys set your patches up like this and route the vocal signal out? Have you guys met any limitations doing this? My Amp normally sits to the right of our drummer and in ost situations its normally in line with him and his seat so he can hear it, if I switch to the FRFR will he lose some of that sound due to the nature of the speakers? Those with the Headrush that have it on the floor horizontally behind you angled up, what were the main differences you notice going from a normal amp to this? Could you still hear it as well as a normal amp or (as lots of people have mentioned) does it need to be at a certain angle and direction for you or the rest of the band to hear or project certain tones? What I do not want to happen is when i plug in at a gig and then have to spend a considerable amount of time tweaking for every gig and venue - I get that proper tone and live performance needs to be tailored for the venue but we aren't that professional and outside of the occasional EQ on vocal PA and me taking out some bass on my amp in order to cut through the mix, we turn up, we setup we play - I want to make sure this continues if its possible. I think I may be asking for the world though :P I am sorry for the many (possibly seemingly stupid) questions, I normally just rock up to a gig and plug in my head, 2x12 and pedal and play i aint no sound engineer but i do really appreciate your responses. You guys rock Alzo
  2. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to this forum I have searched up and down this forum and many other forums and I can't seem to find the assurances or understanding I'm looking for so I am hoping you guys can help. I play in a rock covers band and we gig on average between 35 to 40 times per year. I currently play live with an Orange CR120 head and 2x12 orange cab. Using a Boss GT10. I bought the Helix and I have yet to take it out live yet. I have been dabbling with some presets through my DAW and studio monitors trying various things and getting to grips with process. I can kinda get good tones for what I want through the monitors and truth be told when plugged into the effects return or the 4cm method in my Orange I can certainly get some decent tones out of it (significantly better than the BOSS). I am hesitant to fully commit to setting it up with my amp or commit to a new system like FRFR. I also want to downsize my gear as well has having access to cab simulations and have read and watched some stuff on the FRFR market. My local shop have offered me the Headrush FRFR and this really appeals to me. I am also considering getting 2 and running in stereo. When i do some digging about FRFR a lot of people talk about how great it sounds and then you can it send to front of house (FOH) and this is where my main worry comes in about FRFR. I will try to line up my questions as best I can. If I bought the Headrush FRFR (any owners out there?) can I get the benefit of the awesome tone that helix provides and it being used like an on stage amp (behind me on the backline tradiitonal amp style) without the need of integrating to the front of house? The reason I ask is i get the impression in these scenarios I have read about that the FOH guy handles the outward sound and the monitor is pointed back at you like a traditional vocal monitor for your onstage sound. We do all our gigs with a back-line and a vocal PA only and on occasion we only mic the bass drum up. I know that my overall tone will change as its basically an upgrade for all my gear and the Headrush can sit on stage angled like a monitor but those of you who have shifted from traditional amps to FRFR how is your onstage setup? Do any of you have the FRFR behind you and treat it like a traditional amplifier? Do you have it raised on a stand or can it sit on the floor at the angle? Have you experienced any issues or surprises making the shift or any regrets perhaps? I have another guitar player/singer with also a bass player and drummer that I am hoping to not negatively impact them with a massive dynamic change on my side of the stage that may throw them off their game. Anyone who made the shift how did it affect your band-mates? I know its a long post and perhaps a bit sporadic in structure but I am very grateful for any advice you can offer Thank you so much Alzo
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