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  1. Thx a lot ! As a new user to Helix, I miss previous announcements ;-) ! Now, it's clear for me the difference between polypitch and polycapo
  2. Hello, After watching several videos, I must admit that I'm a bit lost between these different effects... I have the impression that some results can be obtained with different effects (for example: polypitch and polycapo or 12-string and a polycapo +12 and mix at 50%)? And I'm not even talking about dual pitch, simple pitch & co... Thanks in advance
  3. OK, OK... Super funny (really)! Thanks for explaining how a warehouse works during a manufacturing process, really, I learned a lot from it. Thank you also for confirming that there is no perishable material in a Helix (I had a doubt, moreover, I thought I had maybe bought it out of season)... Thank you also for advising me to upgrade, I wasn't sure... But a 4 years old firmware, I wasn't ready anyway!
  4. Hello, Today I bought a Helix Floor from a music shop that they had ordered for me. I plug it in and I see that the firmware installed is version... 2.30 !!! I can't believe it! 2.30... Seriously, Line6? A brand new thing ordered directly from Yamaha and delivered with a firmware that is what? 2 years old? 3 years old? no idea really! it's a bit too much...
  5. kornea

    Helix Floor or LT

    OK. Thanks everybody for the advices ! I may go for the floor ;-) (what a difference in cost BTW) :-)
  6. kornea

    Helix Floor or LT

    Hello, After testing a Helix LT for a week, I know that this is the device I need (compared to the Boss, which I also tested). Now the question is: LT or Floor? The LT is clearly not bad but the build quality of the Floor seems to be better as well as the expression pedal. The screen strip above the footswitches also seems to be good (although I couldn't test it) and more intuitive than referring to the screen to know which snapshot corresponds to which footswitch. After that, I'm not sure I need so many effects loops and I might use the mic input (but for recording purposes)... To sum up: Floor: build quality, expression pedal and screen strip and possibilities for mic input LT : less expensive... Your opinion ?
  7. Here : You can find a tutorial (in French) to create easily your own IR.
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