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Community Answers

  1. Just updated to 3.50. The Line 6 Litigator can not change cabs in the new Amp/cab-block. When using legacy it is working fine.
  2. I made an arduino-pedal too... But I just use the Arduino to switch snapshots - then you have 10 switches for stomps that is plenty for me ! I'm afraid that what you are seeking can not be done with Helix right now.
  3. Because you have the first input block set to "multi" instead of guitar in .
  4. Yeah, definitely a simple fix, but I agree that it is way to pricy to have a service center fix simple things like this. Come on L6!! This can't be right!!
  5. So it works now? What was the problem?
  6. But arent even close to hitting the DSP limit. Try another computer!
  7. Try setting all the outputs to multi and connect monitors. If the pops actually come from DSP lack, they should still be there. I am certain that you will find that they are not there. Have you tried a different USB cable or another computer?
  8. Sorry... That was what you just wrote... It is late in Denmark :)
  9. I am pretty sure that is not the case. Have you tried running bass and pc in paths 1A and 1b. Then guitar on 2a. As you might know the helix has dual dsp... One for path 1 and another for path 2. But I have never experienced that the unit can be overtasked. And I run very big patches with multiple inputs and multiple amps...
  10. Not really. But for troubleshooting I would start with figuring out if the pops actually come out of helix it self. It could be driver issues. Or sync problems... Is your daw project set to the same sample rate as your helix?
  11. Okay! Are the popping noises in you monitor output or just in the recording? Sounds like you are right: it should be possible. Could you post a screen shot of your patch?
  12. But why would you want to run audio from anywhere else than your daw? Why not just get the audio file first? I don't understand what you need this setup for. But I am interested. Could you explain?
  13. What is the problem with running on one computer? I don't get it.
  14. I don't use that feature at all, but if it is as you describe, you could probably learn to use the led turning off as the eights notes in your count in. As the "and" in "1 And 2 and 3 and 4 and" Or have you tried that already?
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