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Found 13 results

  1. Sharing Settings! POD HD500 SLASH Tone MARSHALL Amp Simulation [PATCH - USB Recording]. POD HD500 STEVE VAI Tone DISTORTION "The Love of God" guitar sound [LINE 6] PATCH Settings in the video.
  2. The helix line 6 t shirt has this signal path (attached) This will sound trivial, but what is the benefit of having the fx down in path 1B - don't they just end up back in 1A ? As far as I can tell this gets you a dry plus wet sound - is that right?
  3. I just bought a hybrid guitar which has two separate outs. One for Piezos and one for humbuckers. But I use one full path for vocal as well. Can anyone think of a way to create a quazi-dual preset chain on a single path? I do have a stand alone A-B-Y pedal too but I'm not sure that can help. Essentially I want to setup different blocks with different EQs etc. For each output on a dual output guitar , - but I can't use my second Helix path because to is dedicated to vocal. P.S. I think the answer lies in using a full stereo path, but I'm just not smart enough to figure it out. Lol.
  4. Hi there, I'm a proud Helix user since a week and after playing an ENGL e606 Ironball head for a long time, I must admit that this awesome piece of a modeler is now a serious competitor... love it! I just wanted to ask if there is a way of signal routing which allows me to: 1. record a rythm loop 2. solo over it and then record both on seperate tracks in my DAW (Logic Pro X / Mixcraft 8). So I want the recorded looper playback on track #1 and my lead playing on track #2. Is that possible? Many thanks in advance :)
  5. Hi. Can someone please verify the behavior of the chosen input-type of a patch. I have a traditional e-guitar, a Variax 600 and a JTV-59 and I have recognised a strange behavior, I would like to understand. For every type of listed guitar I have a setlist with similar patches and every setlist contains patches where the input-type (guitar, variax, variax mags) is chosen on the level of the preset (not global). I thought this would be necessary to get the different guitar-types to work. Today I recognised that I was playing in a wrong setlist on my POD HD500 (backup-device, no X) using a VDI-cable. This was my main setlist where I have selected "Variax Mags" as the on and only input (2. is the unused "Aux"). So I wondered why there ever was a tone and I could switch models too? So I like to ask if there is a fallback logic which I can count on, so I can reduce the needed setlists to a minimum. I recognised that "Variax Mags" allows a fallback to "Variax". But what about playing with Input "Variax Mags" and storing a chosen model and/or tune when playing my JTV? Does the stored state overwrite the chosen input-type on a preset-base? And is there the possibility to fallback to "guitar" if I play a "Variax" or "Variax Mags" preset too? Unfortunately I am not able to test this by myself because I have left my POD HD500x and my two other guitars at rehearsal and just have my POD HD500 and my V600 in reach for the next week. I always play VDI-cables on both Variax. Thank you in advance, Sascha
  6. Could someone out there please explain to me in a simple step by step manner how to set up a 1 into 2 Routing as seen on page 18 of the Line 6 Helix Manual? I'm not the most tech savvy person and maybe owning a Helix is a mistake altogether on my part but I'm finding the manual does a great job of showing you all the cool stuff Helix you can without actually explaining how to do it. Any advice others may have would be greatly appreciated and feel free to explain things as you would to a 4 year old because that's how I'm feeling at the moment. Cheers!
  7. In few words: I want to start a song with a clean sound of a fender tweed and then change it to a distorted sound of a Mesa Boogie. Let's say that I want to play Fade to Black from metallica, how can I change between these two amps using just one footswitch? I have pod hd500X for over a year and I just can't do that, its so frustrating. Thank you!
  8. There are a few threads that talk about dual paths, 4 stereo paths, etc. This is a beginner question but can someone explain how to make a basic stereo preset i.e.: what the split is and how they're set on paths, how many amps or cabs, how the output and mixers are set? I have no idea where to begin as I just run the helix into the front of my amp.
  9. Got a question and I am afraid the answer is not going to be good... I am using a great stereo output effects box through my FX loop that sounds awesome in front of the amp/cab so I would like to create two paths to maximize DSP usage. I create a Path 2A and Path 2B. I am assuming that when people say that the DSP are used for Path 1 and 2 -> they really mean Path 2A and 2B? I get close to being able to manage DSP except I find I would like a reverb unit at the end of ther signal path -> I always run out of DSP if I put the reverb at the end of the chain even if I remove mostly everything before it. I can put the reverb early in the path but this sounds poor instead of later in the chain. The other thing I would like to do then is to move the one amp/cab combination early in the chain so that I could move the reverb later in the food chain but I run out of DSP doing some logical moves. It really appears as though we are quite limited in what we can move where so that I could have a decent signal chain with my stereo effect early in the chain. Does anyone have an great tricks for squeezing as much as possible from the DSP? Is there a Path 1 I don't know about? - I am pretty close to abandoning this but it seems very whacked out that I can't this to work with the money the Helix cost etc...
  10. Hello guys. I was playing always with backing tracks and didnot realize that until I played only using helix. I will give you my signal path: 1A: MultiGuitarInput ---> Drive---> Essex30--->EQ---->Loop1(Korg A2)--->Reverb------------>Output 1B: ----->MultDly4----->EQ--->Reverb (Octo)-->Output *After the EQ block (after the amp) the signal is split to path 1B, into MultiDly. The Patch 1B is all assigned to one footswitch labeled "shimmer". I start playing with this path 1B turned off. When I turn it on, works great, really smooth shimmer - really beautiful. But the problem is when I turn this path off. When I press the footswitch to turn off the path 1B, I get a really loud peak of sound. Yesterday I tried to use a volume pedal block to play with 100% and 0%, thinking that maybe I got that loud peak because of the blocks being disabled and the signal going through directly to the output. Anyway, tested but still getting this loud peak sound when turning the path off. Does anyone have an idea of what it can be? I will post a video showing this problem. Any help/tip is welcome! Tks! Cheers! Leo
  11. Hello everyone, Hope you enjoy your wonderful Helix like I do! My question is how to use the blocks? I mean I don't know do I have to place Compressor before or after distortion? wah pedal before or after Amp?! Is there any rule for pacing these stuff to get a better sound? Thanks in advance
  12. I cant get my head round this: I believe i have the amp outputs (via the mixer) panned both centre (see image) but the chorus effect is ONLY audible on the LEFT XLR out, unless i engage the "dynamics" effect which follows (which i understand sums to mono) then i can hear it on the right-XLR. I have input 2 disabled (set to variax) but changing it to "same as input1" makes no difference. Also inserting a mono-summing effect before the amp does not reveal the chorus effect on the right XLR out. I thought the summing and panning on the mixer (after the amp) would effectively run everything L+R equally. can anyone explain please. thanks
  13. Set on HD 500: Input 1: Guitar Input 2: Variax And make a chain with first effect an analog delay (memory man). When you play with guitar the memory man sounds. If you play with variax it doesn't sound at all. Anybody knows why / or can confirm the same issue?
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