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  1. Dear Psarkissian. Unfortunately my ticket-clerk didn't read the given information well. So he has provided me with the wrong parts-no. QN172428 (30-00-0164 / SET SCREW 4-40 X 3/16"" STEEL CONE POIN Do you habe information about the correct parts-no. of the longer coarse intonation screw? But depending on your answers, I would guess that there actually exists no special Yamaha part for the longer intonation screw, isn't it? So the only solution would be, that the german L6-Support request some screws right from your personal workbench and send it to me, right?
  2. Might be because my specialist for foreign screws informed me about differing statements in your specification: So please clarify the the unclear thread. * I try to keep it as clear as possible but still asking myself if it wouln'd be much easier to send me a pair of fitting screws by airmail even if you and charge me for that?!
  3. @psarkissian come on, please? Can you please verify the attached specs now? From my POV it's not an overdrawn request when it comes to an instrument which costs about 1.000$ and has a production-fault.
  4. Pardon?! Once again: Can you please verify the attached specs? I can only buy them in bulk, so I try to prevent hundred of wrong screws.
  5. @psarkissian can you please verify the attached specs? I can only buy them in bulk, so I try to prevent hundred of wrong screws. Madenschraube-Specs_100dpi.pdf
  6. I have one correct and on one incorrect model (W14050061, W14050023). Could you please provide a pair (or two) of the longer coarse intonation screw via mail? Otherwise please give me the exact specs of those in an EU measure (non inch).
  7. Same here on two Mac with MacOS 10.7.5 (Lion). Are you on MacOS too?
  8. I will try the Sonic Port with MobilePOD, Bias Amp2 and Bias FX tomorrow.
  9. Same problem here with my POD HD 500X on 10.7.5 It worked well for years on this Mac Pro but suddenly... read more...
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