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  1. Same here on two Mac with MacOS 10.7.5 (Lion). Are you on MacOS too?
  2. I will try the Sonic Port with MobilePOD, Bias Amp2 and Bias FX tomorrow.
  3. Same problem here with my POD HD 500X on 10.7.5 It worked well for years on this Mac Pro but suddenly... read more...
  4. Attention! Mountain Lion is not the same as Lion. The last one is older and not compatible with the later versions. If you search the list for Lion you will land on the 7.3.7 too.
  5. Checked it once again and it's true. Latest is... Version 7.3.7 Released 11/6/14
  6. Not when it comes to the outdated MacOS Lion (10.7) which has to be fed with the 7.3.7 as the download-section and the Monkey states.
  7. I have problems on an older Mac Pro with the MacOS OS-X Lion 10.7.5 The latest driver is shown as 7.3.7 but no matter how I install it (via the monkey or manually) the driver neither does update in the monkey ("update selection") nor let me connect the POD via HD Edit or the licence manager. HD Edit crashes on directly start. The licence manager shows the computer as activated but no device. The driver is shown as outdated even if the POD is not connected. Of cause I tried to uninstall the driver via the uninstall-tool and to restart the mac. Of cause I have tried 2 different USB cables (both working on another machine). I have tried everything & several times… no luck!
  8. Semi hidden adn the setting does not have to be send / transfered. Even more weird especially when every other change has to be transferred manually.
  9. SHAME on me! It was the settings in the "Global String Levels" in Workbench. After importing all presets from one to the other I thought all settings would be identical now. Nonsens!
  10. I am into some recordings and testing now to proof my feelings about the differences. First finding is, that the mags do not vary that much as the V-modeling does. That a good news because the Variax-Levels are easier to adjust than the output of the mags. I will check the jack-output too. The thought, the volume-pod has a weak connection, is a very good one!
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