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  1. Smashcraaft

    Pickup selector switch

    Glad to hear it did the job for you. The selector switch is something which likes to be used. If you don't do it you will find yourself having problems again.
  2. Your welcome. I hope it fits your needs Vogel-Guitars_with-EMG81-Bridge.whd
  3. Smashcraaft

    parts list?

    There is a website called fullcompass or similar which sells most L6 parts.
  4. I guess the OP ran away after reading # 1, to keep distance or he sits in some kind of standby-mode nearby, don't touching anything.
  5. Smashcraaft

    Piezo issue for jtv89f

    Why don't you give Workbench a try and adjust the volume just on the 5th? Didn't you ever took a closer look at the software?
  6. Smashcraaft

    New forum layout suuuucks

    No, I just want to skip single threads because I have a dozen others waiting in the stream queue.. I tried some typical smart device gestures too, but there is no way to mark them as read one for one.
  7. Smashcraaft

    New forum layout suuuucks

    I'm a little late and there might be other threads better fitting but has anyone ever asked for a "marked as read"-feature? Using a stream which selects all new or updated posts in a individual set of topics, I often have threads in my stream, I can tell by taking a look at the title that I am not interested in reading those. To skip them, I do have to open them in a new tab, just to close that tab immediately after loading. That's really a PITA
  8. Personally I have often wondered why Line6 doesn't took virtual string gauges into it's modeling logic? It would be a huge improvement for acoustics and Jazz models.
  9. Smashcraaft

    No sound when using editor

    ... and just to keep all possible traps uncharged: take a look at the input settings for input 1 & 2, within the POD HD Edit
  10. The POD sends a fixed PC #01A (preset A on bank 1). This command will switch to the Amp you decided to use the #001 in the BIAS Amp App (take a closer look at the settings at the right corner). AFAIK the MDI assignments are set to #001 for the first Amp in the clean bank, #002 for the second and so on... If you assign a MIDI change number to a custom amp, this should overwrite the default assigned amp. You can either sort your POD patches around your BIAS Amps or those Amps around your POD patches. It's your descision. But without any doubt it is doable ;)
  11. Smashcraaft

    String Change

    I am very happy with 10-52 Elixir Optiweb. No plink, nor plonk.
  12. Smashcraaft

    mobile pod crash every time when i click "music"

    I had several crashes in Mobile POD, too. The App is extremely buggy and seems to be no longer supported (or just on a extreme low level).
  13. Smashcraaft

    Problem Dual Amp Sim - Volume drop

    Meanwhile I am pretty sure that the comma "," leads to a wrong input value and causes the bug. Thank you for clarification!
  14. Smashcraaft

    Bug in Mobile POD 2.0.4 (0.0.2) - iPad only (iOS 10.3.3)

    Seems like a pre-iOS 11 bug (maybe just in german OS-versions?). Unfortunately my iPad 4 is not able to update to iOS 11. Here my answer (german) to the support: