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    Pickup selector switch

    Glad to hear it did the job for you. The selector switch is something which likes to be used. If you don't do it you will find yourself having problems again.
  2. Your welcome. I hope it fits your needs Vogel-Guitars_with-EMG81-Bridge.whd
  3. Smashcraaft

    parts list?

    There is a website called fullcompass or similar which sells most L6 parts.
  4. I guess the OP ran away after reading # 1, to keep distance or he sits in some kind of standby-mode nearby, don't touching anything.
  5. Smashcraaft

    Piezo issue for jtv89f

    Why don't you give Workbench a try and adjust the volume just on the 5th? Didn't you ever took a closer look at the software?
  6. Smashcraaft

    New forum layout suuuucks

    No, I just want to skip single threads because I have a dozen others waiting in the stream queue.. I tried some typical smart device gestures too, but there is no way to mark them as read one for one.
  7. Smashcraaft

    New forum layout suuuucks

    I'm a little late and there might be other threads better fitting but has anyone ever asked for a "marked as read"-feature? Using a stream which selects all new or updated posts in a individual set of topics, I often have threads in my stream, I can tell by taking a look at the title that I am not interested in reading those. To skip them, I do have to open them in a new tab, just to close that tab immediately after loading. That's really a PITA
  8. Personally I have often wondered why Line6 doesn't took virtual string gauges into it's modeling logic? It would be a huge improvement for acoustics and Jazz models.
  9. Smashcraaft

    No sound when using editor

    ... and just to keep all possible traps uncharged: take a look at the input settings for input 1 & 2, within the POD HD Edit
  10. The POD sends a fixed PC #01A (preset A on bank 1). This command will switch to the Amp you decided to use the #001 in the BIAS Amp App (take a closer look at the settings at the right corner). AFAIK the MDI assignments are set to #001 for the first Amp in the clean bank, #002 for the second and so on... If you assign a MIDI change number to a custom amp, this should overwrite the default assigned amp. You can either sort your POD patches around your BIAS Amps or those Amps around your POD patches. It's your descision. But without any doubt it is doable ;)
  11. Smashcraaft

    String Change

    I am very happy with 10-52 Elixir Optiweb. No plink, nor plonk.
  12. Smashcraaft

    HD Edit 2.26 collection of known issues

    Hello. I am sure I have read about some real bugs of HD Edit in the past, so we should take the time and ask Line6 to fix them. This thread should be used as a collection to provide all needed changes in one list. So, at the end we should have a list of errors to be fixt and (additional) also some realistic (!) wishes (probably never will be fulfilled). First error I remember was something with mixer volume, which would not be saved in some instances (maybe only if the POD is connected via USB?). Maybe someone can specify this error more detailed? My personal biggest (realistic) wish for an update of HD Edit would be a tab-functionality to jump to the next knob or parameter and a much more straight visualisation of the chosen (or mouse-over) effect. So here is the list (I would like to keep updated) Bugs take a look at the system defaults and set them to the most common and flawless values. get rid of "(Code 8000000a) Operation timed out". add the software-ability to fix the hardware knobs, as those seem to move by themself through vibrations. expression-pedal related multi-platform bug crashes Edit, if you extensively use wah for more than a couple of minutes (Details 1, 2, 3). DEP lack of displayed knob-values (missing value-display is a known bug. Feature introduced with Ver. 2.25). Error when saving mixer volume (only HD is connected via USB) >>> ideascale I can recall encountering a bug where one side of the mixer, the right channel, occasionally went silent for some reason, and the solution was to just move the volume slider, if using HD Edit. strange general behaviors when HD is connected via USB (should be explainded more detailed). f.e. changes in FX and Amps that are performed over footswitch or expression pedal are not instantly updated/visible (some times not at all) on the edit software. There is no way to know if changes (for example, volume) are actually taking place. Communication between the software and the unit must be improved. I found after editing multiple patches and then quitting the POD HD 500 EDIT you have to restart your pedal to reread the newly edited/loaded patches or they won't play right. the delay settings are not properly transferred from the editor to the device afaik there might be some unfixed issues with some amps in the model packs. Wishes tab-functionality to jump to the next knob or parameter add an overload Indicator in the HD500 signal chain add a vertical scrollbar to allow native resolution of netbooks much more straight visualisation of the chosen (or mouse-over) effect I want to be able to see value of knobs before turning any. Its hard to tell EXACTLY what % your knob is on. The dot that represents true button placement does not get you close enough. I want to edit by the numbers not a grainy LCD screen. Often I need to edit just a couple numbers. add some more mic angles for the SM57 and some valuable mics add some kind of Global EQ patch-wise as an effect-block or DEP Dual Output Modes add API-functions or let the HD Edit go Open Source
  13. Smashcraaft

    mobile pod crash every time when i click "music"

    I had several crashes in Mobile POD, too. The App is extremely buggy and seems to be no longer supported (or just on a extreme low level).
  14. Smashcraaft

    Problem Dual Amp Sim - Volume drop

    Meanwhile I am pretty sure that the comma "," leads to a wrong input value and causes the bug. Thank you for clarification!
  15. Smashcraaft

    Bug in Mobile POD 2.0.4 (0.0.2) - iPad only (iOS 10.3.3)

    Seems like a pre-iOS 11 bug (maybe just in german OS-versions?). Unfortunately my iPad 4 is not able to update to iOS 11. Here my answer (german) to the support:
  16. On my iPad the test tones in the upper right corner doesn't give the option to choose a riff. I have tested anything, even clicking positions out of the regular focus. On my iPhone everything works fine. Can someone please proof this behavior?
  17. I have modeled my EMG 81 in bridge position. Sounds like crap on crunchy tones (like the physical PU does) but works high gained. I could but it on some cloud-service for download if you like.
  18. Smashcraaft

    Problem Dual Amp Sim - Volume drop

    Checkolade, is it possible, that you accidentally (or based the region you are living in) used comma instead of a period, when typing in values? Any info about that could separate the bug a little more.
  19. Smashcraaft

    Pickup selector switch

    I have two JTV-59 and both had problems with the selector-switch on the mags. One was a bit loose and tightening the ring-screw of the switch did the job, the other on was magically repaired by a good shot of Kontakt 60 right in it's guts. Both are easy solutions and so something to consider before changing the switch. https://www.thomann.de/gb/kontakt_chemie_kontakt_60.htm
  20. Smashcraaft

    HD500x: extending it's life and usefulness.

    Have fun and play. Nothing is ever perfect and something that sounds great, can sound dull the other day just because you or your ears have a bad day. Stop searching for the holy grail, especially if you are not a gigging guitarist or a pro.
  21. Smashcraaft

    IR Impulse Response -How to use with the POD HD?

    The Mooer Radar gets good reviews at a reasonable price but it is missing a MIDI-in so you are not able to switch IRs at a foottip. If I where interested in opening the gate to the overwhelming ocean of IR-files (and I am not), I would choose the AMT Pangaea CP-100FX Mooer Radar https://www.thomann.de/gb/mooer_radar.htm AMT Pangaea CP-100FX http://amtelectronics.com/new/amt-pangaea-cp-100fx/
  22. Smashcraaft

    Dirty Metal Bass Tone Audio/Video

    Interesting, where to place a grind-basstone in between the frequency-range!
  23. Technicaly they are the same. Go for one or the other.
  24. Smashcraaft

    HD Edit 2.26 collection of known issues

    My request to the community: please connect your POD to USB and sync it with HD Edit. Then take one of your patches and duplicate it. Try some values in the mixer using a comma instead of a period. Send the duplicates to the POD and receive them back again. If you are able to find any significant changes in volume not corresponding to the value changes or the numerical value displayed in the mixer, then please get back to me, providing the POD Version and OS you use. My problem is, that i use a X and non-X POD on different desktops (Mac/Win) which complicates the testing. But I will give it a try too. I am very afraid of loosing my perfectly balanced setlists and patches just by using HD Edit :/