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  1. Okay thank you. I sold my Ditto X2 because I knew the Helix has an inbuilt Looper... I don't have the need to store loops, just want to record "live" with lead and looper signal seperated so that I can master them individually @home. The parallel path idea also came into my mind, but I think I will still have the Lead guitar signal over it. I will try out the mentioned DAW plugin :)
  2. When we're in a jam session the DAW is always recording. I'm often use the looper to capture some chords and then I switch over to solo over it. I don't want to go to the computer to edit a loop when I'm "in a flow" ;-) so I thought there is a way to seperate those two and I'm able to edit both tracks when I'm home again.
  3. Hi there, I'm a proud Helix user since a week and after playing an ENGL e606 Ironball head for a long time, I must admit that this awesome piece of a modeler is now a serious competitor... love it! I just wanted to ask if there is a way of signal routing which allows me to: 1. record a rythm loop 2. solo over it and then record both on seperate tracks in my DAW (Logic Pro X / Mixcraft 8). So I want the recorded looper playback on track #1 and my lead playing on track #2. Is that possible? Many thanks in advance :)
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