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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys. I have recently purchased the M20d and have it coupled with a pair of L2m for small bar gigs - live guitar, male and female vocals over backing tracks. The M20d 1.2 upgrade states the following in the marketing blurb: "It is also possible to import multi-track backing tracks from external sources and utilize them in a live performance, making StageScape M20d the center of the production." What format do the multitracks need to be? How do you go about letting media player know they are a multitrack backing track? Has media player yet been upgraded with the option to 'stop' after each track rather than continue through the playlist and infinite loop? I hope someone can shed some light on this as I don't appear to find anything else about it other than the press releases! Thanks in advance, Graham.
  2. I'm trying to record my guitar (guitar in) and my bassist(aux in) simultaneously and sending the output to spdif panned left and right. During our songs I switch to different patches. I'm not using snapshots. I think I have the separate paths for each instrument sorted out however here's my question. For the bass, do I need a separate path in each of the patches that I switch to during the song or is there a way, for example, to have some global setting to have aux in always go to spdif left regardless of what patch that I switch to? Otherwise I sounds like I have to set a path for the bass in each of my patches. Also, is there going to be a slight pause in the bass when I switch patches. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi there, I'm a proud Helix user since a week and after playing an ENGL e606 Ironball head for a long time, I must admit that this awesome piece of a modeler is now a serious competitor... love it! I just wanted to ask if there is a way of signal routing which allows me to: 1. record a rythm loop 2. solo over it and then record both on seperate tracks in my DAW (Logic Pro X / Mixcraft 8). So I want the recorded looper playback on track #1 and my lead playing on track #2. Is that possible? Many thanks in advance :)
  4. Hello all, Currently, I have been recording some songs on my UX2 and everything is turning out pretty good. The program I'm using at the moment is GarageBand (might get Reaper) and I have questions regarding the program and recording. 1) How do I go about recording vocals and guitar at the same time BUT on separate tracks? (if that makes any sense at all, the weird diagram down there should 'hopefully' explain my objective). |Guitar|~~~~~~~ |Vocals|~~~ ~~ 2) What my problem is, is that I record the both the guitar and vocals but the two come out on the same track. I have even tried making a separate track (like the diagram up there) and I still get the same result. What am I doing wrong and what do I need to fix? Multi-tracking didn't work either but I assume I'd still need to multi-track if I'm going to record vocals and guitar at the same time, right? 3) I usually mic up the guitar as well, but am I better off just putting the guitar into the UX2's input? If there is a link that answers this question, by all means share. Thank you in advance :)
  5. Hey, Here is yet another design concept on a plate. How about Line 6 putting into production a simple mutlitracker amp simulator based around a footpedal which doubles as a DAW controller. Here is the basic design. First of all, include stomp pedals in basic transport controls. This kind of thing (foot opperated transport controls) has been done before by appogge although not very well done. On top of that, you need to add arm/rec buttons for as many inputs the multitrack has to offer, perhaps using two additional stomp pedals to go up and down to choose channels to record onto. Add a basic meterbridge for tracks record/playback. This device can be used as a standalone multi tracker or as a DAW controller, ideally used in conjunction with a simplified DAW that operates more like a classic digital multitrack plus basic engineering fx and signal processors required to achieve a basic pro level mix. Something perhaps in the lines of Presonus's Capture but which reflects more the controls on the foot pedal daw controller. I would also add the functionality of being able to import the computer multitrack files into most of the top DAW's, either directly or using OMF file fomat. I would also design the foot controller to be used to operate the daw purely from the foot controller with out the musician having to even look at the daw screen. The whole pc thing can really mess up some musicians heads and can make them go a bit OCD. recording and rerecording any tiny mistake. so that it takes a year to finish one simple track. Taking this visual reference element away can be very liberating and encourage productivity. Once recordings have been made and finished, the musician/engineer/producer can always then go turn the PC screen on and put their engineer / producer head on, and edit away. Designers of DAW's still have not got their head around that there are millions of guitarists out there who don't necessiarily want to be computer boffins in order to be able to make good music, and in some cases, many of the old school who grew up with analog devices only, really don't want to have to learn even more in order to do the same job. So why not give them the product that they have always been searching for (but just don't know what it looks like. If you do make this design in real life, please at least give me one, as I have given freely. Justin Roche
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