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  1. We played an outdoor venue this weekend with a questionable (at best) generator. We were running 4 L2t tops, 1 L2s sub and 2 L2t monitors all from the L6 link. Initially the track was cutting out - just flicking on and off - so the ‘venue’ added another generator. This quelled the issue at that volume but when we then went to put the band through the speakers at live levels, the problem recurred. Is this likely to have been power related? Or should I start investigating the leads & gear as the source of the problem? Never had it before on this kit but it’s not getting any newer! Thoughts appreciated. Thanks, Graham.
  2. Hi all. Recorded files onto a newly formatted SD card on Saturday. The resulting files wouldn’t playback on the M20d so took SD card out and put on MacBook. itunes wouldn’t play them, but downloaded VLC which played them no trouble. Does this mean my internal battery needs resetting? If so, how do I do this? Or what else? Thanks, Graham.
  3. Excellent. So it is possible :) albeit with some features missing that could be implemented in the future. I'm very new with the M20d so I will have a good play about over the coming weeks and get myself familiar. Thanks for your input :) Graham
  4. Thanks guys. However, I can make a playlist from the SD card or USB, or playback iPad material via WiFi or 1/8" jack - but we could do this before the update to 1.2. The update states we can now 'import MULTITRACKS from external sources'. This I took to mean there was a multitrack media player - whereby each track could be manipulated individually, rather than a premixed MP3 / WAV. Is this the case, or is it just badly worded? Thanks, Graham
  5. Hey guys. I have recently purchased the M20d and have it coupled with a pair of L2m for small bar gigs - live guitar, male and female vocals over backing tracks. The M20d 1.2 upgrade states the following in the marketing blurb: "It is also possible to import multi-track backing tracks from external sources and utilize them in a live performance, making StageScape M20d the center of the production." What format do the multitracks need to be? How do you go about letting media player know they are a multitrack backing track? Has media player yet been upgraded with the option to 'stop' after each track rather than continue through the playlist and infinite loop? I hope someone can shed some light on this as I don't appear to find anything else about it other than the press releases! Thanks in advance, Graham.
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