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  1. I think they all sound great. I give my nod to the Archon for slightly clearer articulation. Great post! Also, for the lazy. The loop seems to be a 20 second loop so the times below are for each amp 1. Friedman BE 0 to 20 secs 2. Soldano SLO-100 20 to 40 sec 3. PRS Archon 40 to 60 sec 4. Peavey 5150 1 min to 1 min 20 sec 5. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 1 min 20 sec to 1 min 40 sec 6. Revv Generator 120 1 min 40 sec to 2 min.
  2. I think you could really do either. I run my helix into the fx line in on an Ampeg VH-140. No return volume knob on the amp so all of the volume control comes from the Helix floor unit. The advantage of this is that the volume control is right near you as opposed to being on your amp. Not a big deal but it does prevent you from having to walk over to your amp to fiddle a knob.
  3. I suspected that I would have to go the snapshot route, but being lazy, I never got into them and have all my songs sorted separate patches. Looks like I'll have to delve into the snapshots at bit. I've been putting it off. Good to know the pause will go away.
  4. I'm trying to record my guitar (guitar in) and my bassist(aux in) simultaneously and sending the output to spdif panned left and right. During our songs I switch to different patches. I'm not using snapshots. I think I have the separate paths for each instrument sorted out however here's my question. For the bass, do I need a separate path in each of the patches that I switch to during the song or is there a way, for example, to have some global setting to have aux in always go to spdif left regardless of what patch that I switch to? Otherwise I sounds like I have to set a path for the bass in each of my patches. Also, is there going to be a slight pause in the bass when I switch patches. Thanks in advance
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