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Found 11 results

  1. Hello ! does anybody have experience connecting a Kemper Stsge to a Dl4 ? The Stage has only 1 Send for 2 Input… therefore it is not possible to loop a stereo pattern. Other ways of connecting the DL4 are possible, I would be happy to get a return from an experienced user. ‘cheer’s
  2. Hi! Brand new user deporting from Kemper-land. Very happy about my HX Stomp so far, the last Line6 thing I had was the POD H500. So, my go to rig on my Kemper was a profile made from an Bogner Goldfinger with a 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion Creambacks thru an SM7. Any suggestion where to start tryin to get that sound on the HX Stomp? Any help would be appreciated, either patches, IRs, presets or any kind of tip. cheers <3
  3. I recently bought a helix (literally 2 days ago) and I just wanted to know can you run a kemper profile on a helix? I have a lead profile I used when I was recording, and if anyone knows if its possible and can bust out the crayons and show me how to that would be appreciated!
  4. So I’m in a dilemma that I’m hoping someone can help me out with. I play in 2 metal bands that practice at separate rehearsal studios and I am looking for a second rig for the other studio so I was looking into getting the hx stomp or the helix lt but can’t decide which one would be a better fit. Since I play metal I don’t use a ton of effects but maybe if I had more options I would use them more. I mostly just use a high gain profile on my kemper, a clean profile and a lo-fi profile but to be honest the kemper Is not known for its effects so I was thinking the hx stomp might be cool to use as a second rig at the other studio and since it’s so portable I could use it with the kemper as well. The only issue is that since I use real cabinets I use power amps because my kemper is not powered and neither is the hx stomp but the hx stomp doesn’t have an xlr output to plug into my power amp however the helix lt does. Is there anyway hook the hx stomp up to my power amp without using an xlr? Would a 1/4 jack to xlr work? what I’m really getting down to is which one would you guys suggest for my situation the helix lt or the hx stomp? Would the hx stomp be a good stand alone rig if I can run it through a power amp or would it just be better to get the helix lt? Sorry for the long post. I wanted to try and be as specific as possible. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks!
  5. So, I am looking for help with my setup. I h ave attached a picture of the components I want to include on this: 1) Kemper & Remote 2) Line 6 HX Effects 3) Digitech Whammy 4) Expression Pedal 5) Other effects I will put in the Effects loop of the HX as desired and control with the HX, and or, stomping on the pedals themselves. THIS PART ISN'T AS IMPORTANT. Basically, I want to have performances programmed, so I can have my rig and all effects set for each song & or part of the song. I am wondering if, via MIDI, if I can use either the Kemper Remote OR the HX as the MASTER and which other as the slave? I am leaning towards using the Kemper Remote as the master, and setting the Kemper to send MIDI messages to the HX to change programs. IT MUST BE POSSIBLE. Anyway, this is my project. I would REALLY appreciate someone helping me with this, someone who can wrap their head around this type of thing. I think - if ANYONE is interested in this sort of thing - this thread could become a model for others. I know the technology is there, I just want to make everything communicate and work together! How cool would that be!!?? Thanks in advance. I have attached the KEMPER manual for convenience. KEMPER_PROFILER_Main_Manual_5.5_(English).pdf
  6. Hi there this is my first post! I'm a proud owner of a Helix LT and today I shot a video comparing it to my Mesa Dual Recto, Axe-Fx III and Kemper. Spoiler alert: I can make them all sound pretty much identical with some specific tweaks. Download link for the free preset can be found in the YouTube description. Here's the video: If you're interested in trying out more of these types of presets please let me know. :)
  7. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help, I'm having two problems (one might be how I have it set up admittedly); The first is that when I use the HX with the Kemper, the HX is providing extra input volume which is driving the profiles harder. I've checked all my volumes on each pedal and they're all set to 0db and I've tested with no pedals turned on at all and the level is the same; it's only when the HX is turned off that the signal is as expected going to the Kemper. Second is a very weird issue that has happened with the auto filter. It was setup as default (no settings on it were changed), and it was placed in the effects loop of the Kemper. The first time I turned it on with the Kemper it had no high end at all, only the bottom end was coming through, and background 'hiss' slowly increased to a decently audible level which then petered off after I had turned off the auto filter. The problem is that after this has happened the Kemper now regardless of anything being plugged in will have this very slow build up of hiss which just dissipates and goes back to normal, but I have no idea why this has happened or how to fix it. The hiss seems to have been coming from the kpa, but it was definitely kicked off by the hx and (whether it was just happen-stance timing or not) the auto filter effect. Auto filter seems to be working fine now but I have changed the output of the kpa to the line out rather than the monitor out which I was using before. My setup is; Guitar > HX input > HX effects loop send to Kemper input > Kemper effects send to HX effects loop return > HX main output to Kemper effects return > Laney LFR-112 powered FRFR I've checked the in/out settings in the HX and everything is instrument level Everything is being run from the one extension lead Effects loop on the kpa is in the X slot, and in the HX is one loop block placed before any modulation/delay I'm not really sure of when to use ground lifts, but when the hiss has appeared I've just gone one by one through to turn each on/off to see if there's any difference and there isn't. Any help is much appreciated!
  8. Hello! I'm owner of the Line6 HX Effects. I love the device, it has everything I need (so far) and the sound quality is excelent! Since a couple of days I also own a Kemper Profiling Amp and I was wondering if I could use the HX FX (command center) to "control" the Kemper. What I basicly want is: hit a preset on the HX and switch to a certain amp in conjunction with certain effects of the HX FX. So my questions are: Is it possible what I want? And if so, how do I approach this? Any further tips and tricks on "HX & Kemper" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! Mike
  9. First time poster here so please go easy! I've been a fan of Line 6 products since the late 90's and have owned various products over the years. I recently got a powered Kemper Profiling amp but looking into the FRFR vs Cab debate just leaves me feeling dizzy as its all opinion/interpretation. question is this: Can you bypass all the effects etc on a Firehawk 1500 and simply use it as an FRFR speaker output for the Kemper? Bearing in mind that both units are 'powered', I wouldn't want to blow either device to bits! According to a few guys I've spoken to at various music shops, you can bypass the effects on the Firehawk but how would I connect it to the Kemper to simply use it as an FRFR speaker outlet given that it is also powered? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  10. I am wondering if you can run the helix four cable method into a kemper and also change kemper patches through midi? To be able to program different presets into the helix that change helix effects and kemper presets at the same time?????
  11. So thinking or getting a Helix as well as a Fractal fx 8 . I am hoping to run the Helix as a master controller to the fx8. Would i be right in thinking this would be possible by running the fx8 though one of the 4 external loops in the Helix and then using midi to control scene selection in fx8? Will this mean i am going to have problems with a 4 cable method or by selecting the fx8 in a block in the Helix , can i change this around as neccessary to fit around Helix's amps and cabs models? I am hoping to be able to fit this in with some form of wet dry wet rig. I.e. Bogner Shiva combo and L2 or Laney irt-x expansion cabs... i really like the idea of how fexible this rig could be and also the amount of quality amps and effects on tap but just need to know whether this is just a mad rush blood to the head or could it work? Thanks in advance :)
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