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  1. spindlebox

    G10S Charging

    Hello, I picked one up a couple weeks ago from Amazon. Thank you.
  2. spindlebox

    G10S Dropouts

    Hello, I have been noticing dropouts on my G10S, playing in my home studio. The unit isn't more than 15 feet from me at any given time. Now, I did notice that I had it on Channel 1, and I usually have it on Auto, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Do you think putting it on auto will help solve the problem? Thanks in advance. I just haven't played it enough following the change to know if I may have fixed it - but I was just curious if this was "a thing".
  3. spindlebox

    G10S Charging

    I am looking for a way to charge my transmitter without having to plug in my pedalboard, which is where my receiver is mounted. I looked at the G10 system and that base looks perfect, but I'm wondering if 1) if it's compatible, and 2), if there is any other way to charge these transmitters known to any users here? Thanks in advance!
  4. spindlebox

    HX Effects - Expression Trouble

    Definitely a personal problem.
  5. spindlebox

    HX Effects - Expression Trouble

  6. spindlebox

    Delete Presets in HX Edit? - HX Effects

    WHY do people have to be rude?! Sounds like a personal problem to me.
  7. spindlebox

    HX Effects - Expression Trouble

    OK, first of all, why isn't there an HX Effects/Stomp forum, if there is, my apologies. So I'm trying to use my Expression pedal to control the WAH in the HX Effects, and the volume goes down as well. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  8. spindlebox

    Delete Presets in HX Edit? - HX Effects

    Yeah, it would be SO much easier if you could select the preset in HX Edit, right click and say DELETE. Why is this not a thing? Kind of ridiculous. Thank you for your reply my friend. I guess I'll do it that way since there is no other choice.
  9. spindlebox

    Delete Presets in HX Edit? - HX Effects

    I am trying to figure out if there is a fast way to delete presets in HX Edit? I right click, etc., and there is NO Delete OR Save! I looked in the manual and nothing. Help?
  10. spindlebox

    HX Effects adds Capacitance?

    So I saw a video the other day, where a guy said he was sending his HX Effects back because it dulled his signal. I realized that, especially since he was using the 4-cable method, it was probably due to his longer cable runs; i.e., the capacitance introduced to the signal chain. I am also wondering if the unit itself introduces a bit on its' own. I am wondering if Line 6 knows about this situation, and I think they might, because there is a thread about "AUDIO ARTIFACTS", but I think this has to do only with white noise? So, I did a little test on my own, and I placed a BUFFER after the MONO OUT on the HX Effects unit, I used the TC Electronic BONA FIDE - because you can plug and unplug it - bypassing it so you can hear the difference. There is definitely a better sound with it on. The top end seems to have come back and the guitar sounds NORMAL. I should say, the reason I placed it AFTER the HX effects, just before it goes out and last in the chain, is because I run WIRELESS into the unit. Just wondering if this is a thing that others have noticed, or if maybe my pedal is one of those in the .5%.
  11. Looking to set the parameters to get a real great classic Phase 90, basic setting. I can't get it right. Can anybody help? I have the HX Effect unit and I've been using the Deluxe Phaser
  12. I figured it out!! I am going to use this: Selah Quartz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omu4KUcB_48 It will enable me to control ALL of the components together with a tiny little pedal, that has computer software to make things extremely easy to program/organize. I am actually getting rid of the Kemper Remote, because it is redundant - and will make my footprint even smaller on stage!
  13. spindlebox

    Compatible expression pedals

    Well, I found that you need to use what is known as an INSERT cable. It is basically a stereo cable, with TRS on one side, splitting to a Y with TS on both ends. The TRS goes into the HX Effects in an Expression Port, and the other two go into the IN/OUT of the Ernie Ball.
  14. So, I am looking for help with my setup. I h ave attached a picture of the components I want to include on this: 1) Kemper & Remote 2) Line 6 HX Effects 3) Digitech Whammy 4) Expression Pedal 5) Other effects I will put in the Effects loop of the HX as desired and control with the HX, and or, stomping on the pedals themselves. THIS PART ISN'T AS IMPORTANT. Basically, I want to have performances programmed, so I can have my rig and all effects set for each song & or part of the song. I am wondering if, via MIDI, if I can use either the Kemper Remote OR the HX as the MASTER and which other as the slave? I am leaning towards using the Kemper Remote as the master, and setting the Kemper to send MIDI messages to the HX to change programs. IT MUST BE POSSIBLE. Anyway, this is my project. I would REALLY appreciate someone helping me with this, someone who can wrap their head around this type of thing. I think - if ANYONE is interested in this sort of thing - this thread could become a model for others. I know the technology is there, I just want to make everything communicate and work together! How cool would that be!!?? Thanks in advance. I have attached the KEMPER manual for convenience. KEMPER_PROFILER_Main_Manual_5.5_(English).pdf
  15. spindlebox

    Compatible expression pedals

    For the Ernie Ball VP Jr, which plug do you use on it? Tuner, In or Out? I am using the HX Effects. Thanks!