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  1. I am the OP, and I actually solved the problem by getting rid of the damned thing. LOL. Good luck with it.
  2. So I am a bit confused. You are saying that the magnetic pickups (which happen to be Vintage Alnico V Single-coil) are just regular pickups, and they are not part of the tuning process? If so, this means you could definitely use any other pickups in the guitar.
  3. Well, I would think so? I'm just asking if the Variax has regular pickups in it, or if they are special pickups. I would assume, if they are regular pickups, you could swap them out with your favorite set.
  4. WOW. Thanks! OK, here's ANOTHER question. If I didn't like the pickups, can I change them out, or are they part of the tuning apparatus?
  5. I have a Kemper and am having trouble making the HX Effects talk to the Kemper. Another Kemper user that is using the HX for rig changes would be a big help! HELP!!! :)
  6. Right, well, like I said, I use my Whammy DT for all of that stuff.
  7. I'm sure there's a way to transpose a half step down, I just don't know how to do it. I use my Whammy Pedal. Or Get yourself an EHX Pitchfork Pedal. Problem solved.
  8. Interested in the Standard Variax, but I'm sure this covers all models. How many custom tunings can you store in the guitar? Thank you!
  9. Hello, I picked one up a couple weeks ago from Amazon. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I have been noticing dropouts on my G10S, playing in my home studio. The unit isn't more than 15 feet from me at any given time. Now, I did notice that I had it on Channel 1, and I usually have it on Auto, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Do you think putting it on auto will help solve the problem? Thanks in advance. I just haven't played it enough following the change to know if I may have fixed it - but I was just curious if this was "a thing".
  11. I am looking for a way to charge my transmitter without having to plug in my pedalboard, which is where my receiver is mounted. I looked at the G10 system and that base looks perfect, but I'm wondering if 1) if it's compatible, and 2), if there is any other way to charge these transmitters known to any users here? Thanks in advance!
  12. Definitely a personal problem.
  13. WHY do people have to be rude?! Sounds like a personal problem to me.
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