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  1. MLSoundLab

    Best custom presets for Helix LT...?

    Hiya it's Mikko from ML Sound Lab chiming in. We've received quite an overwhelming response from the Helix crowd. What we do is match the Helix to sound like real tube amps from my personal amp collection. We've done a Mesa Boogie Mark V and a Marshall Silver Jubilee and a bunch of cabs as well. If you're interested I highly recommend you check them out here: https://ml-sound-lab.com/search?q=helix Here's a quick video showing how great our results are:
  2. MLSoundLab

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    Thank you so much. :) The feedback for essentially all packs has been completely positive.
  3. MLSoundLab

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    That's 20% off the second pack, not the third. So that should make it ~$60,67 for two packs. I wish we all just had the same currency. :S
  4. MLSoundLab

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    There's actually a discount going on this very moment. Get two packs and the second one is 20% off. But I'm sure you meant the price is too low right?
  5. MLSoundLab

    Marshall Silver Jubilee

    So happy to see you guys talk about one of my personal favorite amps of all time. Timing couldn't be better as I just matched the Helix to sound exactly like the real amp from 1987 and released a pack for both the cabinet and amp sounds. Here's a demo of the amp sounds completely raw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGWlsWnNtqo And here's me going through the Cab Pack (which is also from '87, remember that the design of a modern V30 is radically different sounding to these actual cabs from over 30 years ago): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c8AtFWISS4
  6. MLSoundLab

    Do you like the stock cabs

    Your guitar tone consists mainly of 1) guitar 2) amp and 3) cab and out of those three the cab is actually the most powerful tool in shaping your tone. You don't need to dislike the stock cabinets to be interested in IR's. After all the option of loading in IR's is what took all modelers to the next level as far as realism goes. With a good IR you'll spend under 5min tweaking a preset and it'll sound a lot better than tweaking a preset with a bad cabinet section for hours. That's the simplest way I can put it. :)
  7. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfibnuenvsp7bwo/ML Sound Lab FREE Recto.zip?dl=0 Try it with this better free IR as well: http://bit.ly/MLSoundLab So I've been tweaking modelers for a long time and the way I build presets is pretty unique. I have a bunch of real tube amps around and there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of capturing that sound and recreating it perfectly with a modeler. Anyways have fun with the free sample of an ML Sound Lab Amp Pack and if you want to hear more about it please visit: http://www.ml-sound-lab.com
  8. MLSoundLab

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    No worries. I want everyone to get a taste of how good your modeler "can be". And also to show you that it doesn't require a super complicated preset. I was able to get the sound by boosting the bass and mids and tweaking the sag and master. After all it's pretty simple but you just have to understand what all of these knobs do. I don't think these are the same revision Rectifier but you can make it sound like an old Recto like mine is.
  9. MLSoundLab

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    Here's a FREE PRESET AND IR to make your Helix sound like my real Dual Recto. In the video you'll hear a comparison between Helix and Axe-Fx III. I can definitely get them both sounding just like my Recto: DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bfibnuenvsp7bwo/ML Sound Lab FREE Recto.zip?dl=0
  10. MLSoundLab

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    That's exactly it. There really wouldn't be a market for "presets" or "IR's" and so on if people didn't feel they were getting better results with them. I know I use my huge IR collection as a quick fix all the time. I don't really have to tweak for more than 2-3 minutes to get a realistic amp sound no matter what the modeler is. Also things don't have to be so complicated as I see some people even create tutorials on YouTube about how to create a good guitar sound with the Helix and using over a dozen blocks to get this one awesome sound. It definitely does not have to be that complicated. Just look at this video that I shot today and I'm only using the amp block with my own IR's:
  11. I think you're asking multiple different questions that I would answer differently. AMP EQ: If you've ever owned Marshall amps you'll know from experience that the EQ doesn't really do much unless you have a Silver Jubilee. With Marshalls it's usually more about the balance of master and drive and that'll give you brightness variations. LOW CUT, HIGH CUT: There's no general rule of always using these. I recommend using them with a PA to get more volume with low cut, it'll give you more headroom. High cut will take care of some PA speakers nasty top end. I never ever ever use high or low cut on recordings. Your high end will be buried into cymbals and your low end will blend with bass. This obviously relies heavily on you using a good IR.
  12. MLSoundLab

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I'd like to add another "perspective" to this debate. These modelers are tools and ultimately in the right hands I believe you can get amazing results with both. At the same time in the wrong hands you can make the most powerful units sound really bad as well. I don't understand these posts from some people in here containing a long video of using just one modeler and then saying "I can't get these sounds from the Helix". No offence but chances are that you couldn't get them from the Fractal either. I believe that a big part of the learning curve in every modeler is that guitarists are now forced to learn how to tweak good guitar tones or purchase tone packs. I don't think it's a debate of "which one sounds better". If both can sound like real tube amps then there's no other comparison besides specifications and features and how they fit the specific user's needs.
  13. MLSoundLab

    Where to hi-cut with IRs for a recording tone?

    I would also advice you not to use any EQ settings "just because". Ideally a good IR will have mics placed in such a natural way that you don't need to "polish a turd". Obviously some PA speakers don't sound nice distorted in the super high range which is when you'll run into nasty sounds that you can avoid with a high cut. Also low end takes a lot of power to produce for some PA speakers so you will get more volume by using a low cut. Both of these cases are just for using certain PA speakers... generally just have hicut and lowcut off!
  14. MLSoundLab

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    I use the Axe-Fx III, Helix LT and also the Kemper pretty much every day for tweaking guitar tones so I would say that I have a good sense of what they are capable of. Here's a comparison of the same exact guitar tones recreated based on a real tube amp on the Helix: And the same done one an Axe-Fx III: So ultimately in some cases "you can" make them perform in a very similar way. I think you would have a hard time saying which is which in a blindfold situation. The way real tube amps are tweaked is very different to how some of the "older" modelers are tweaked. It's not just about bass, middle, treble and gain. The amount of master, drive and saturation highly affects the overall brightness of all of these things and on certain master settings you'll find that bass, middle and treble don't do anything at all. This is realistic and I think both the Fractal and Helix work this way. Tweaking these modelers is not as simple as a result. So yes, having 5 times more amp models is definitely an advantage but there's a lot of versatility in every single amp model especially with Fractal and all the advanced controls. The advanced controls that I use the most on the Fractal are the graphic equalizers and low and high cuts inside the amp block. You can essentially do this with a Helix and EQ blocks but sure it would look nicer if it was all done inside the amp section. :) In the right hands you should easily pass as a real tube amp using either of these modelers.
  15. MLSoundLab

    ML Sound Lab IRs OMG!!!

    Yeah I mean it's unprotected digital goods we're talking about here. The problem with sample IR's is that if that IR is meant to be impressive then it's most likely one of the best IR's in the pack. If it's not then it might not impress too many people. I probably don't have to explain the risks of giving away most of the best IR's for free. And 29.99€ is $34.45. It's a store in Europe and our currency is the euro. :) But sure this is the digital age... just imagine someone going to a guitar store looking for a tubescreamer and demanding a mini tubescreamer for free before they make the decision to get the big tubescreamer?