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  1. I know this is old but can't you do all that with factory caB SETTINGS?
  2. Hello all. I am not sure if this is the place But I am looking for help or advice on creating a patch to closely replicate the insane crushing metal tone of Dimebags set up on the Pantera album Great Southern Trendkill. I have tried the customtone presets but they just do not make the cut in my humble opinion. So if anyone has any advice or settings or a patch they can upload I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Just wanted to let every one know how happy I am. The latest version of HX edit works with my new PC build. It seem s there was an issue because I was using the new X570 motherboard and newest ryzen cpu. Finally everything works flawlessly. I spoke to line 6 on the phone a few months back and learned that there was an issue there and am grateful they listened and addressed it.
  4. Still having the same issues. If anyone has found a connection between X570 Motherboard and or ryzen 3700x and HX edit not working and a fix please let me know.
  5. I know this is old but it sounds like me when I first got my helix floor. I hated it. I couldn't get a good metal tone to save my life because I was not familiar with it. I was using like I used my digitech rp 500. This is a different type of beast. After watching some videos and doing some research and even borrowing a headrush, I fell in love with my helix floor I can get almost any tone I can think of on the fly using HX edit and the tweaking is endless. This is an amazing sounding processor.
  6. I did update all drivers and tried 3 different GPUs. I have not opened a ticket but since everything has failed I will. I built this PC to use as my workstation for music as well as gaming. Hopefully this will get resolved so I can stop bringing my helix in my sons room to create new sounds and experiment lol. HX edit is so much easier than using the Helix its self to edit or create presets. Thank you for your advice and time rd2rk.
  7. I do not know if it is my processor (Ryzen 3700X) or my MB but it is something lol. HX edit works on my other computers just not this one. The one I need it to.
  8. Thanx for the advice. I did 2 fresh windows installs I am using an MSI X570 motherboard with a Samsung EVO970 M.2 and a vega 64 amd graphics card I still have had no luck getting HX edit to work on this PC. I am so frustrated with it.
  9. HX edit has never worked on my new PC build using the newest windows 10 version. It works perfect on my old PC with the older version of windows 10 and my laptop but when I built this pc in august 2019 I installed the newest ,latest version and build. Has not worked since. Just a clear window that closes when the helix is connected.I know a little about computers enough to know it is not my fault and it seems to be missing a framework hindering it's operation. I wish it would be fixed.
  10. It appears so. This works on my gaming PC but the one I just built for recording and streaming has this issue and I have tried almost everything. Thanks for the reply.
  11. 2.80 both. Windows 10 home latest version.
  12. Everytime I try to open hx edit it copies whats on my desktop into a slightly smaller window then closes as son soon as it connects to my helix. I've tried reinstalling,restarting and every compatibility mode. I don't know if it makes a difference but I have a new ryzen 3700X processor.Please help me if you can. Thank you for any help you can give.
  13. If I could afford it I would buy it to. I love my Helix floor but I always want more. Maybe it's a grass is always greener thing but I m just addicted to gear and toys and love playing with them. I get the best sounds I have ever got out of a processor from the Helix and I love it but I also bought it because I was under the impression there would be continuous updates.
  14. Anyone able to come up with a good sounding acoustic sim preset. I've tried and have a few some even using taylor IRs but I'd like to know what others are doing and how you are doing it. Are their some some basic guidelines to follow. Thank you.
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