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  1. Need Help. updating to 2.92 from 2.91. Updated HX Edit to 2.92 just fine. I create a full backup and that is normal. Then start the firmware update of my Helix LT. It gets to maybe 60% and fails. The screen on my Helix says " Update failed, please reboot and try again". So I close HX Edit and turn my Helix off and back on again. Now the screen says "Boot Failure. Entered Update Mode"... I start up HX Edit and it says Connection Interrupted..... Now what ??
  2. update 2: Figured it out. Finally... this whole time I was plugged into a USB 3 port. Apparently it worked fine with Win7 for years... not the case for Win10. Plugged into a USB2 port on the back of my PC and BAM... works like i should. Helix audio works. Chrome videos work. All is well again.
  3. update: I uninstalled HX Edit and the Updater. Rebooted the PC. Then reinstalled HX Edit 2.80. and now HX Edit wont connect to my Helix for more than 10 seconds without losing the connection. And Youtube still crashes/pauses and I loose sound from my Helix. I also tried plugging my Helix into a different USB port. no change. very frustrating to say the least. I could try uninstalling everything again and then installing HX Edit 2.82 but I would need to do a full system backup of my Helix LT on my old Mac just in case things go wrong.
  4. Hey guys I've had my Helix LT for 2 1/2 years and have never had a problem of any kind. HX Edit worked great, and recording with Reaper was easy. This was all a Windows 7 PC. Now that Windows 7 is no longer supported I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. This is were my problems start. Now when I start up HX Edit it rarely connects with my Helix and only for a short amount of time before losing the connection completely. Also with my Helix connected whenever I try to watch a Youtube video ( in Chrome )the sound gets messed up and stops playing altogether as well. The video looks like its buffering but does nothing. Its not just Youtube. I tried watching a Vimeo clip and the same thing happens. Video plays, then stops and buffers with no sound at all. There is clearly a driver issues of some sort happening. I have already tried reinstalling HX Edit but this didnt fix anything. Both HX Edit and my Helix LT are running 2.80 if that helps. With all the guys having trouble with 2.81 I figured that because I was running fine with 2.80 I would just leave it there. Would updating to 2.82 fix my issues ? Or is this a Windows 10 driver issue ? Thanks for the help guys.
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