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  1. Thank you! I try it out.
  2. Hmm okay...some other guy said it sounds good and the problem is the headphones :D
  3. Okay :D Then I'm open to headphones suggestions. Put I'm not paying 500€ from headphones....
  4. Thanks! Yeah I know the order is critical. How do you "put the delay and reverb and EQ into the loop"? I mean do I just add them after the preamp or do I have to do something "special" to "get them properly in the loop".
  5. Check this out: You tell me how this sounds like. I recorded this with the EVH patch from the video. If it sounds good to you then it IS the damned headphones :)
  6. At least with headphones / into the DAW it doesn't sound good. With good PA system, maybe. Just trying to get a good sound for recording.
  7. I'm not trying to imitate anyone, just trying to get good EVH 5150 III / Engl Savage type of sound. Just gave a few song / band examples. Yeah they probably will matter, but I mean the recorded sound is bad also.
  8. Thanks for the tips! I try out this next. The EVH patch completely lacked the gain and sustain.
  9. Thanks for the video link! I downloaded the patch. The reverb and flangers are good but this completely lacks the gain and sustain! Sounds good on that video though....
  10. I've used mainly Boss multi Fx and then the "real" individual pedals. I get a good sound out of Boss pretty quickly....thought the Helix was a breeze to use 'cause all the reviews said it's very simple to get good sounds...
  11. Yes I know they don't use Engl amps. Just trying to give a picture what kind of tone I'm looking for. Clarity is very important to me, the sound must be very focused and not muddy. I also use quite a bit of mids. So for example "Ain't Talking Bout Love" intro riff should not go into a blurry mess. Also the Helix sounds are very thin and not focused and on leads they completely lack the tube kind of warmth and sustain.
  12. Here's one example that I've tried: Have and EVH amp the EVH 4x12 IR (bought from OwnHammer), then reverb and delay. Sounds like ****.
  13. Thanks for tips! I have a PA system at my work place. Have not yet tried through that. I would mainly use this at home anyway, recording into GarageBand. Just give me an EVH 5150 III or Engl Savage type of sound and I'll be happy :) Right now, those simulations don't sound anything like those amps.
  14. Just basic Philips headphones. I know I should probably get 1000€ audio headphones,...but the headphones can't be the issue. Everything sounds fine when for example if I record my Engl amp to GarageBand and mix some stuff with the headphones on. When recording the's just terrible...the recorded file and the patches I've created. And there's zero good preset patches for kind of stuff I'm playing. The clean and crunch sounds are ok. Yeah I've just messed around with the Engl...just to make sure if I can get any good tones that way. But my point is getting good sound for recording straight into GarageBand. When I use it with amp in a real situation I would use the amp's distortion channel anyway. Have to watch those YouTube videos too, though I've watched quite a few of them already.
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