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  1. Had another look, no idea what's causing the volume increase, maybe just some interaction with the kemper, but reducing the send volume worked just fine so thanks for the suggestion! Performed a system reset on the kemper and that seems to have worked with the hiss but we'll see I suppose
  2. I'll have another look later but I turned all of the effects off (including loop block) and it was the same. I'll probably just do as you've said to turn the loop down and see if that changes much. It's more the weird auto filter/hiss thing that I'm worried about but I'm hoping it's just a missed setting somewhere doing something funky
  3. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help, I'm having two problems (one might be how I have it set up admittedly); The first is that when I use the HX with the Kemper, the HX is providing extra input volume which is driving the profiles harder. I've checked all my volumes on each pedal and they're all set to 0db and I've tested with no pedals turned on at all and the level is the same; it's only when the HX is turned off that the signal is as expected going to the Kemper. Second is a very weird issue that has happened with the auto filter. It was setup as default (no settings on it were changed), and it was placed in the effects loop of the Kemper. The first time I turned it on with the Kemper it had no high end at all, only the bottom end was coming through, and background 'hiss' slowly increased to a decently audible level which then petered off after I had turned off the auto filter. The problem is that after this has happened the Kemper now regardless of anything being plugged in will have this very slow build up of hiss which just dissipates and goes back to normal, but I have no idea why this has happened or how to fix it. The hiss seems to have been coming from the kpa, but it was definitely kicked off by the hx and (whether it was just happen-stance timing or not) the auto filter effect. Auto filter seems to be working fine now but I have changed the output of the kpa to the line out rather than the monitor out which I was using before. My setup is; Guitar > HX input > HX effects loop send to Kemper input > Kemper effects send to HX effects loop return > HX main output to Kemper effects return > Laney LFR-112 powered FRFR I've checked the in/out settings in the HX and everything is instrument level Everything is being run from the one extension lead Effects loop on the kpa is in the X slot, and in the HX is one loop block placed before any modulation/delay I'm not really sure of when to use ground lifts, but when the hiss has appeared I've just gone one by one through to turn each on/off to see if there's any difference and there isn't. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. you could use it with a midi switcher I suppose or snapshots to control which 'off screen' effects are on or off for the extra slots
  5. I could definitely do this a different was with snapshots etc,(only got the unit a week or so ago so still getting the hang of it) but the current way I have it set is 3 always on effects, comp/wah controlled with ext1 and reverb, and 6 other pedals that I just turn on and off when needed, trem/2 ODs/ delay/phaser and looper, so my main reason for wanting to have the 'extra' block for the loop is to keep this sort of setup without removing some of the pedals that aren't always on.
  6. Sorry read it as thinking I was on the M13. Replied over on TGP too but like soundog says there's other audio routing options in there that don't take a block away from effects, possibly wouldn't be too much different here but I suppose only L6 can answer that or not, definitely would be a great addition if it was possible anyway, not exactly sure how it would make it clunkier?
  7. It's on the hx. Sorry I don't think I explained in the original post very well. It's not the having the loop represented as a block that I'm querying as like you said it does need some representation, it's having it take up a block that could otherwise be used as a pedal that I'm questioning. So assuming I have all 9 blocks taken up with effects on the hx, if I want to put the loop in, I can't do this without replacing an effect already in the chain since all blocks are being used. If it is only the unit telling the signal to go through the loop after whichever pedal I'm wondering why the loop can't just be added in without the need to overwrite an effect in an already in use effect; this is assuming all blocks are in use. Hope that makes more sense, thanks for your reply
  8. Maybe but then I can't imagine that would add so much load to the processor that you need to effectively remove one effect from your chain to accommodate the loop
  9. Sorry I probably should've said, the block would still be there as you'd need to specify where in the chain it is like you say, but my post is about why telling the signal to go to EL1 after X pedal should take up the space of another pedal. In my head I'm imagining you add the loop block in bit still have for example 9 effects blocks like in the hx. Hope that makes more sense
  10. I posted elsewhere but I'd love for them to change it so adding in one of the effects loops doesn't take up it's own block on HX/Helix since it's just changing the audio routing internally rather than creating an effect like the other blocks; would make such a difference on the HX (at least for me) since there's a lot less blocks available than the full Helix
  11. I'm sure there's a reason for it, but it just seems like the effects loop shouldn't take up a block on HX(I'm assuming it does on helix too?) since surely it's just routing that signal through the loop rather than using any processing power to make any effects? Maybe I'm just missing something, but does anyone know why it needs to take up a block and cant just be added in the signal chain as an 'extra' block just to reroute the signal? Edit: I don't think I explained this that well so I'll see if this makes more sense. I'm using the hx where you can have 9 blocks in use for effects or loops. Assuming all blocks are in use with effects, if I want to add in my loop then I need to overwrite an effect I currently have in the chain. My post is querying whether the added effect on the processor in the unit when using the effects loop is really enough to justify having to effectively lose 1 effect to accommodate the loop. Hope that makes more sense
  12. Thanks for the reply. If I had the VP Jr just before the HX would the buffer be necessary as the signal would get buffered from the HX? Or would you put it somewhere else in the chain?
  13. Hi everyone, hope it's OK to ask as I've seen a few posts on the subject but wanted to ask about 2 specific pedals. I'm thinking of picking up the mission pedal for doing wah, and the Ernie ball VP Jr for volume. I do already have a Dunlop mini wah, is anyone able to say whether the wah sounds are up to scratch (if it's anything like the quality of the other effects it should be fine!) as if not i can just keep the mini wah but ideally I want to get the most out of the HX as possible. Thanks for all your help and sorry again if it's a frequently asked question
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