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Found 9 results

  1. black_JazzGuitar

    HD500x vs BOSS GT-100,

    Hello guys. I might need your help here. I own the POD HD500x. I love some things, some others don't. I've always been wondering what's better, if the HD500X or the BOSS GT-100. Maybe if you don't want to answer based on term "better" you might tell me what you think about their differences / resemblances. For example, I could say I have found less than 5 decent and comfortable distorted tones for solos in L6 Custom Tone, and I have practically downloaded all of them to see. I can say there are nice clean tones. That's me refering to "distorted tones for solos", for example. There's a lot of other aspects to look too. Thanks
  2. Umanile

    Comparison Day!

    Today I compared two amps with the corresponding models on the Helix Rack. My 1978 Marshall JMP 50w MkII non master volume (bridged), and my BRBS Vintage Class 50watt (https://www.brbsamplification.com/vintage-class-mk2) an Italian boutique amplifier, that is a 50 watt JCM800 clone (with some personal mods). I linked the cab output of the amplifiers to a palmer PDI 03, a load box/speaker emulator, bypassing the speaker emulation and put the real "amp block" in the first helix fx loop. Then I created a preset with the corresponding models (for the Marshall a Brit Trem Jumped, for the BRBS a Brit 2204) and a FX loop block with the true amplifiers, after that i put a cab block (a mandarin cab with a sm57 and a Royer 121, and then i created two snapshots: one with the model active, and another with the true amp. After some tweaking I really managed to match the true and the model amplifiers, and they are really really close, also If I have to dial pretty different values on the modeled amplifiers. In general, the amp models sound really really bright compared to the true amplifiers, but it's pretty simple to match the two without an EQ block. I really recommend this experience, is an eye opener! The helix is fantastitc! On saturday I will have my first gig with the Helix, and I'm prette excited!
  3. Hi there this is my first post! I'm a proud owner of a Helix LT and today I shot a video comparing it to my Mesa Dual Recto, Axe-Fx III and Kemper. Spoiler alert: I can make them all sound pretty much identical with some specific tweaks. Download link for the free preset can be found in the YouTube description. Here's the video: If you're interested in trying out more of these types of presets please let me know. :)
  4. Hey guys, With all the 'vs' and modeler battle demos going on I thought it would be cool to do a few SDS style. We're comparing 8 different amp modelers in a full band context, just as you would use/hear them in real life. All of the amp modelers are running through the exact same OwnHammer 4x12 EVH IR. All of the plugins without IR loaders go through NadIR (with the internal cabs disabled). The modelers in this video include: Fractal Audio Axe FX Overloud TH3 Peavey Revalver 4 IK Multimedia Amplitube 4 Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Line 6 Pod Farm 2 Nick Crow 8505 Line 6 Helix Floor This episode focuses on the legendary Peavey 5150 amp. I'd love to hear your thoughts guys! How well does the Helix stack up to the rest? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cFhcZpxHbg
  5. Time for another gear emulation comparison! This video is all about comparing the Mesa Boogie MKIV emulations in the following platforms (in no particular order): Helix (Native, Floor, Rack or LT) Axe FX Kemper Profiler Amplitube 4 (Mesa pack) Thermionik S-gear Those were all the platforms of which I am aware that they emulate the MKIV amp. Most of them did a very good job but I have a few favorites. The Helix tones did come out very good in the end in my honest opinion! So congrats to Line 6 for not only making such a brilliant emulation of this amp, but also for being such a good competitor to brands like Kemper and Fractal. Of course I'd love to know which one you though was best so let me know! A couple of notes: I know that the S-Gear Wayfarer amp isn't exactly based on a Mesa MKIV or any other amp for that matter, but I do think it's very much inspired by those types of amps and it can be tweaked to sound quite close. That's why I included it anyway. About the Kemper clip: I recognize that the Kemper example perhaps doesn't sound as good as some of the others. Unfortunately I didn't have a MKIV here to profile so I had to rely on existing (commercial) profiles. To keep things as accurate as I could, I chose a direct MKIV profile from a commercial vendor to be able to use the same IR as with the rest. I had to tweak from there. This was honestly the best profile I could find for this test. I guess that's just a drawback of this platform sometimes since you can't ever start a 'preset' from scratch.
  6. Line6Will

    Helix LT Comparison

    Here's a comparison chart with more detailed specs: Comparison_HELIX_LT.pdf Helix LT Dual DSP-HX Modeling 6.2" 800x480 Pixel LCD Screen 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 104 Effects Capacitive Footswitches Up to 2 Expression Pedals External Amp switching Midi Control 20.87 x 11.93 x 3.66 inches 12.5 lbs Helix Floor Dual DSP-HX Modeling 6.2" 800x480 Pixel LCD Screen 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 104 Effects Capacitive Footswitches Customizable Scribble Strips Up to 3 Expression Pedals CV/Expression output External Amp switching Midi Control 22.05 x 11.85 x 3.58 inches 14.7 lbs. Helix LT vs Helix Floor I/O LT is missing the SPDF I/O, XLR input, EXP 3 jack, AUX in, Send/Return 3 and 4. Also, the Helix LT does not have a separate headphone volume knob. The headphone output is shared with the main volume knob. Helix LT View Screens Since the Helix LT does not have Scribble strips, you can hit the View button the access the "Stomp View" on the main screen. The colored blocks correspond to the footswitches below to easily show what's active in your signal chain. Here's preset view
  7. Punkster

    FX100 or HD400 or Firehawk

    Firstly, can I say that I think the FX100 is great. I have had many effects / pedals in the past and usually just gone back to Marshall and Guitar and ditch everything else. I do have an HD400 but never really tweaked it much and the PC editor was good but a bit of a faff to use. maybe over complicated for an average user. For the record I have used FX100 for rehearsals and recording (released material) and it is very effective (I reckon it could easily be used live but I have held back due to potential for monitoring concerns). Try and play tones loud when you get the chance as they come alive more than just listening at home. I use it with a bank of settings using the same Amp. So A is Amp only, B is Amp + Volume and Reverb (for lead), C is Amp + Phaser, D is Amp + Delay I too am not sure where to head next with regard to the Firehawk. I have a HD400 and an FX100 (and an Amplifi 75). Something has to go! Some differences I would like to understand though: HD400 has Line6 Port (which allows control of DT25 and DT50 amps direct from the footswitch). No such port on the Firehawk. Could you the Firehawk FX Loop but not quite the same thing. Brilliant that there is bank up and down switches though as the tapping of 2 FX100 switches to go up and down was prone to error. Independent switching for FX (5 switches) is great as it means I am not limited to just the 4 settings discussed above. Makes it 20 available I think (maybe more in combination) A big requirement for me is to be able to use the Tap function independently of the programmed tone. FX100 tone set with a delay of say 180bpm is locked into the system so I can't switch from A to D (for example) to anything other than 180bpm without tapping again and this is useless when playing live. Hopefully I can tap on intro and then just kick in the delay as required. Hopefully that makes sense. I read somewhere that the tones for Firehawk are in packs. Does this means additional purchases? Outputs look more like the HD400 on the Firehawk but FX100 outputs are comprehensive anyway (other than the Line 6 Port). Wish it had a 'kettle' lead though I guess this bulks up the pedal. Nice to have LCD of loaded tone on Firehawk. Any other advantages / disadvantages people? Which one(s) should I sell to uby the Firehawk.....if any.
  8. Below are all the 2nd and 3rd generation wireless products in one document: Wireless Comparison Sheet.xlsx
  9. chadaustin

    Hd500 Vs Hd500x

    HD500 vs HD500x So what's the major difference between the two- other than the hardware aesthetics? I have the HD500... just bought it in April... is the HD500x really that much better?