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  1. HD500 vs HD500x So what's the major difference between the two- other than the hardware aesthetics? I have the HD500... just bought it in April... is the HD500x really that much better?
  2. OK MIDI Gurus- riddle me this: I have been using MIDI since the early 90's and consider myself somewhat knowledgable in this area... this means the answer is simple because I sure as heck have overlooked something easy. :) FACTS: My band plays to a sequence during its entire performance. The sequence comes from a Yamaha Motif ES6, onboard 16-track sequencer- and it acts as the MASTER controller. The sequencer has several tracks dedicated to various MIDI 'instruments' and devices. These devices are, in order of channel assignment and physical hook-up with MIDI cables: 1. HD500 (MIDI ch 1)... changes patches, turns FX modules on/off 2. American DJ lighting mixer (MIDI ch 2) for spotlight (yes, I'm programming my lights... worked fine for the last 8 years and highly recommended) 3. Another American DJ lighting mixer (MIDI ch 3) for the LED pars around the stage. The LED lights ARE terminated. 4. TC Helicon Voiceworks Plus rack vocal processor (MIDI ch 4)... changes patches and FX 5. Roland TD-10 drum brain (MIDI ch 10).... changes patches. This set-up was working perfectly with a Podxt Live until I got the Pod HD500 and put it into the dasiy chain (yes, I selected the correct MIDI channel). Once I replaced the old pod with the newer HD500 my lighting sequence became altogether sporadic, working only at only 40% accuracy. When I put the HD500 at the end of the chain everything works fine. Go figure. So the question is: why do I have to put the Pod HD500 at the end of the chain in order for everything to work normally? Thanks for your input in advance. Chad
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